Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kwong Hong Noodles @ Gunung Rapat, Ipoh

Oh yes, Ipoh foodie is back once again! Of all the food I tried around Malaysia, Ipoh still serves the best food in town! This time around, I am gonna introduce you all one of the best noodles in town! >>>> Not,the Tukang JahitWinly,but, it is the Kwong Hong Coffee Shop (广丰 or 廣豐) >>> The big difference of traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

What we order?Hahahaha, a lot of different yang tou fu (yang liao)>> Pardon my direct translation (^^). As you can see from the pic below, they have all sorts of dishes from fried tau fu, fried fu pei, yang vegetable, yang.................Yes,almost everything is "yang" (@@)
Of course, there are also different type of meat balls. Oooo,my fav egg plant is here too (^^)

These were what we ordered! Simple and nice!!!!

As for the noodle, you can order mix noodle or single noodle. They even have curry mee tooo ~
There are so many choices there and the price is reasonable~~Totally worth a few tries (^^)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Camouflage

This photo, I can't remember when I took it! Was it that long ago? Anyway, with a flash, I had been working   for almost 4 months!!! Yes, it sounds so impossible. Apparently, working life is a lot faster than studying. Anyhow, back to the photo, it seems like the body of the bug was leaf-like! Maybe,now and then,  we would not notice that it was hiding on the trees/ flowers/ leaves pile.....The Art of Camouflage. (^^)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sushi King Mania! Thanks Boss Gaven!!!!!

Wow, recently, life is just too happening! To me, it might be a bit overwhelming. It had a while since I am in such unclear situation. Anyhow, this is another foodie post! Yup, gradually turning into all food blog!

Sushi King, to me, is quite common in Malaysia. However,when I was in my secondary school days, it was a luxurious to eat over there. Now, perhaps, I have grown up and can afford (hahaha, papa and mama give me more money compared to primary school). Anyway, usually, we would go there and have the rotating sushi. This time around, one of my bestie (mode of the day), got vouchers and belanja me and another pal to eat oooo (^^) Thanks GAVEN !!!!~~

It is always crowded at Sushi King Outlet. However, as time goes by, I started to opt for other Japanese food in Malaysia as they are getting common here. 

Anyhow, they still have some quite nice sushi in town! My fav is still Unagi (^^)

Since Gaven was belanja-ing, we really ordered a lot!Here was the set dinner we ordered (^^). There was curry mee, set dinner don, and the all-time-lovely Soft-shell crab rolllll(^^)

The Unagi set rich was simply awesome!But,STILL, the serving couldn't satisfied my need.

Here was some side dishes! The satay-like dish was quite nice,same goes to the salad!

A HUGEEEE Thanks to this handsome boss (Gaven)
Wish You A Happy Birthday Again (^^)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Maybank2U - A Star!

With today’s technology, it seems that information transfer is just a click away!  I have my first online banking account like 5 years ago- Maybank2U.  It provides me all-in services from online banking to ATM services.

 Yes, just like that, my ATM card has become my partner for 5 beautiful years.  With the high availability of Maybank ATM machines, my life is made more convenient when withdrawing money anywhere and anytime.  Recently, I even have created a debit card.  In this case, I have reduced the need to carry extra cashes on the road. This really secures my lifestyle.

Online-managing my money is way too simple.  Transferring fund to 3rd party or making payment is also quite convenient.  That’s why life is easy thanks to Maybank2U. Apart from that, the placement of fixed deposit can be completed in just a few steps. The monitoring of the FD is clear and simple.  This really saves me from the hustle and bustle.  That is so true with the traffic jam condition in KL..HAHAHAHAHAHA~~~

Currently, Maybank2U is holding various contests.  For more information, please refer to the link below: