Friday, January 30, 2009

Winning All The Way(^^) [Part 1 ]

Oh, finally, after posts of posts of my life and contest posts, I can finally share some winning news with you all. My life goes like this. Cookies baking - - - - - Chinese New Year Home Decor - - - - - Angpow Time - - - My Birthday - - - Primary School Classmate Reunion - - - Receiving my new semester timetable - - - Going back to Uni.

Well, before I am going into Chinese New Year Posts ( A lot of images to be edited), I am going to share with you all some little prizes that I managed to snatch.

  1. CNN Different Perspective of The World Grand Prize Winner.
  2. Whiskas Winning Vote.
There are much more prizes I would like to tell you. But, I am quite busy; therefore, I am dividing this post into 2 posts. Haha, so, you would not want to miss a thing! Stay tune for more updates. Now, let's have a look a the prizes!

CNN Different Perspective of The World Grand Prize Winner.
cnn winner
I remembered that I took part in this contest from . The contest was simple. I needed to write a slogan on How CNN change my perspective of life. Omg, I forgot the slogan! Too bad, next time, I should keep a record!(><). Anyway, the grand prize really surprised me. It was an old-style camera with films! I am not joking!!!! Haha, but, there is something very magical about it!
CNN winner

Ooo, the packaging is awesomely cool! I really love the little red box. In the middle of the box, the treasure is shining! Yes, my grand prize is actually a special CNN edition of Lomolito !


This effect is also known as lomographic effect. Haha, I have already tried to take some "artistic" shots with it. But, I have to developed the films before I could show you all. Anyway, my uni mate, Ah Jhen also really loves lomography. So, if I bump into her, sure ask her some tips(^^)

Whiskas Winning Vote.
Whiskas wiiner
Yes, these are really free gifts. You just need to send in your vote and there they are - RM100 worth of prizes are in you hands. Anyway, I would like to say that the super pink beg is for my mum; the pen is for dad; the photo frame is for my siblings(^^). That settles it! But, before ending my post, I have a gorgeous supermodel posing for my gifts. (^^)

Whiskas wiiner111
Aren't she adorable? She is my baby cat, Soya!!! Well, currently, my almost 8-year-old cat is just sleeping beside me. I am so gonna miss her like crazy when I go back to KL.

P.S: I am super tired because I was "ambushed" by my primary school friends just now. Omg, I did not meet some of them for 8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We really had a great laugh of our lives!!!(^^)

P.S: Haiz, my Primary teacher said that my look is the same! Sien, I want to change !!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Birthday is here!!!!

Finally, I am that old!!!!!! Today is my birthday! Plus, it is still Chinese New Year! I am feeling all the luck of the year(^^). Well, I had a simple celebration. The day started with sms wishes from all of my friends! Thanks guys!!!!!

Since everybody was busy celebrating Chinese New Year, I did not go out to celebrate my birthday in a group. Haha, I was celebrating with my family in Steamboat Style! But, in the afternoon, I dated a cutest girl. We had lunch together; we walked together; we talked together; we laughed together; we visited her ex-employers together; we missed the movie together since the tickets were totally sold out; I sent her back home! That is totally a date(^^). Who is she???Secret(^0^)................................................................

Well, I dated a girl today, but I am still single. Haha, actually, she is my primary school classmate. Since she was leaving soon to Australia to continue her studies, only 2 of us (well basically we lost contact with about 99% of our primary school friends) gathered at Jusco to have KFC. After so many years, I think about 8 years, we finally met and talked all day long even though during the past we did accidentally bumped into each other. Then, we went to Ipoh Parade to try our luck to get some tickets. But, the effort was to no avail!

Anyway, later that day, I went home to have birthday celebration with my family. I was showered with gifts from my siblings. Oh, friends, thanks for your sms-es. But, where are my gifts? Haha, just kidding! A beautiful friend of mine even wrote a blog post for me. Thank Eileen(^^). You are the coolest girl in the world(^^)

Today, I learned that I am not getting older( Haiz, am I in denial?!), but, I am finally a man!!!! Huiyo! I am that serious, seriously!!! Haha, but, in my heart, I will always be a crazy kid((^^)

Happy Birthday To Me(^^)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Ultimate Eve and Jack [LaMB Post 4]

In my previous three posts, I was either being emotional or being serious. (Okay, if you don't believe me, go to LaMB 1, LaMB 2, and LaMB 3 to confirm). Haha, for this LaMB 4, I am gonna loosen up a little and have some fun doing this post! For my last post, I have chosen: If a live action movie of LaMB was to be produced, who would you like to see play the starring roles of Eve and Jack and why?

