Friday, August 31, 2012

The Chocolate from The West


If only I am forever skinny, I would dig in as much chocolate as I can. The image above was the chocolate that my parents flew back from Europe during their trip there. Haiz, when will I have the chance really going out to the overseas, enjoying the place, people and culture in other places? Anyhow, I have gained enormous weights these few years. But, I just can't resist good chocolate (^^)


This one was even better (^^). There are different fillings in the chocolate; my favourite was the red velvet (^^) Quite an interesting combination!!!~~ Since I am so determined to lose some serious weights now, perhaps, I shall cut down the consumption on chocolate then (><)

Wish me Luck (^^)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Insectology: The Lover Flies (18 SX)

Ah, totally need a zen moment. Anyhow, just walking around my little garden, suddenly, I saw those two flies (lover) were hanging around; practically hanging there. Well, I think they are starting a family. 
The main point is that we often neglect what is around us. Just spend a little time observing and relaxing, indeed you will see something you usually wouldn't see...


Friday, August 24, 2012

T.G.I.Friday (^^) @ Pavillion ~


Friday means a lot to a lot of working people out there! Yes, is Friday, not the Friday 13th. The next day is weekend, this also means you have weekend off. Anyhow, this post is about T.G.I.F @ Pavilion(^^).  My family came down KL to visit me and they had yet walked around this luxurious place. During lunch time, we ended up here >>>> T.G.I Friday (^^)


Actually, TGIF is quite like Chilis [here]. The food portion is large despite not as large as Chilis. The taste was amazing for all 3 dishes above. My fav was the middle; it was something like Cheesy Pizza (^^)!!!!


Of course, most dishes would provide french fries !!!!~ The burger and fried chicken were awesome! I would say 10/10 for services. As for the taste, it depends. For heavy grilling and frying delicacies, no doubt TGIF is superb in this case. For people who prefer not that heat-ty food, perhaps they should opt for something else (^^)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Everything Total Recalled From 1990 to 2012 !

As a crazy movie dweller, I had watched numerous movies since I started laying my eyes on the television screen  Perhaps, I am the era of TV-baby. While nowadays, the children are more to the era of Apple-baby.  Anyhow, I watched Total Recall (2012) (TR2012) in the cinema. After triggering my curiosity button, I ended up downloading the "mature and raw" version of Total Recall (1990) (TR1990) which was made about 22 years ago (@@), almost same age as me!!!!!~ 

Let's talk about the storyline. Well if they didn't tell me that it was a remake of TR1990, I think that TR2012 will definitely fare better. Despite the change in the story, TR1990 is about outer space and Mars while TR2012 is about Earth of 2 different ends, the development is still the same. Basically, it is about a guy whose memory is replaced. Until one day, he went to a company called Total Rekall, which eventually reminded him of his past. TR1990 incorporated a lot of interesting characters from Alien, Mutants.. while TR2012 changed them into robotic soldiers. 

Verdict: TR1990's story was more intriguing; TR2012 gives a fresh new perspective overall. Therefore, if we don;t compare, both individuals are quite well in term of action. 

 Main actors - Colin Farrell and Arnold Schwarzenegger were playing totally similar characters. TR2012 gave a visual superior in action; TR1990 was totally 18PL with blood-shed scene of extreme violence including body explosion, gruesome technology. In this case, I prefer the later one (18PL) while TR2012 is more to (PG13)...hahahaha, no doubt Colin Farrell is kinda hot and sexy in this movie; but, to be truthful, Arnold's acting was so much better than Colin Farrell (@@) ~ Surprised!!! 

 Verdict: Arnold's performance was exceptional great; Colin needed to show more emotional struggle ~

Main Actress  - Kate Beckinsale and Sharon Stone were playing the pure evil wives in this case. But, the twist was that Kate Beck was the main antagonist who kept chasing; But, Sharon Stone sadly was the supportive role in this case; however, her performance was stunning as well. 

