Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet !!!! おいしです!!!![Oishi]

After not feeling well for a few days, I think it is time to update!!! Haiz, currently, my biological clock totally hay-wires. Anyway, this time again, I am gonna share an old story with you all! Yes, with me having holidays right now, i can really tantalize my taste buds^^ Right after my Cambodia trip, I went to Tenji along with my sis and 2 housemates for Peichek's early birthday celebration.

food and wine
Around 10 am, we drove to Solaris Mont Kiara. Anyway, despite several "road obstacles", we managed to make it there quite fast! I have to say that the area there is really high-class!!! With luxurious condominiums, extravagant restaurants,... in that area, I am pretty sure that it is not easy to maintain my life there unless I am rich rich rich...haha, anyway, we parked our car under the basement...Well, the parking fee was rather cheap, about RM 2.00 for the 1st 3 hours .....In order to save, we decided to go there during weekdays and had lunch there under the promotion period for Parents Day. It was around RM 48.00 per head [inclusive of tax] - normal price was RM 77 ++ [exclusive of tax] for lunch while the dinner there costs around RM 88 ++ [exclusive of tax]

Here comes The Menu of The Day
food and wine

food and wine
Actually, Japanese Buffet usually offers a wide range of food from Western Cuisine to Chinese Tradition dishes apart from the normal Japanese food like sushi. Not kidding, you can really taste a huge range of food till you drop! Plus, you can even order certain dishes ^^.

food and wine
Of course, after having all the dishes there, it was time for us to taste some desserts. Greedy me took all the cakes there. This did not end good for us...haha, lesson: don't be greedy><. Then, Tenji also serves Haagen-Dazs Ice-cream; yet, there were only 8 flavours. However, the chocolate foundation really did create some buzzs for us^^ After 3 hours of lunch, we were really fullllllllllllllllll!!!!!! I would describe this lunch as:

Delicious !!!! おいしです !!!!
[haha, currently, learning basic Japanese]

By comparing with Jogoya[link for my previous post],
  • Jogoya has more alcohols while Tenji has more tea [flower tea to green tea]
  • Jogoya has more flavours of ice-cream while Tenji has only 8 flavours.
  • Jogoya's internal service not that good because last time, my friend called to book a table, there was no place left according to the staffs there. After 1 min, when I called, the staff said that as many people also can@@
  • Both also have the same buffet price.
However, I have to say that Tenji's oyster was lot more bigger! It took me 4 bites to finish it^^
food and wine

If you have any enquiries, you can contact:
Official Website: [contact info and map download]
Official Blog: [promotion info]

Okay, I need to study for my katakana (^^) さよなら

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Panasonic Mania - Lumix FS6

Before going to the maniac post, a little life update#
  1. Yesterday, I went to Maybank to buy ASM along with my parents from 9.30am until 2.00pm! Today, no wonder the headline and the cover page story for Perak Sin Chew is "People Lining Up to buy ASM in the Early Morning"
  2. After successfully purchased ASM, I went back to home and straight away fell ill!!! Yes, I was having fever yesterday and my stomach was in a bad shape.
  3. Today, finally update my blog. Even though the fever was down, my stomach is still uncomfortable.
Anyway, life goes on~~~><
If you have read my previous (starwalk, cambodia trip 1, 2, 3, 4), the pictures were taken by my new camera!!! Hehehe, finally, I got myself a new camera!(^^). The camera was panasonic-branded series - Lumix FS6. Plus, I even got 2 cameras, blue one for me and pink one for my mom as Mother's Day Gifts.
Firstly, please don't say that I am rich because I had compared prices among cameras like crazy!!! Actually, I really want to get Nikon-branded camera. However, my cousin sis who was working in the camera shop told me that Nikon compact camera has some technical problems. Therefore, she gave me a guideline in buying cameras or other visual equipments......

