Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back 2009 and Welcoming 2010

Seriously, time seems to fly like the speed of light. A couple of years ago, time was stagnant to me. Today, in my 20, I realised that if I keep on wasting time, eventually, there would be no time left. Anyway, this day is the final day of 2009. Like previous years, now is my study week. This is a post to look back my 2009! After reading Sinchew daily, I also want to do a look-back of significant events happen in my life!

January 2009
It was a month of examination, celebration and etc. Most of all, it was my 1st Cheque Out from Nuffnang! Yes, I love money($ $)..Hahaha~~~Apart from that, there were also other nice happenings in January like the Chinese New Year(^^), my birthday day! Oh gosh, it was indeed a month of celebrations.

Nuffnang 1st cash out!!!

February 2009
Well, February was the month that I start my next sem. Well, it was not as nice as January, but, I enjoyed a blast because I went jalan-jalan Malaysia. One of the nicest destination was Dong Zen Temple. It was like a magical lantern land.

dongzen 2009

March 2009
It was the month which I went for my 1st official concert! Well, my housemate got us some free tickets and we were that lucky(^^)! Yeah, I went to watch Fahrenheit Concert 2009~~~~love their stage~~~
fahrenheit 2009

Then at the same month, I went to one of the most famous Japanese Buffet restaurants in Malaysia- Jogoya!!!! Yes, a feast for my tastebuds!!!!

Jogoya 2009

April 2009
Of course, the fun continued until April. It was a roar of speed event! - Sepang Circuit 2009! It was kinda cool because 1st time went there.Yet,  it was not what I expected!

cool car sepang circuit

May and June 2009
A lot happened in these two months. Birthday celebrations, then, examinations and finally, my 1st beg-packing trip to Cambodia!!!! Yes, my journey to the mystic land of Siem Reap, Cambodia!


July 2009
Needless to say more, another food trip to Tenji this time~~~ I am super fat for sure!

food and wine

August and September 2009
Soyonara to some of my besties who were leaving to overseas to further their studies! It was a month for farewell gathering! Then, it was also a month for me to regain my composure for the next semester to arrive! Plus, some nice visits to special exhibition - Holy light from Tibet in Ipoh!

holy light from tibet 雪域之光

October 2009
A month of reality began this month as my sem finally started. I was so busy for the past 2 months. I did not really have any fun. Experiencing stress all the way~~~

November and December 2009
Just like that, it is almost the end 2009. I really need to start studying! No time for slacking!!!!!!

Before I end my post!
Happy New Year!!!!!!! May a new start begins in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Release from "E" Killers

Oh my! it had been another month since I update my blog! What to do! Busy like a cow! Anyway, won't talk much ! Summary as below:

Release from 'E' - actually, I have 2 modules this sem with "E"
  • ENM - Engineering Materials!
  • ENA - Environment Assessment!
Both of the courseworks were tougher than I thought! Last 2 weeks was a struggle for me! Anyway, everything would pass eventually! Currently I am back at home - Ipoh..... relaxing for my STUDY WEEK! Anyway, the modules that start with "E" are usually quite annoying and at the same time horrible. For example:
  • ETN - Energy Technology!
  • ETD - Engineering Thermodynamics!
"E" killers are just too wicked and strong! Oh well, hopefully I will survive! Study weeks begin!