Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PHO HOA@MINES, Serdang(^^)


Omg, I wonder why it took me that long to update my blog~~~ Perhaps is because of my internship~Not that I have a lot to do, it is just that long hours in the office really wears me off(><). To sum up, I actually learned a lot from my internship! I hope to learn more through work though. Like one of my friends said, I am a demanding person?!~~~ Anyway, today, let me share a foodie blog post!

PHO HOA, have you heard of this restaurant name? Yes, this is a Vietnamese Cuisine situated in The Mines, Serdang. Last time, me and my housemates got some coupons to use; so , we decided to try the dishes over there. Overall, the atmosphere and condition there was nice, cozy, and clean!


 Their main selling point was health food! Actually, you can see the trend of eating healthy food with less salt, sugar and preservative. To me, their food was quite nice. Simple, and the taste was not too strong. The portion was also quite ok! Don't trust me?! Look at the big bowl!~~Hahaha(^^). The Vietnamese taste was quite unique. Worth a try!~


Of course, apart from those dishes, we also ordered some nice healthy drinks. Thumb up for the avocado fruit drinks and the prune drinks! The red bean was not red bean enough!

Food: 7.5/10 (Simple taste)
Restaurant: 8/10 (Really good atmosphere)
Price: 5/10 (A bit pricey, without those coupons, it would be about RM80)(@@)~~~

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tiger Hero O Zero @武松打虎, 不再是英雄!

New adapted from "Sin Chew Daily 23 June 2010" 

With all the time in my hand, I have been reading a lot! Yes, I really mean a lot! Anyway, yesterday, I saw a news in Sin Chew Daily. I was so shocked to see such a barbaric and dangerous act! Well, firstly, instead of informing the villagers to stay at home to avoid tiger encounter, I think it was the Rela Man who plotted to kill the tiger with other villagers. Ok, some people might think this is heroic! But, to me, it was dangerous because what if the plan backfires, the tiger would have kill someone!

Secondly, it was rather barbaric to give the dead penalty to the 3-year-old tiger without giving it a chance to survive. The villagers can do a lot except killing the tiger, like informing the authority (The Perak Wildlife Protection and National Parks Department (Perhilitan)) to handle tiger. Perhilitan people could have drug it, paralyze it, and then, capture it! Why on earth did the tiger go to the village in the 1st place? Because there was no food in the jungle! Yes, we took everything away from them, don't we have the slightest idea! ?

Tiger Hero o Zero? Yes, his intention might be good, but his action was cruel and ruthless!Think before you act! Wu Song (武松) was a hero back then because of his heroic act of fighting against the not-so-good tiger! But, now, due to development, exploitation, the tiger number is decreasing rapidly! Now, fighting tiger or killing 1 is definitely not a hero ( 不再是英雄)! because selfish people want to get its fur, meat, etc for trading! So sad! Don't eat tiger meat! I think it is bullshit that tiger meat can make you stronger! 

More news @:


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elaine! This is Your Birthday @ BBQ Chicken@MetroPoint, Kajang

Elaine, I think you are the lucky 1~~~haha, because this is the 2nd time I blog about your birthday! Do you still remember 1 year ago? (Here) Firstly, I am so sorry about the delay, haiz, you must understand that I am quite busy(crapping) Anyway, this post is for you!

So, let's start the story of your celebration(^^)

I am sure that you knew that we are going to celebration your birthday with you! Here was it where we selected the nicest bday cake for you(^^)~~ We chose carefully 1~~~just for you^^

Ok, even though, I think we chosen the not-so-suitable-restaurant for you; but, still it was still ok~~
  • Service sucked coz took very long to serve our dishes. fyi, there was only 1 table that time!
  • Not-customer-considerate coz when we asked for plates for the cake; they said that they don't have(><) What kind of lame excuse!
  • Food (4/10) because the deep fried chickens were nothing special at all!
But,  we were having a great time celebrating your birthday! Hahahahaha~~~~So, next time, this restaurant is listed in our blacklist!