  • For compact cameras, the best brand to buy is Canon - because when you develop the picture and print them out, Canon would give you the finest print. But, compared to other cameras, its price would be higher
  • However, if you prefer to view the pictures through computers and televisions, then, Panasonic-branded camera would be a good choice because its view would be better in computer compared to print-outs. Plus, its price is lower than Canon-branded cameras with the same scope.
  • Apart from that, she also told that if I want to buy a DSLR, the best brand to buy is Nikon(^^).
  • Sony cameras have the finest LCD screens; but totally not user-friendly! Last time, during my Cambodia trip, my friend brought along his touch-screen Sony-branded camera. Every time, when he took my photos, I had to wait like 20+++ seconds for him to adjust the mode, brightness....For Sony branded gadgets, get its Handycam!
After listening to her advice, my mind changed like 2 times....Nikon>>>Canon>>>Panasonic. The main reason why I decided to choose Lumix because it is easy to use, cheap, and the colour is quite nice! Apart from that, as a worshiper of cheap-ness, beautiful-ness, and greatness (便, 靓,正), I decided to get an affordable Lumix FS6 with the scopes as below^^
  • 8 megapixel (According to my cousin sis, actually 8 megapixel is enough because higher megapixel would mean longer loading time)
  • 4x optical zoom (To be truthful, FS6 is quite weak in its zoom!)
  • Intelligence Auto (One of my favourite feature because for it is easy to use and automatically detect the surrounding and choose the suitable mode like portrait, close-up...)

Then, here are the gifts for purchasing the Lumix FS6!!!! The lanyard is really handy because when you travel, you can hang your camera around your neck. You don't have to take out and keep the camera frequently.Of course, not only that, I upgraded my 2GB memory card to 4GB. It is important to note that Panasonic camera can use any brands memory cards; however, when you upgrade to 4GB or higher, you have to use back Panasonic branded memory card><

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Walk To See The Stars

Since I can't sleep right now, I think I better don't waste time and start to update my blog^^. A month ago after returning from Cambodia, pain was actually all over my body. But, I still wanted to join Ipoh Starwalk 2009! Yes, it had 2 years since I stopped joining the contest. Back then, my friends and I were obsessed with certs, certs, certs.....

Anyway, early morning.....
When I reached there, it was crowded! or should I say "flooded" with humans!!!! It was still dark that time! Therefore, I got a snap of the alien-like lamp post^^ I like~~~

Then, after hours of waiting, ....
When the walk was started, the situation was rather chaotic! People, people, and people everywhere@@. From there, you can see lovely father and son, stylish walkers, and the cool-green odder. Haha, it was rather interesting to see these scenes.

Then, within 100 mins, I reached the finish line....
My achievement was quite disappointing! I used to walk quite fast! Now, I have become a pre-mature old man who lost to a real old man........Anyway, of course, I joined the mini carnival after walking with the stars. Like any normal events, performances, food, drinks...and my favourite - Lucky Draw(^^) Well, the mc uncle really annoyed me! It took around 3 hours to finish the lucky draw and I did not win anything ><.....Yalor, that uncle talked too much....

Anyway, this is the 1st time I felt not so excited about events. Maybe, I am already bored of walking so long and not winning anything. Oh well, I think I might retire from Starwalk .......

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Never-ending Combat of Malay Language Versus English Language

It is back to the same old story again. Which language is better for teaching mathematics and science? Currently,it seemed that the government has decided to revert back to the previous language. This means that the current textbooks would be a huge pollution to the environment. and current students would be a huge misery again. The change to English language teaching of mathematics and science has been implemented for 6 years! Now, I also don't know why they suddenly wanted to change back to Malay Language. (Did parents protest? public pressure?)

During my days, everything was taught in Malay. Therefore, it was a lot easier for me to study. Now, I heard that primary students would have to study mathematics and science in both languages even though it was changed to English Language teaching. In this case, they would have to sit 4 papers for science and mathematics. This situation is mainly due to the improper planning by certain parties. Well, when you change everything to English, just use English. Using dual-language examination paper most probably would not help the implementation!

Now, when most students were familiarized with English as the teaching language, they want to use back Malay Language. I think that students' abilities to adapt are stronger than we thought. However, the ever-changing of languages in teaching would affect their results adversely. Students need time to learn new knowledge. Reverting back to the previous language would imply that students need more time to learn the same knowledge, but in different language. Isn't this a bit irrational?

Even though I am educated in Malay Language for Science and Mathematics, I would support the use of English Language as the teaching medium. Reasons? Firstly, anyone who goes to/ went to colleges and universities would know that English is the main teaching medium (No more Malay Language in Science and Mathematics). Therefore, instead of using Malay Language as teaching medium, English language would be a wiser choice to prepare students for their undergraduates time!