Verdict: Kate Beckinsale is my goddess; her acting was terrific as she was totally showing us the Underworld Killer style. Sharon Stone was amazing as well and her action moves were not outdated at all!!!!~  

Overall, if looking at them not as the remake and original, both movies are quite okay as they are unique in the storyline. However, looking them otherwise, TR1990 was actually better than TR2012 in my humble opinion. So, what do you think???? Do you recall what you watch (^^)??? Here is the link by some youtube user comparing both versions, quite interesting too (^^)

Images sources are found here:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Spaghetti Farm's Where? @ Midvalley


It had been a while since I went go Midvalley after my graduation because currently rotting in Ipoh. Anyhow, I remembered last year Puasa Month, my friend and I went to Spaghetti Farm at Midvalley. It was not easy to get a place that time. Kenny Rogers, Fish Market, Nando...were all booked. We managed to get a spot at Spaghetti Farm. Actually, the place was quite nice with great ambient.


The price of the food was reasonable as well. With soup and drink, the set dinner was fine. Moreover, they provided chili powder and cheese powder.


Looking at the spaghetti, I thought the food would be great. But, to my dismay, the taste was not that great at all; perhaps, it was because a lot of customers, but, the quality must be maintained. Despite the good service provided, the taste mattered the most. These days, I went to the same place;however, it was found that the restaurant was closed or moved?

Anybody knows where is this restaurant now? Or, I was having illusion of my own (^^)???

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Job Hunting Is Never Easy - Advice Needed

It had been more than a month since my graduation. Ever since then, I have been looking for job non-stop. Despite graduated in a Master Degree, it seems to be futile in searching for a job for me ~ I wonder why~ Most of my friends already found some fantastic jobs; only a few left (including me) still hanging around. I don't mind sitting at home; but the peer pressure is really enormous. 

The Reasons I Couldn't Find A Job
  1. Speed - some of my coursemates already applied job way before graduation. Yes, in this competitive world, we have to be fast (><)
  2. Timing - currently a lot of universities just had their graduations; therefore, this means more people fighting for the same position. 
  3. Interview skill - I wonder, is my communication skills that bad? I think my confidence is getting lower ....lower....lower....Will I die without a job (@@)?????
  4. Technical skill - I believe my results are quite fine. But, still it is so hard to get an interview....
  5. Choosy - I don't think I am, I applied any jobs on Jobstreet but it takes forever to get a reply; after waiting month long, it just stated that position closed (@@)..Heart-broken......
  6. Resume - Is it my resume not nice? Haizzzzz~~~~~
Until now, I got only 4 interviews with no feedback. Perhaps, it is time for me to rethink, replan, revise my previous action plans. Maybe, I am still lacking of interview skills here ........Anyhow, if you have any job related to environmental or chemical engineering, please just leave a commment.....Or, better stilll, give me some good advice in job hunting....(><) Hopefully, one day, I will dance like the dancing light in the picture. Nice illumination using a cloth (^^)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chilling At Chilis @Midvalley


Foodie post is back again! I remembered going to Chilis@KLCC and blogged about it [here] 3 years ago (@@). This time, it was again for a celebration of a friend's birthday (^^). Yup, not easy since always go out to pay for birthday, now, without a job, I think it is so difficult to pull me out already (><)...... Hahaha, anyway, Chilis is famous for its portion and taste.

This will always be the must-order for me because it is the bottomless chips (means you can refill as many times as you want unless they are out of it, experience once in Midvalley)...@@~ Crispy and crunchy will be how you feel when you take one of these chips.


This is another dish which me and my friends would always order as well, because the portion is quite a lot until can feed 3-4 persons. For girls who eat less, you can totally share with your friends. The sauce provided really complements the dishes very well.