Hmmm, this question is ... not tricky at all! Hahaha, because for this futuristic movie, I already have a few candidates that fit this movie perfectly!Brad and Angelina - The hottest couple in town? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - The Unique Couple of Hollywood?????Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman - The Perfect Couple In Australia?? Well, my choice is The Ex-Odd Couple - Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp!!! To some people, my choice might be weird; but, aren't they the best mismatch ever!? Actually, before this, they were a true life couple who worked together in one of my favourite movie - "Edward's Scissors Hand". Undeniably, the chemistry between them was really irresistable. Is not it exciting to see both ex-lover work together in this futuristic love story?! I just can't wait! (hope they will work together !)

Winona Ryder as Eve
Actually, when I first saw Eve, she reminded me of Winona Ryder. Well, maybe this main reason is because of the hair style!? Haha, anyway, I think Winona is the ultimate actress for Eve because she is angelic, fierce, and emotionless like Eve. Apart from that, she is suitable for futuristic movie. When she portrayed the cute human-like robot in Alien 4: The Resurrection, she already had captivated a lot of people with her amazing performance. I used quite some time to edit the image of "The Ultimate Eve" from all her unforgettable scenes in Alien 4. Well, I don't have to say much because a picture speaks a thousand word. (For Winona's photo, it speaks a million words)(^^)

Johnny Depp as Jack
The award-winning actor is the best leading man in this movie. He is by far the perfect actor for taking the role of Jack who lost his wife and tried to use work as an excuse to escape reality. But, he finally will meet someone who will change his life, Eve! His Eve?! Haha, Winona Ryder would bedazzle Johnny Depp until this mad scientist would love her like he has never loved anybody before. Hope that is the case!

The Ultimate Eve and Jack
Do I really need to say more? Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp are the ultimate Eve and Jack! You can see it in their eyes.

Actually, I really have fun doing this images. All the images link can be found below! We must avoid plagiarism. I will only choose 4 LaMB Posts because I think that I really enjoy doing them. They are the best topics for me. This LaMB Post 4 is my favourite post ever because blogging should be fun and exciting and I am feeling that right now(^^)

LaMBs Terminated

Images: (Winona Ryder as Eve)

(Johnny Depp As Jack)

A Moment of Silence [LaMB Post 3]

The Poster of The Silence of The LaMBs [Edited]

Speech is such as powerful instrument.It can be used to express a person's point of view, to hurt a person's feeling intentionally or unintentionally, to connect people with people, to voice out your own opinions and your feeling as well. However, we can't always say something out loud! There would always be a moment of silence for some people who could not express themselves. They are either reluctant to share or they have some issues that could not be resolved.

Have I ever been in this kind of situation? I think most people would face this kind of situations very often. A couple years ago, I was put into a very complicated situation. Surprise, even me, a fierce blogger could be speechless sometimes. At that time, I had just ended my secondary school life. That time, I was free like crazy. Then, I found a job nearby my house. As usual, a SPM boy would work as a promoter, well, I followed a path that almost drown me!

Well, at first, everything was okay! But, as time went by, I started to feel isolated because my co-worker was quite close with my supervisor. They were like sisters, literally. Anyway, after weeks of working, things were getting harder instead of getting easier to handle. Then, here came the bomb!!!!!

One day, I was assigned to take care of the stall downstairs. Well, I was supposed to wait until the guard gave further instructions since the shops were closing for the day. However, at that time, all the promoters were already moving upstairs. So, innocently, I just followed them. As soon as I reached the top, my supervisor gave a loud shout of "lecture"- "scolding" to me in front of the whole floor's staffs. It was truly a speechless moment for me! I kept myself shut up and just faced her bravely without any rebuttal. I went home and I just could not tell my parents what happened! This was the first time I felt that I could not express how I FELT!

