Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She Is Alright!

Headline : A Horrible Attack on A Cute Dog by A Cobra Snake

It was two days ago when a horrible tragedy befell on my lovely dog - Goldie.... This incident already happened to my Panda a few months ago.

Again, there were barking of dogs from the store room, especially from Goldie. She was so noisy until my dad went to look for her. She was in the store room, barking non-stop aimlessly. My dad was suspicious. Well, his suspicion was right when another Cobra King just glided by his leg. Immediately, I shouted for Goldie to get her out of the store room.

She quickly came out, but, apparently, she was attacked by the cobra when she kept on scratching her right eye with her leg. Something was not right because she seemed like in excruciating pain. I wanted to send her to the clinic immediately but it was Sunday.

After calming down, I called my sis who was , by the way, a veterinarian. She asked me to check whether Goldie was bitten or not. After examining her, I thought that the main problem was that Goldie's eye might be contaminated with venom from the cobra. After a while, her eye was so swollen that she could not open her eye. Sis asked me to clean her eyes with water immediately. Thank goodness sis left some medicine behind before she returned to work.

After 2 days of medicine, eye cream, and eye drops, she is getting better now. Her eye is alright. She is alright !!!!!!!!!!! (^^)

Headline : The Chronicle of Goldie Locks

Goldie was not really Goldie. She just came to my house during my SPM examination. Wow, she stayed with my family about 2 years already. I still remembered the day she came. She was so cute, beautiful and clueless. My mum said that she was sitting outside our house. So, she just let her in. Before keeping her, we tried to find her owner; however, our efforts were to no avail.

Just like that, she became a part of our family. After staying with us for a while, she showed us that she is a very clever and cunning dog. Ever since then, she is like the apple of our family. Actually, before she came, we had another dog called Goldie too. That is why Goldie was not Goldie. She was a brown pincher. One day, she was gone and we did not hear from her anymore. It was such pain to lose her because the Original Goldie was with our family for more than 9 years. The sudden loss of brown Goldie was so saddening. But, we learned to face it.

Everything was really fated when the new black pincher came into our lives. Even though she was whole black, she was somewhat resembling the brown Goldie. Maybe, she was "her". Hahaha.........................

Anyway, the good news is that she is alright!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: Ultra busy for preparing for my tests! Less than a week before my finals. So, sorry for all the late replies. I will not be blogging for quite some time.

P.s: But, don't forget me. Because I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sis' Birthday Presents!!!!!!!!

Oops, impossible this is the present for my sis. However, our story begins here.

Last last week was my sis' birthday. Before we had a war small argument, I was intending to write this post last week. Anyway, we went to celebrate near KLCC along with her boy friend.

I was obviously very busy that week. But, for her sake, I sacrificed my time to go to KLCC. (I am so good leh). Okay, after spending some time in KLCC mall and snapping some photos, we went to a near by place to have dinner - Saisaki or whatever. Anyway, no photo was allowed....haizzzz, too bad. It was RM 70 per person!!!! So, it was such a let down where no photo was allowed. But, the Japanese Buffet was super awesome even though it took ages to find its location which was totally isolated and deserted, it was still great~~~~~~

Okay, then, we went back. Little did she know that me, my housemates and her boy friend were giving her a surprise when the clock struck 12~!.....Yes, the surprise was....as followed~!


Yes, a bottle of very nice skin product and her birthday bear!!!!! Aren't they cute?! But the ultimate gift was not from us, it was from her boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pearls are girls best friends????!!!!!!! Haha, the answer is definitely yes. Plus, the pearl earring even has certificate paper...........

Anyway, it was a splendid birthday for my sis. However, dear sis, you still have to control your temper. I have to admit that my temper is bad and "eruptive". But, your temper is almost at my level. Okay, that is about it and I would put my family first rather than my work because you can always find other jobs, but, family is one and only!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and My Presents are....

I thought that during this festive season, I would have some time to blog. Anyway, I was totally wrong. Well, firstly, this week is actually a study week for me. Yes, I have 5 modules in hand and countless tutorials to be finished in time before my final.

Anyway, I was lazing around since Sunday when I reached home. So, if I don't have time to revise my work, it would be my own fault. Anyway, today is Christmas Eve. So, I went out with my family for Christmas shopping.

My presents are:

  • 5 decayed teeth which worth of RM220 (plus scaling)
  • 1 short short haircut which worth of RM4
  • 1 tiring and painful day - Priceless.

Yes, after studying in KL, I did not really take care of my teeth. So, boys and girls must always brush your teeth. Even though I am immune to dentists since I was young, it was still very paining for filling the teeth.

Hahaha, okay, I should stop horrifying everybody with "my meeting the dentist" story.

Before I end my short short post, let me wish everybody a .......................

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

MTV rocks !!!!

