Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Letter To "Digital" Heaven & A Letter of Prayers

Dear Lappy,

It had been a week since I lost contact with you. Even you really belonged to my sis. But, you are like my friend, my true companion. People might be irritated with me because of not getting over you. However, they are wrong because you are more than a laptop. You are my silvery-sparkling angel!

But, now, I have to let you go! I will always remember your beautiful shinning skin which is so soft to the touch, your amazing appearance that takes my breath away every time I look at you, ....... You were my angel, my muse, my everything! (Yes, this laptop seems to be my baby rather than an object). I knew that you were reluctant to leave; but, that no-good-evil-ghostly intruder had no mercy. Now, I REALLY HAVE TO LET YOU REST IN PEACE. Letting go is the best release for you and me.

Yours sincerely,
Xjion89 (> <)

Anyway, that was the past. Now, I am very sad to talk about a tragedy that happened in my Uni. There was a final year student in my Uni who passed away a couple of days ago. According to my Uni email, he was attacked and slashed by a group of unknown hooligansss! There were a few more students involved in this case. They were injured too. It was all a misunderstanding because the hooligans apparently has mistaken the students from my uni to somebody. That was when tragedy struck!

Life was taken due to misunderstanding. I would say that our society is deteriorating where all hell breaks loose. Now, I would think that what if I were to wake up when the intruder was still here. Would he leave?Would he have hurt me?I think that I am glad that I AM OKAY because there was a big siccsor just besides the laptop.

Crime rate has increased by 1.75%. That is a really huge figure. If law reinforcement has done something about it, crimes would be reduced. Well, they claimed that 1.75% does not signify that the society is not safe! Please lah, my lappy was gone, people lost life, still means that society is safe! There are so many horrible incidents happening now that really make me feel unsafe.

It is so sad that crimes are increasing! Can we still live like how we used to live where there are no fences around our home? Where is the peace we all hope for?

My dear friends, let us mourn for a while for the death of a bright youngman!!!!!!

In Memorial of The Tragic of A Bright Youngman


ç£@Réñ©€ said...

Yea.. Damn sad wei.. Losing a laptop >.< good luck finding a new one.. =(

ahmike said...

Haha brother, I know your toshiba is damn good brand.. but dont be sad k. I understand the feeling too.

lcfu said...

not only life is so fragile, laptop can be easily lost anytime anywhere also ya!!take it easy mate! enjoy your uni life =)

Borneo Falcon said...

Get a desktop. Maybe the chance of it getting stolen is small since it is bulky

WanWan said...

old not gone.. how the new one come?? hahaha...

Everywhere is the same... just enjoy the life.. so that there wont any regret if THE END...


BeArLeOnG89 said...

Your sister didn't blame you after her lovely laptop was gone? Your sister must be very generous. Your love to your laptop is very "touching"...Anyway, don't so sad loh wei..If you didn't yell at that thief at that time but stab him from the back with the scissors instead, your laptop wouldn't have gone...Haha, a great scenario, right? Kidding. Yelling is your powerful weapon indeed :P

renaye said...

how r u feeling right now??

actually i don't consider my laptop my companion but my husband and boyfriend. i see my laptop much more often than any of my friends.

renaye said...

i'm glad u like the song because i was soo afraid no ones like since i got no comment!

it's a hawaiian love song. there are so many these kind of cultural songs but they r not known to the outside world. i'm glad i have found kawaipunahele again.

Xjion89 said...

Haiz, tat is life. Loss is something inevitable.

Yup, now, totally need ur opinion on wich laptop to get.

About my uni life, it is ultra busy. Anyway, I am grieving oredi.

[Borneo Falcon]
Yup, desktop is still the best.

[WanWan ]
haha, ok, I will get a new 1 then.

[BeArLeOnG89 ]
how to blame me. I am not the 1 who stole. Well, if I fight, maybe, I would lose more than a laptop.

haha, dun worry be happy. the song has tat same feel(^^) Laptop is like a friend sometimes.