We also have to understand that learning science and mathematics in Malay Language is not a definite sign of patriotism. To love our country, we have to learn the history by heart and to appreciate Malay Language sincerely. Even though I have not been writing in Malay Language for ages, I still remember it deeply (thanks to Puan Ooi^^).

Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertahkta.
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertahkta.

P.S: Dr. Mahathir has set up a poll here! English Language or Malay Language? You Decide!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just like A Trip To New Zealand!^^

Well, the title is really exaggerating! This so-called trip happened about a month ago even before my Cambodia Trip.

About a month ago, I just finished the ever-scary final examination. With all the time in hand, I was as free as birds. Then, every gathering came at once. One of the gatherings was at the usual Midvalley (Yes, I am almost pro in Midvalley coz almost can memorize the map there^^). Anyway, after 2 movies (Terminator Salvation and Star Trek) in a row, me, hiewmun, kenneth, wei wen and clarence needed to rest. Then, we wondered around Midvalley and The Garden.

Without a proper planning of going to where, we ended up in New Zealand.......Natural Ice-Cream! Hahaha, it was just like a trip to New Zealand^^. The shop was actually in between the runway of Midvalley and Gardens.

food and wine
We were quite surprised that New Zealand Natural was in Midvalley. Haha, this was really meant to be! Yes, we stepped inside the shop....again, it was just like a trip to New Zealand!^^ Hahaha! With all the beautiful-to-sight flavours of ice-creams, we wanted to have it all! But, you, me and everybody knew that that was not going to happen! Haha!!!! To sum it up, WANR(We are not rich!). Please take a good look at the prices carefully!~~~

At the end, we chose the very chocolaty flavour and oreo flavour!
food and wine

To be honest, the ice-creams were fantastic! It was really a taste of New Zealand Naturally. But, too bad that we could only choose 2 flavours! Aiyo, we paid so much - But, still can't get more than 2 flavours ! This was the only setback><

The story did not just end here. With all the ice-creams in our bellies, we were a little bit high! ~~~ quite high ! Why? Haha, look at the pics below! You will know why! Anyway, which 1 is me?
fun and friends
Well, when it was my turn to mimic one of the artists, suddenly, the place was crowded =.= Haiz, it was quite embarrassing to do that (even wei wen dumped us there). But, then, this struck my head! I am still 20...How many 20 do I still have left? Will I be that daring to do that again after 10 years......This picture represent our youths^^

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Incomplete Journey To The Tonle Sap and The Last Day in Cambodia (Day 4 & 5)

After the tiring day 3 of hunting temples, we were so exhausted that we did not even have our dinner. The next day, I was really hungry!!! Before we reached the Old Market(Psar Chaa), I stopped by the Angkor Supermarket to get a bread to fill my stomach. (Btw, we rented a bicycle each with the rate of 1 dollar/day)

food and wine
After wandering around for some time, we decided to try some local delicacies! Now, we were the only foreigners who dared to try there...or, maybe, we were a bit late for breakfast. Anyway, it was okay, quite similar with Chinese food. Anyway, by adding a dough cake and a fried egg, it cost us around 1 dollar per plate. Well, quite economy if you ask me...Then, I bought some souvenir from there, unlike my partner, Mr Lee did not buy anything except for some T-shirts....Anyway, after that, we continued our wandering around the town area....

Then, we cycled to a more remote area. Now, here is the catch!? Haha, so, my friend wanted to cycle to Tonle Sap. Well, actually, I think that is a little bit insane! Well, this is the 1st time he wanted to make a decision. Therefore, I went along with his ideal. On our journey, I really had an eye-opening experience!
Actually, the kampung there was quite similar with the kampung in Malaysia in early days! By the way, did I mention the weather? It was like 40 + + degree c out there. But, we just kept on paddling~~~

We actually made our way to Phnom Krom - a city quite near to Tonle Sap if you take the tuk-tuk. Here is the regret - We did not climb to the top of the temple! Yes, since we were really exhausted, we decided not to climb up there! Omg, instead, we continued our journey to Tonle Sap. Until then, I was not sure how long I have been cycling! All the burns on my skin made me feel uncomfortable!

Finally, we reached the floating village and we did not take the boat! Well, this was mainly due to miscommunication between 2 persons in a foreign land. Anyway, floating village marked our journey to Tonle Sap. Yes, we did not make it to the Tonle Sap. Reasons? It was still quite far away and when we cycled back to Siem Reap, we would.......Well, let's just say that there were only 2 person cycle their way to Tonle Sap...Anyway, after that, we decided to go back + I sprained my other leg! What the hell!!! What luck again!!!!