Well, I faced that like a man! The next day, I went to work again. Even though I felt so reluctant, I thought that as a responsible individual, I must face her and my job. Back there, she was like as if nothing happened last night! That was so fake! But, I kept showing her my "black" face. Then, she finally confronted me and said that she was harsh to me. Apology accepted, but, the scars would not heal that easily.

Then, here came the second blow! It was just like any normal day. I was very happy that I did the business quite good. But, then, she asked my co-worker to "summon" me. When I reached there, my supervisor was so grumpy! She said that I was responsible for all the bad stocks in the stall. Oh, please! I did not arrange those stocks. It was my co-worker who did it! While my co-worker was sitting comfortably upstairs, I was being dragged into a matter that was not my responsibility. Then, I knew that I could not trust my co-worker anymore. She was the double agent between me and my supervisor. That time, I felt that I really could not trust anyone anymore. But, luckily, my efforts were shining through in front of other people. My other brand co-workers gave me support when I needed the most! Even though I really could not express my true self to my supervisor, I had finally learned a very important lesson - True efforts would not be unseen, forgotten, and wasted even you were being underestimated because true talents and efforts shine brightly!

Working there really made me become more mature. That was the true art of office/working politics. Sometimes, qualifications are not everything. There are so many undergraduates and postgraduates being "produced" annually. To stand out of the crowds, we need more than a paper; we need social and communication skills. By combining both, success would not be that difficult as it seems! A moment of silence for me just taught me to be tougher. One day, I would not just keep quiet anymore because sometimes, silence just breeds bully!

LaMBs cannot speak nor do they have free will. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you couldn't speak up or express yourself?

LaMB Contest
(Have you join?(^^))

  1. LaMB Contest.:
  2. The Poster of The Silence of The LaMBs [Edited]:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My First Nuffnang Cheque(^^)

Finally, my request for my cash out had arrived on Jan 5 which I requested on Mid of November 2008. But, at that time, I was still in KL. Therefore, I asked my mum to keep it first. I just wanna have a look at the real cheque! (Hehe, silly me). Anyway, I have blogged for almost a year! Omg, time just files!

Ooo, I have worked hard to maintain my blog. Well, occasionally, I "dumped" My Little World due to reasonable reasons?! Hehehe, for example, final examination!!!!! But, starting this blog is quite fun for me. Writing is a passion of mine. When I am feeling down, I really can put all the bad energies here...Sorry bloggie!!!! When I have good news, I share with you all. What is so great about blogging is that I can meet people from all walks of life. As you can see from my blogroll, they just keep on expanding! Anyway, here are something about me and my blog.

Some Interesting Facts on My Little World:
  • This is my 114th post! Omg, I miss my 100th post! Haha, I just kept on writing!
  • My blog unique visitors have reached more than 10k! (It is unique visitor!!!hehe)
  • My Little World's banners are ever-changing.
  • The Author has not shown his real face or introduce himself to the public. But, he did post a picture of himself in a group. Anyway, appearance is not important. I bet you all do not want to see my not-so-nice face at all.
  • Xjion89 is a creation from my Chinese Name
  • Currently English: Jaylee

Nuffnang 1st cash out!!!
Yes, finally, here is the cheque. Okay, guys. I know that this is not a huge you know who...Mr Kennysia. But, to me, it is quite a lot. Ngam ngam enough for me to buy some Chinese New Year stocks. Hehehe........

About RM100.00 thanks to 10000 of people!
  • Numerically: Every visitor worth RM 0.01 /1 cent
  • Sentimentally: Every visitor is priceless
  • Ultimately: Thanks for all of the support! I heart you all! Keep on supporting my blog!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!! Moooooooooooo....................

Preservation of Environment [LaMB Post 2]

LaMB: Jack

LaMB or Lamination is a new form of human resources recycling by the Central Administration Bureau of Cerra (CABC). In the future, I think that with the limited resources on Earth, Cerra would be a new land of resources. However, no matter on Earth or on Cerra, preserving of environment is the guarantee for the future and this is associated with Sustainable Development.

First of all, environment is all about human welfare. Sustainable Development is the development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." (United Nation, 1987) This concept is really suitable for preservation of environment. By implementing these policies from this development, I would focus on economy, environment and social. (Ooo, I really sound like I am in my finals!!!) Okay, I should let this be fun!!!!