This news is totally outdated. Well, since I was quite busy back then. 30 hours ++..... Now, I can finally talk about my consolation prize winning from MTV Asia Awards 2008. Even though it was just a consolation prize, the items were totally rocking!!!!.

Actually, I am also not sure where did I participate for this contest. But, what is for sure is that I joined the contest online. Anyway, I still remembered that I was aiming to win tickets to attend the award. I wanna meet Karen Mok and Jared Leto..... But, I did not win the tickets.

Then, after a few weeks, I totally forgot about this contest. Not until my mum received a parcel from PostLaju, it was saying that I had won the consolation prize of the contest. I was not crazily happy since it was only the consolation prize. But, I was totally wrong. The gifts were awesome!!!!. They were dazzling cool!!!! They were super nice!!!! THEY ROCKS! Thanks, MTV, I heart U(^^).

Anyway, here are the prize: [Edited with "Photobucket"]


Can you see the sun shining on the "M" mountains?! The bag gives me the feel of IPOH because of its mountains. The bag is also environmental-friendly because I can use it for shopping, flaunting, and ....Well, the fun definitely would not just end here!

Well, the little booklet really comes in handy. I was just needing something to jot down some notes(^^)


The other goodies were sparkling gorgeous! The bottle is cute, the lanyard is my love one(almost every day I wear it), and the cute pins are just fantastic.

Yup, my favourite umbrella!!!! The graphic on it is so creative!

Recently, a lot of unhappy and unfortunate events were surrounding me. But, now, I am trying to always think of the good. It is obviously better to attract more bigger prizes to come into my life. Hahaha, anyway, MTV just rocks!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

30 hours Non-stop Sustainable Cities.

Omg, I was awake for 30 ++ hours already. Haiz, what to do ?! It was a group assignment that really killed me!!!!

Actually, I really prefer individual assignment - - - - like always. Well, life is no isolation. But, at a time, people are better by themselves. I always have hard time doing group assignments because I just don't know why. Maybe I am an almost-perfectionist?!

There are a few confessions or statements I have to make:
  • My English is not that good. I would say that I am a pre-amateur in English language. I rarely flaunt my English because I am not good.
  • My expectation is not that high. I would say that if people do what I want. Then, it is okay.
  • My APA style is quite good. I would say that under 3 semesters of Ms Alison's lecture, my APA style referencing is proudly being practiced.
  • My writing is not flowery. I would say that for the sake of writing a good report, I try to use concise language.
  • My Editing Skills are superb. I would say that because since so many assignments, people still give me their work last minute. Amazingly, I would still be able to finish is crappy-ly.
  • My temper is okay. I would say that I am quite a nice person. But, at the last moment, don't ever give me bullshit crap!

30 hours of non-stop facing the computers, editing the main points and cutting out the unnecessary was very tiresome. Plus, all parts of the assignments were only received around 12am on Sunday. Therefore, from Sunday Midnight, I worked until Monday afternoon, skipping all the meals! Then, before that, around 7.30am , I went to take the ktm to go to my uni. When I reached my uni, I thought that this assignment was very important because it carried a total of 20/100 for my Sustainability Module. I was planning to skip class to do this. But, no member supported me. So, I went to the class.

I was supposed to receive my stuffs on Friday. Apparently, some technical problems, some communication problems, some personal problems had landed in our case. The procrastination was really "geng". Well, I was the strict one as always. After reading through all my members' work, I was surprised to see 2 member's contents were similar while the other member was writing his part by himself with "no reference" at all. I asked them to add some references in order to avoid the accusation of plagarism. I had to say this, it was like trying open a safe-box to get the references. 6 references should at least has 6 citations or more + No matter you copy word by word or paraphase it , in-text citations must be included! Just put the darn citations in it, is this that difficult!?

Again, at almost 4.30pm , I ran to the Faculty Office again!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brain right now has been functioning for more than 34 hours. Well, that is the real life of a uni student. Anyway, I am checking out nw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S :A big thanks toooooooooooooo kOKLEOng who listens to my complaints for 6 hourssssss(^^) until 7am. A friend indeed!!!!! Hehe, not easy to be my friend. Anyway, all the best in ur test!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bolted With My Friends

I always shout that I am busy. Well, I am. But, all work no play makes Jay a dull boy. So, last week, I went to Midvalley to celebrate Miss Sarah's Birthday. Anyway, it all started(my favourite line) with waiting at the KTM station. Well, I was planning to pretend that I was accidentally bump into her. That did not go well. I miss the train!!!!!!!! (> <) Anyway, when I reached there, they were waiting for me. Haiz, I felt so bad. Then, the day started with a movie. Yes, a movie...hehehehehehehe....*evil laughter*. At first, they said that they want to watch "Wild Child". Well, at the end, fate just landed us to "BOLT". Hahaha, lucky(^^). The movie started with an intense action-packed scene. Then, everything were so bolt!

Bolt is the main actor in a series or something. Well, he lives in a intense life until he accidentally escaped to a real world where everything is so real!? In order to save his person, he starts to fight his way to her. Hehe, then, all the fun and jokes begin. The fun becomes greater when he meets beautiful-evil-cunning-sassy Mittens.

Well,since then, Mittens' life is basically upside down. But, they learn to get along in order to save Bolt's person. She is a clever girl who learns the hardship of real life. She really knocks some sense to Bolt. Then, all comes along Rhino(Not the big rhino), well, the crazy hamster?!

I would have to say this - he really did steal the spot light. His crazy laughter and his insane action beats everything in his way! Look out for Rhino!!!!!! Of course, we must not forget the "person". She is the loving person who is reluctant to leave Bolt in the fake world.

In short, thanks to Bolt, we had a great time out! Sarah, Happy Birthday again! {Really a belated one}

Before I end my post, I like to end with a sparkling Bolt Caption and Sms Contest from AllMalaysian Blogger.

Rhino a.k.a The Crazy Hamster:

Hohohoho, I am the prettiest hamster in the plastic ball in the world....hehehehehe *Evil Laughter*.

Mittens a.k.a The Sassy Cat :

Oh my, your plastic ball really outshines my flowery bucket. Thought "Well, he is the crazy one, don't want to mess with him"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Laptop Dilemma

Dilemma is always in my life. Well, I just handed up two stupid assignments. They really took my breath. Because of both of them, I had to run in my campus before the office closed. Haiz, is that the life of a uni student?! PEF coursework and FLM lab reports, I really hate them. Well, I can't do anything about this. I even don't have time to blog all thanks to them. (Please forgive me for my continuous complaints of my uni life). Oh, as I was talking about dilemma, I had a hard to decide thing that I am not familiar with. Well, for example, laptops.

As you might have known from previous posts(here & there), my sis' laptop was stolen. It was also like my true companion. So, since PC fair is around the corner, I am thinking of getting a new laptop and a new desktop. Well, desktop is not easy to steal and laptop is easy to use. So, this is the best arrangement for me and sis. Now, the biggest problem is here. Which laptop should I buy?

Well, here are my scopes:
  • Cheap (hehe, who doesn't want to get cheap things) - around RM2000 - RM3000.
  • Extreme good quality (Again, who doesn't want this)
  • Not too heavy. Well, I am a guy after all. So, a little weight lifting is just a piece of cake.
  • Super multitasking -MSN, facebook, blogger, email,.... at the same time. (Processing speed is fast)
  • Gaming is not necessary for me. Simple use for students, including a little designing.
  • OMG, I think that's about it.
In summary, cheap, nice, great!

Any good suggestions?! Faster help me to solve my dilemma. I am torn among DELL, TOSHIBA and ASUS. Which one is suitable for me??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Letter To "Digital" Heaven & A Letter of Prayers

Dear Lappy,

It had been a week since I lost contact with you. Even you really belonged to my sis. But, you are like my friend, my true companion. People might be irritated with me because of not getting over you. However, they are wrong because you are more than a laptop. You are my silvery-sparkling angel!

But, now, I have to let you go! I will always remember your beautiful shinning skin which is so soft to the touch, your amazing appearance that takes my breath away every time I look at you, ....... You were my angel, my muse, my everything! (Yes, this laptop seems to be my baby rather than an object). I knew that you were reluctant to leave; but, that no-good-evil-ghostly intruder had no mercy. Now, I REALLY HAVE TO LET YOU REST IN PEACE. Letting go is the best release for you and me.

Yours sincerely,
Xjion89 (> <)

Anyway, that was the past. Now, I am very sad to talk about a tragedy that happened in my Uni. There was a final year student in my Uni who passed away a couple of days ago. According to my Uni email, he was attacked and slashed by a group of unknown hooligansss! There were a few more students involved in this case. They were injured too. It was all a misunderstanding because the hooligans apparently has mistaken the students from my uni to somebody. That was when tragedy struck!

Life was taken due to misunderstanding. I would say that our society is deteriorating where all hell breaks loose. Now, I would think that what if I were to wake up when the intruder was still here. Would he leave?Would he have hurt me?I think that I am glad that I AM OKAY because there was a big siccsor just besides the laptop.

Crime rate has increased by 1.75%. That is a really huge figure. If law reinforcement has done something about it, crimes would be reduced. Well, they claimed that 1.75% does not signify that the society is not safe! Please lah, my lappy was gone, people lost life, still means that society is safe! There are so many horrible incidents happening now that really make me feel unsafe.

It is so sad that crimes are increasing! Can we still live like how we used to live where there are no fences around our home? Where is the peace we all hope for?

My dear friends, let us mourn for a while for the death of a bright youngman!!!!!!

In Memorial of The Tragic of A Bright Youngman