After reaching our guesthouse, we "died" on our beds until night again, it was time to do some food hunting! Well, since it was the last day, I decided to have a feast with my friend. Apparently, my rich friend was very pleased with my decision. However, this did not mean that I would waste money. Well, I hope to share the food together because we wanted to try the locals and also some food from fancy restaurant...Well, he did not want to do that - he wanted to order everything! My advice - if you don't have the stomach , don't order too much!
food and wine

food and wine
Haha, the auntie was happy to pose for me^^ and the food was quite okay - A chicken-soup mee, a mix-fruits juice, a pork rice, and a dragon fruit juice...[the menu] around 4 dollars for all...

Then, we proceeded to the restaurant that is always full! - Red Piano!
food and wine
Again, my greedy friend wanted to order 2 dishes...When they showed up, it was 2 big scoops of rice for each dish! Aiyo, we can share mah! What to do, my friend is tooooooo rich!!!! The dishes were okay but it was already cold when served to us!

After dinner, we walked by the Night Market there. Well, the road was crowded, not the market. It was kinda dull and quiet!!! =.= Then, we decided to go back and have a good rest since tomorrow we were leaving in the morning. Therefore, it was the last night here><
khmer souvenir

Here are the souvenirs:
  1. Lonely Planet-Southeast Asia [11 dollars] My sis still complained it was expensive...well, I would not buy if you had not ask to buy it! Cis, I don't really read book!Plus, it was so thick!
  2. T-shirts [10 dollars for 3] [actual: 5 dollars for 4] - kena tipu in Banteay Srei!
  3. 12 key chains [5 dollars for 12] quite okay, the best bargain!
  4. postcards [1 dollar] However not tat nice><
  5. Last but not least, the burnt mark from Cambodia [priceless]

Haha, currently, my hands are still in this condition~~~Well, this is definitely one of the most unforgettable trip ever, the 1st trip to foreign countries with a friend!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Last Day For The Temples>< (Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 3)

Yes, time really flew as it was day 3! The last day for our pass (3 day pass). Therefore, I was determined to walk like crazy with my sprained leg. However, I was not sure whether the other Mr. Lee was up for the challenge.Anyway, Day 2 was really a bummer! No sunrise in Angkor Wat and No sunset in Bakheng - Well, at least, I still had a sunset in Angkor Wat. Haha! Therefore, it was 5.00 am again for us! Haiz, it was sunrise time!

To my surprise, the sunrise was not at the center of Angkor Wat. Well, it was kind of side way sunrise?! Anyway, I came and saw the sunrise, did I! Haha, it was quite nice~~~

Then, before we left, I took some cuties' photo. They were so hot, either beautiful or handsome! Haha!^^

Since it was our last day of visiting the temple, we wasted no time! No time!!! The next stop was Prasat Kravan! Well, initially, Kokleong and the Driver did not encourage me to visit this small temple! I was like what the hell, I paid already! So, don't try to stop me! + We ngam ngam passed by..It was small compared to the other temples. However, it was rather unique because instead of building from stone, it was constructed with bricks!

Then, we proceeded to Banteay Kdei! Well, it was a little bit of letdown because it was really like a miniature Preah Khan. Well, the carvings* there were well-preserved. Of course, if you read a map, opposite Banteay Kdei was actually a beautiful lake! Yes, it was quite nice because it was like a mini-stone harbour! The lake was named Sras Srang(Huiyo, not easy to pronounce!)

Yes, I finally exposed myself in my blog! Well, half of myself~~~ ^^

Then, we went to THE famous temple which was almost comparable to Angkor Wat thanks to Angelina Jolie! Yes, the temple Ta Phrohm was a filming destination for Angelina Jolie's movie - Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider!

Well, if you all remember, there was a scene where Angelina Jolie was in Cambodia in a temple which was overgrown by tree roots! Yup, you are looking at it right now!!!!

At that time, the other Mr. Lee demanded a break! Oh well, the boss is the boss. Then, we went back to guesthouse and asked Mr. Baron to fetch around 1pm. Yes, he was shocked because usually that time, the tourists rarely come out. Hehe, we were the unpredictable! After resting, we continued our journey to East Mebon which was quite similar to Pre Rup on Day 1.