Another huge plate for this dish! The chicken meat is quite nice, something similar to Mamee Chicken. Hahaha, the french fries and the jagung really is fulfilling to my appetite (^^)


Of course, this is another must-order dish as well - sizzling plate of various dishes. For those of you who don't know, the roti-canai-like thinggy is re-fillable.!!!! Yeah ^^


For vege-lovers, Chilis also offers some nice dishes like this rice-combo. However, too bad, there isn't any vegetarian dishes here (><)


Here is the handsome guy who was celebrating his birthday with the complimentary dessert^^ Remember to tell the workers that your friend's birthday, they will give you a free dessert !!!~

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Geeky Me: Hotmail to Outlook (^^)

Every now and then, I hate my hotmail a lot. Not only the loading speed is horrible, the attachment is slow and sometimes, some emails were lost on the way to the recipients; And, I was only notified a day later (@@). But, I still reluctant to change my hotmail to gmail, yahoo mail ... because hotmail was my 1st email. Moreover, I hate the advertisement on the right side; always ter-click the ads (><)

After 8 years of waiting, hotmail (Microsoft) finally decided to upgrade the system to outlook. Below is the generally outlook of Outlook! It is easier to navigate and the design is so much simpler without the hassle from advertisement. On the right side, the colour panel is available for colours selection despite lack of design. I believe they will add more options soon?~~~

Then, the email panel also undergoes a drastic change as below. My mom had a shock of her life when I persuaded her to upgrade to Outlook. The addresses will be inserted on the left side. I am so in-love with this interface. Then, the easy navigation to contact also quite impressive; therefore, I highly recommend you all to upgrade to Outlook bah; Just 1 click away (^^)

Anyhow, it had been quite a while I post something on IT stuff. I still remember I was such a nerd last time. Now, arrrr, I am totally normal; I prefer to be nerdy (><)...Tatatata~

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Delicious @ Bangsar


While still searching desperately for a job, I found back some of the photos from my uni days. Ah, how nostalgic! 4 years just passed by mercilessly. Anyhow, the picture above showed the nice restaurant - Delicious @ Bangsar. We went to this place from Midvalley (apparently, there is a Delicious Outlet there 2). My friends said that Bangsar 1 is nicer~

I ordered a nice honey lemon tea with a three-mushroom sandwich. Despite for me, they were quite pricey, I have to say that their food is quite okay for my taste.


They offer a wide range of delicacies from local food (nasi lemak) to western gourmet (burger, spaghetti). I curi-curi all my friend's food to have a try. Overall, the taste was okay; but to the girls, you can order 1 plate of spaghetti and share because the portion was quite large (^^)

The birthday celebration for Elaine will never be complete with a savoury of various type of cakes (^^) My fav 1 was the cake in a glass (Tiramisu); totally worth a try (^^)

They are all my girl friends..hahaha, hope that we will keep in touch and when you all get married, can invite me (^^). All the best in your career (^^)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Insectology: The Majestic Moth

Since a long time ago, I have a crush (not like killing them, but really love them) on insects. Despite their short lifespan, they are one of the strongest species in the world - super strong reproductive system which produces thousand of eggs; unique body parts - extra limbs; captivating colour like the moth above.

My university located in the center of a palm oil plantation. I believe this is one of the moth that can be found here? I need an expert here~ Because, this rare beauty is really out of sight in where I come from - Ipoh. Therefore, my fascinations towards this creature was utterly strong. Looking at its wings, the colourful pattern really attracted me (^^)

Having a closer look, you might even feel eerie (as for me, I am still fascinated) because it has fur like dogs @@ ~ No kidding!!!! The most interesting part is the leaf-like antenna. Omg !!!!! Yes, totally amazing how mother nature really is (^^)

Tata for now! Hope you enjoy this Majestic Moth Beauty. You can always look for my other insectology posts under the label insectology....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Choong Huat Steamboat @ Yulek, Cheras

This was taken during my 3rd year that time right after examination. We were so stressed! Yes, final examination tends to torture you a lot. Anyhow, my coursemates are always foodie-proactive, took us to this lovely steamboat restaurant, Choong Huat. You can see a lot of people are eating away by the road side, hahahaa~ 