  • Reforestation - Trees are the best solution for the increasing carbon dioxide.
  • 3Rs - Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. They are always popular.
  • Refuse the use of plastic - Create a pollution-free world. 

The Cycle of 3Rs

  • Practice green industry - handle the waste by treatment in order to reduce its toxicity and reuse it in other ways.
  • Introduction of e-money - reduce the use of paper money.
  • Investment in green business by the government - a new direction to protect the environment.

  • Green Education - New generation should learn about saving environment through "Green Studies".(My recommendation for a new subject starting from the lower elementary education)

These are my recommendations on how to preserve the environment. Some of the methods are quite easy to achieve. However, determination and a lot of efforts are needed to reach these goals! Preservation of environment is really important to ensure the future generations' well-being. Wouldn't you feel guilty using all your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren, great great x n grandchildren....'s resources until they have nothing left for themselves to survive?! Therefore, think before you use! Future lives are at stake!!!!

If you worked for the CABC, what other policies would you implement to help preserve the environment?

  1. United Nations. 1987."Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development." General Assembly Resolution 42/187, 11 December 1987. Retrieved: 2009-01-23

  1. LaMB :Jack. from :
  2. The Cycle of 3Rs:,%2520reuse%2520reduce.jpg

Friday, January 23, 2009

Life Beyond Time and Space[LaMB Post 1]

Earth is a blessed land with the availability of natural resources that fulfill the needs of living beings. With the perfect weather to grow food such as crops, fruits and others, humans are living comfortably. However, living in the small globe of land, have you ever wonder the existence of other life forms on the other planets? Or, is it only Earth that could sustain the life?


LaMB takes place on the planet of Cerra. LaMB actually stands for "Lamination". It is a form of justice system that imprisons the criminals by absolutely controlling their speech and action. (LaMB, 2008-09)(For more information, please log on to system is implemented on a colonised planet - Cerra. Cerra is located "25 light years from Earth". (LaMB, 2008-09) Well, now, the question is - do you believe that life forms exist on other planet? Yes, as stated earlier, Earth might be the optimum planet for living beings. But, there are also probabilities that harsh condition planet could also breed the life of living organisms. As long as the star shines, it brings life to the planets!

The Miky Way's Oldest Planet

When I was young, I learned about the theory of astronomy. Universe consists of Galaxies. Galaxies consists of Solar System. Solar System consists of Planets. Simple, yet too overwhelming to master them all. I still remember a famous quote from X-File: "We are not Alone!!!" (X-Files, 1993) The Universe is enormous and there might even be Multiverse. For example, the bright blue planet which is twice as old as the Earth might be a place where advanced organisms survive even though there are still no proofs to confirm that. Therefore, to say that we are only living beings in the Universe, that might be an over-statement! I believe that Universe would have enough time and space to sustain other life forms beyond us.

Well, if there are other life forms on other planet, how would they look like? Would they look like us? Maybe, we/they would be like them/us. Maybe, our basic needs are the same. Maybe, we go through the same cycle of life - we are born, we grow up, we start to learn, we graduate, we fall in love, we get married, we have children, we support our children, we grow old, and we die. (That is life.) But, will they look like us? When a person asks you about the other life forms, or perhaps, aliens, how would your first impression be? Well, I have to say that some people are being "poisoned" with the images from the movie series "Alien". Maybe, other life forms would look like that or not. What I believe is that, maybe, they would have the other distinctive features but they almost look like us. Maybe, they have wings?! or Maybe, they have weird skin tone, like blue people. There are too many probabilities.

This might be too much!!!(Alien)

The story of LaMB takes place on the planet Cerra. Do you believe that life forms exist on other planets?

  1. LaMB (2008-09). Animax | LaMB: The Future Will Always Be Beautiful. Retrieved 23 Jan, from :

  1. LaMB: Eve. from :
  2. The Miky Way's Oldest Planet. from:
  3. Alien. from:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Belated PC Fair 2008

Just now, I was cleaning all the way. Since my laundry had piled up as high as mountains just like those in Ipoh, I had to do my own laundry. Anyway, the cleaning is still in progress, but, I am taking some time off to rest for a while, blog, and catch my favourite show ever -"Gilmore Girls".