After that, we visited Ta Som which was normal like any temple there....or should I say another miniature Preah Khan!

Well, here arrived a shocker - Neak Pean!!!!!!!!!!Yes, a super cool temple! A must-visit temple even though your tour guide does not suggest to visit! Well, what is so special? Pictures do not lie^^ By the way, it was raining again!

Since we were short of time, we continued our temple hunt to Chau Say Tevoda and Thommanom! Both of them were actually small temples. Yet, I enjoyed exploring small temples because I can observe all the small details^^

Well, the next temple we visited was huge! - - - - -TA KEO~~~~
It was quite a daunting experience! Why? Why the temple is so scary? Haha, yup, it was frighteningly tall! Yes, the stairs were uneven! I was injured that time! Well, I still climbed it slowly ^^

In order to make our way to the final temple of the day, we rushed in our tuk-tuk to Phnom Bakheng. Well, that time, I was a little furious because of somebody who did not like to argue just got on my nerve because he was too blurred! Anyway, I still think that if you or me have any problems, just say it out loud! We can figure it out~~~~

Bakheng for sunset was actually a letdown. Well, the sunset was blocked by a huge, tall, bushy jungle. Yup~~~Anyway, I still love this temple on the mountain which required us to climb to it^^

Our temple hunt ended

By the way, we were too tired to take dinner~~~~~~~~

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Angkor Wat - The Temple of All Temples. (Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 2)

After an exhausted day, we were dropped dead asleep. But, eventually, we had to wake up at 5.00 am. Hahaha, this was how our day 2 in Siem Reap started. We freshened up and our driver, Mr Baron already waiting for us outside. Then, we began our journey to Angkor Wat to see the sunrise (Yalor, sound so romantic).

When we reached there, it was actually pitch black. Yet, people from all walks of life were already there to witness the breathtaking moment. We waited patiently for the sunrise. However, after 2 hours of waiting, we gave up because that day was too cloudy! ArghhhH!!!!!!!!!What luck!!!! Well, fate is fate! Then, we proceeded to the core of the temple!

When I stepped foot inside the temple, it was such an astonishment for because the temple was not only huge, it was quite well-preserved. Of course, we did not miss the chance to take photo crazily.

Well, as I had stated earlier, the temple was huge. Amazing sculptures were everywhere. To me, one of the most amazing feature in the temple was the carving on the walls - The Churning of The Sea of Milk! It was really an epic being carved on the wall!

As crazy explorer, we really walked everywhere, including behind the temple! Yup, there was a hidden temple behind Angkor Wat; not a big 1! But, it was quite unique^^. Then after hours of hours walking, we decided to continue our journey!

Next Stop : Temples in Angkor Thom
Angkor Thom was actually the largest ancient city while Angkor Wat was the largest temple. Anyway, the entrance of Angkor Thom was so breathtaking!

One of my favourite temples was The Bayon! Yup, you can see faces of zen Buddhas there. What was so amazing that it was being assembled using stone to form a face! Totally cool! Another hour or so there, we were totally worn out! But, again, we were persistent! I can still walk! Then, we walked around Angkor Thom like MAD DOGS!

Temples Travelled
  1. Baphuon (Need 25 years for restoration! Omg! How many 25 years do I have?)
  2. Terrace of Elephant and Leper King (Really a terrace)
  3. Phimeanakas (Need to climb super high stairs)
  4. Prasat Suor Prat (I like this 12 temples; yet, not many people love them)




After that, my fellow companion - Mr. Lee was too tired to continue. Therefore, we decided to go back to our guesthouse to rest. Around 3pm, we continue our adventure to Preah Khan! That time, it was raining!@@ But, again, it did not stopped us!
This temple was huge like a maze! If you really do not remember your route, omg, good luck then! Another crazy photo of me! Can you spot the pink shirt guy dancing in the rain?! hahaha!

Without realising we were spending too much time in this maze, it was already 5.30pm. We still had another destination- Bakheng! But, too late, when we reached there, the temple was closed already!...Haiz~~~However, we did not just went back to our guesthouse. Our drive actually drove us back to Angkor Wat to see the sunset! It was indeed a wise move^^~~~

That night, our dinner was~~~~~~~~~~
kfc in siem reap
We really can't live without KFC. Somehow, KFC is almost the same in Malaysia^^