As you get older, people start to hate taking photos. Hahaha, yup, my coursemates were so tired and horrible-looking; rejected my photo-taking session. Anyhow, here was the fishballs and the chicken meats, quite fresh (^^). One side pedas - Another side herbal (^^)

We also ordered the famous dishes there, chicken wings, and this lovely asam-curry fish which was quite cheap. Overally, we ate around RM14++ per person, which was quite cheap. Now, I think the price should increase already? It had been a while, can someone update me on this ^^? Good old days when I was still a student (^^)~~~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Vanishing Petaling Street (消失中的茨厂街)

I still remember the debate on the MRT construction at the Petaling Street area. What is the outcome? Anyhow, after the news, I basically went there to have a walk down memory lane. (Yup, quite a sentimental guy I am). It is funny that people don't remember what they said, I do. 

Well, this is the price of development. Whether Petaling Street will be a history or not, we'll see. During my undergraduate life (foundation year), I always went past this area to reach Puduraya (Even Puduraya underwent an extreme makeover (HERE)). Because the stupid and naive me, didn't know that Plaza Rakyat is just beside Puduraya. Therefore, after taking KTM to KL Sentral, me and my coursemate will take the LRT to Pasir Seni. From there, we dragged our luggage with the rush to buy the earliest ticket back home. Those were the days. Now, I believe I am too old to carry 4 BAGS per person already..Hahaha~

On our way, we often passed by a Chinese temple, but time restriction ceased our step into the temple. But, this time around, I decided to take my own sweet time and have a final look (don;t know whether the temple will be affected or not though). You can see the joss stick, releasing the fume of worship. 

The golden dragons are guarding the temple. Too bad the temple was under construction and renovation, therefore, didn't get to take a lot of photos that time (><).

Hopefully, this heritage can be conserved for many years to come. Anyhow, recently, very hardworking in finding a job. No easy to find a job even though I am a graduate in Master of Engineering, kinda stress and sad ~ Jobstreet maybe a good source of employment, but the competition is horrific~~~~ 1 fresh graduate position, 4000 people applied, this is insane (@@)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mysterious Wantoon Stall @ Seri Kembangan.

Location of the wantoon mee stall: Unknown.. Hahaha, not really, it is located quite near to the Hakka Village Restaurant, just further a bit. Therefore, you have to be observance looking for this Wantoon mee stall in a normal residential area (house in SK Kampung). 

 Even though I called it a Wantoon stall, it still offers a variety of noodles such as kuetieu, wantoon, etc. To top this mee, there were even some stuffed dishes such as fishballs, yongliu, fupei.This is the famous wantoon mee with roastpork (should char siew). Of course, the wantoon is smooth and nice.

They also prepare dessert in this stall. The red-bean soup was quite okay, not too sweet. What I like about this shop is that the price is quite cheap and really taste like a kampung-orientated delicacies (^^)

You should go try to find this mysterious shop to try try ..hohohoho~~~

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Win, Won, Win Little Prizes

It had really been a while since I have won anything at all. Due to dreadful dealines and schedule, I totally missed out a lot prizes for 2011 and 2012. However, little lady of the luck was still on side. I won some little prizes that made my day a happier day (^^)

Despite this magazine won was a bit irrelevant to a guy, I find it quite useful in obtaining my "beauty" along with my mom and sis (^^) Quite common for metrosexual-era guys , right? (^^)....`~

Not just that, there were even some little items like pens, dog-wire wrapper, little cushion and another pen..Yup, really no need to buy pens because mostly I won pens (><) So scary ~ It is like endless supplies of pens and the pens I bought last time still got supply.......

Another win was quite some time ago for the movie Water for Elephant~ It was quite spectacular but I really disliked Robert Pattison; should have find another more prominent actor ~ Anyhow, the T-shirt is really awesome (^^) along with the chinese hand-fan..(^^). But, really need to lose 10 kg in 10 days to fit in this T-shirt anymore (><)