Now, I would like to share my PC fair 2008 experience in KLCC with you all. Ooo, I know that PC Fair is really a super old news. But, it totally spiced up my life and ended my 2008 with a blast!!!!

Everything started off with Twin Towers... Well, me, my sis and my sis' boyfriend went together to KLCC again after celebrating my sis' birthday a week ago. The place was super crowded. The main objective was to get a new laptop for me and my sis. Anyway, at the end, everything was way off from our original plan. At the end, these were what we got!

pc fairpc fair
The left was the FM mp3 player. Apart from that, look at the freebies we got! Plus, we got a few pendrives too. It was so cheap! 4Gb pendrive only RM24!!!!

Finally, my sis had chosen her laptop. It was ASUS F80. As for me, I was about to get myself a Toshiba Satellite L310. But, the price of Toshiba back then was like roller-coaster riding, from RM2300 with no free gifts. Then, it increased to RM2400 with free gifts. But, just minutes later, it was fixed the price of RM2400 with no free gift, but, can choose between a filter jug or a free upgrade to 4Gb. I was fed up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, I did not have the mood already!!! But, the story did not just end here. Well, my sis' laptop needed 5 working days before she could get it. Well, we also had to collect by ourselves at Low Yat Plaza.

Anyway, after that, we collect from the shop. But, the laptop turned to be something fishy. Well, the laptop was supposed to be free Dos. But, when we turned on the laptop, to our surprise, it was installed with temporary Windows Vista. Well, this had gotten "better" when there was even a demo folder with songs.

I was fustrated and my sister was angry. Anyway, to cut the wild goose chase, I went there to change the laptop with my housemate and her boyfriend. {Omg, I am always the light bulb!} Anyway, the main point is that when we, as the consumers, are being treated unfairly, we must fight for our right!

Now, it is time to stop writing because I have to continue my cleaning task. I would not have enough time tomorrow since it is outing day!!!! I am going back to Ipoh soon too! I really can't wait anymore!><

So, I would everybody advanced in

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Battle Ended - - - -----

This morning, I was having my last paper. I really was not prepared. Anyway, there was no turning back. Anyway, I had to wake up at 7am. Well, as I was walking towards the KTM station, I saw a scene that really astonished me!!!!(I am back!!!!!!!!!!)

It was a big..nope...a huge crowd at KTM station heading Rawang.

After that, I went to my Uni to take my test. Omg, it was dreadful. But, I was glad that my final exams were over. Now, I am hoping for the best that I could pass all my tests. Oh please, my expectation is very low already!> <. Anyway, after the test, I was already numb. Then, I went out with my coursemates to have lunch in a restaurant beside a lake.

Well, this place is really secluded. I mean really really secluded. It was like seeking a hidden jewel in the jungle. If it had not be my friends who drove me there, I would never have a joyous afternoon. Beside the restaurant, there is a lake. Can you all see the fish from the picture? Yup, it is that lake.

Since we were hungry and tired, we straight away ate all the seven dishes with 5 different flavour of steamfish. Well, I had a great time, but, the exams still bugged me. But, put that aside first. I was glad that I joined them. Sometimes, friends are the best medicine.

"No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main..." [John Donne, 1571-1631] Full Quota is here

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Battle Begins

Wow, it had been quite some time since I wrote anything here. I am just busy revising for my upcoming final examination. Since a week ago, I already started to read up, but the progress was rather in a slow state. Now, I cannot afford to slow down anymore because the battle starts this Thursday!!!!

Here are my timetable for my final:
  1. Applied Chemistry and Physics - 8/01/2009 [50% only, I am going to "kill" it today.]
  2. Mathematics - 12/01/2009 [50% too, there are too many numbers "attacking" me.]
  3. Fluid Mechanics - 14/01/2009 [30%, I am drowned in the "turbulent" fluids.
  4. Sustainability - errr....16/01/2009 [10%, I am still green even though it is little.
  5. Process Fundamentals Engineering - 19/01/2009 [ 40%, but I am still not sure that if I can win the battle or not]

As you can see from the timetable, I won't be blogging for a long long long time. Hope that I will win the war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, I am going back to Kuala Lumpur today! Too bad, I really miss my home. But, that is life.

Wish me luck!(^^)