Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Fierce Fashion Attack of Birdies~~~

2 days ago, I had official becoming a grown-up! Yup, never thought that this day would come! Anyway, still don't have mood to blog about it! Well, talk about my birthday later~~~ Today, I am going to talk about some fierce models! Yes, they are quite good posers who know how to show their stuffs! Let's have a look at the two sexy models who pose like there is no tomorrow!!!! Portfolio starts now:


The 1st Pose was modeling with hiphop feel! So cool oooo!!!!!

 The 2nd Pose was the pose of distance where both of them pretended not to know each other(^^).

 The 3rd Pose was the pose of natural on the camera like they were born to model!!!

The 4th Pose was the pose of profession where they know how to look at the camera.

The 5th Pose was Tyra Bank's  personal technique - fierce with smiling with eyes(^^)

The 6th Pose was the appearance of the true motion supermodel who knows how to rock it!!!!

Anyway, I just love to crap!!!! Haha, actually, it was one fine day where they suddenly attacked my windows. Maybe they saw their own reflections ?!!! Anyway, they were knocking at the windows for the past 30 mins. Initially, I wanted to chase them away. But, wait, I had insects as my models before, but not birds. So, instead of kicking their a*****, I snapped their photos! It was quite joyous to take photo of them. But, to bad, due to the glass barrier, some photos had some not-so-nice reflections! If I only have a DSLR~~~~~~~~please remember to click my ads(^^)~~~~i wan a DSLR to take good photos for you guys(^^) Thanks~~~~~~~~


Monday, January 25, 2010

Ipoh Foodie: Historical Scotch Pub

Last year December 2009(actually not long ago) , while having my study weeks, I was glad to return to my beautiful hometown. Apart from studying, drama-ing, procrastinating, lazying....., I was visiting one of the oldest restaurant/pub in Ipoh!  Well, I think I was quite young when I started to have Scotch's famous chicken chop! Yes, its set lunch chicken chop was the signature of the restaurant!

Now, why would I refer this pub to be one of the oldest restaurant/pub in Ipoh town! Well, I did not really know that until my mom told me recently~~~ Before I was born, the Scotch Pub was already in operation! Gosh, it had been there for more than 20 years(@@)!!!! and she said that since it opened, its special chicken chop lasted until now! What a legacy!!!!!~~~That time in the 1970s and 1980s, the set of chicken chop cost about RM 5.80++ and now, it is RM 11.50 per set. But, the increment of price is over 20 years!!!!! In my opinion, this is actually reasonable for its retained taste!


The Today Menu, still my favourite chicken chop(^^)


Now, the tradition was that a poured glass of water was served the customer. Then, we made the order. Of course, me and my mom had 2 sets of lunch there(^^)


  1. Firstly, the bread and the soup of the day would be served! After enjoying beginning dishes, we waited for our main meal!
  2. Oh, the lovely and famous set lunch chicken chop had arrived! Well, with some side dishes like beans, french fries, it made a perfect combination! Not too much nor too little!
  3. Of course, after main meal, we had our little supper of tea/coffee and some fruits(^^)
  1. P.S: Sorry for the bad photos quality because the restaurant was dimmed - another special feature of the restaurant and the photos are taken by my nokia 5730)  
  2. P.S: Haha, also sorry for making this blog to become a foodie blog~~~
  3. Hope you all enjoy my recommendation(^^)
Restaurant Rating : 9.4/10
Restaurant Location: more info here


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ultimate Comeback!

Months of anxiety and despair under the shadow of the final judgment of Chemical Engineering Year 2 Sem 1 Final Examination, I am finally being released for just 1 day! Yes, Monday is a new day for a new battle! So sad, I never thought that Sem 2 would come that quickly.

This year, I had to take 4 papers. They are:
  1. Basic of Biotechnology (BOB) - never knew that chemical students have to take bio subjects! I totally suffered because it had been 3 years since I take anything biological-related! This paper no high hope at all.
  2. Differential Calculus for Engineering - Haiz, I thought Math would be okey! Again, it was in my dream again! ......
  3. Engineering Material - Omg! memoralise until I almost went crazy. But, it was a tough paper because very different from past year papers. (sad)
  4. Separation Processes 1 - Just had it ! did it badly to the max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's pray that I will pass them~~~ I really have no high hopes for this sem! All my hopes are now on my second sem~~~~~

Anyway, as we all known, it is now 2010! Yes, it is time for some new change and all. Therefore, I will be trying my best to give you all fantastic post! So, please be prepare for my ultimate comeback. But, before that, I am going to relax and chill for my 1-day holiday!

See you all soon(^^)!!!