Now, even though the food looked great, the taste was just average! What I really dislike was the service! It was terrible! They should learn the importance of customers' satisfaction! When we washed our hand after eating the oily chickens, we realised the soap was in fact diluted 100 times with water!(@@)!!!!  Hmmm, no wonder during the peak lunch hour, there was only total of 2 tables!!!~~~~

Okay, off with the ranting. Now, it is time to wish Elaine to be healthy always, beautiful always, and always that happpyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~Happy birthday again^^~~~~


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I want to learn back Japanese 日本語

Exactly 9 months, I left my little Japanese Class and went back to my uni to suffer~~. Now, it is time for me to brush it before going back to learn. Actually, I went back already. Too bad, they only have the basic class and the advance class~~~The problem is that I am in the middle~~~(><)~~~

Oh well, before going into an annoying situation, let's have a look at my little Japanese Class. ~~
I think I will call in later to ask whether I can join the advance class~~~ I think maybe I can catch or else listening to the same lessons from the beginning to the end would be ultra boring!~~~Anyway, these few days, I realise that working is boring! I am so bored until I don't want to do anything!~~~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Poisonous Insect Bite That Costs My Nuffnang Cheque!!!!(>_<)

I rarely show photo of myself. The second time - I would never thought that I will  show my "sexy" neck with a huge insect bite! Yes, don't mistaken it as "snake" or shingles! It is a very poisonous insect bite! At first, it was like any other mosquitoes' bites. But, something odd about this bite! For the past 3 days, it evolved into a continent on my neck! Even though I love to take photos of insect, we can't be too careful with the insects at home! I think I caught it during my gardening session(><) . Even so, insects, I still love you as a model, but please stop attacking me~~~(posts of insectology)

However, this bite is super costly! Yes, because the reddish spread on my neck, my parents were super duper worry and took me to the dermatologist! This resulted a big hole in my pocket!!!!!!!~~~Why? You see below lah!:

Those medicine and remedies especially the consultation really cost a leg and a hand!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I took me 2 hours to finish everything (1 hour 30 min waiting and 30 mins to take medicine)(><) ..and the doctor just looked at my bite for 2 mins~~~Guess how much? RM130(@@)~~~~~~~FREAKING EXPENSIVE! I should now run to become a doctor instead!!!!~~~ Then, I was late for my internship for 2 hours! But, fortunately, my considerate supervisor said that it was alright!!!~~~

It took me quite long to get a cheque! Just in 2 hours, I can use it all up!!!~~~This little story tells us that beware of insects, or should I say - it is not easy to make money! So, when we use money, we must be considerate and moderate or else, you will have no money to treat those stupid insect bites!!!!!~~~Ooopz, should I say - we might not have money for rainy days!

Anyway, currently, my internship is getting better and busier, and hopefully, I will learn more! Please do support my bloggie! Really need to earn back my medical expenditure(><)~~~ Again, please ensure that your garden compound is not full of grasses as this would form a hide-out for mosquitoes and other hazardous insects!!!~~


Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Seven Wonders七喜@Kajang

Little current life update:
Yes, for the next 13 weeks (kena tipu for 1 week) I will be doing my internship in Ipoh, my beautiful hometown! But, my dad has to fetch me every day!~~Haiz, no car or I just can't afford a car~ Anyway, for the 1st week, time passes so slow, I just keep on reading! For the past 2 years, I did not read that much in my life! Apart from reading, I really have nothing to do~~ Newbie mah!~~At least, today, I was on-site! It was kinda cool! I was away from the coooool office~ Hope that I will learn more! My supervisor and the senior engineer are quite good to me geh~~~ Hopefully, it will be getting more fun day by day!(^^)~~~

Foodie Blog Post: Little Seven Wonders七喜@Kajang 
Guys, don't be surprise! This is the 1st time I am going to be that harsh to a restaurant! What surprised me even more was this restaurant was awarded by 8TV-HO CHIAK for being ho chiak~~~ Omg!!! that was a bit off! Why? Let's have a look at the picture below and I will explain to you all slowly!


First of all, the shop plate also hadn't been changed! It read "Restoran Danishveen" instead of Little Seven Wonders. Not that I wanted to complain, I asked everybody of their dishes! We all together said that this restaurant was not up to "ho chiak" or tasty standard!

Firstly, for the taste, it was okay only! Like my dish, the top second dish - the honey chicken was too sour! The top 3rd dish - the mee was too oily!. The others were so so only!~~~Therefore, nothing much to talk about, except the food sucks?!~~~Go and try maybe they change already?! Who knows~~~

Taste: 3.5/10
Appearance: 6/10