Monday, October 19, 2009

Bad Lucks Just Knocked On My Door.

Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, when there are too many good lucks, there would be a "force" coming in to balance back the order of life! I really believe it! Well, me as the experimental subject, I experienced one hell of a day(><)

  1. In the morning, I was late for class!
  2. In the afternoon, I lost my pendrive without realising it until a few hours later.
  3. In the evening, I was trapped at the KTM station due to the sudden heavy rain!

Now, I really believe that sometimes, bad lucks would just knock on my door unexpectedly(><) But, I am sure that this will end soon because there is a balance! (Just call me superstitious!)

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Journey of A Silent Beetle To The Zen Realm of Eternity


Life is busy! Seeking zen in busy life is definitely not easy! Anyway, the long title is just for fun! (^^) . Yes, my posts is getting less and less and shorter by the day! Just had my lab session today, therefore, there will be 2 deadlines for me ~~~~

Forget about my busy life! Well, with all the hectic lifestyle, I felt somewhat empty! Just like the silent beetle, I am forwarding myself to the front without deciding the true path that I want! Most of the time, we would do something with a purpose and try to achieve our goal. Oh, what if we take 1 day off and do nothing or do something out of order! Let's loosen up a little~~~^^

For me, I would like to take a day off and travel aimlessly in my area~~Of course, snapping pictures would be great because I could record down what I saw. Oh my, it would be a beautiful journey like the journey of a silent beetle to the zen realm. Yet, busy life is definitely a road block(><)....haha, sorry for the semi-emo post^^

Anyway, back to this picture of insectology, this was taken on a bamboo carpet!!!! I am really addicted to take photos of bugs!!! I am getting weirder. Why?! Because insects really make good model in term of posing! But, most of the times, it is difficult to capture it because of its sensitivity. I really like this pictures because its eyes !!!! SO nice(^^)~~~~

P.S: Wish me luck in my assignments!!! Really gotta go . sorry for the short post><~~~I am super tired now ~~~~ nitezzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~

Friday, October 9, 2009

Holy Light From Tibet Shining On Hillcity

Oh my! It had a week since I had done any blog-update(><). Yup, the start of a new semester really makes my life busy busy busy! Today, I just had an in-class assignment! I really want to thanks Yee San for becoming my partner in this assignment! She is really very very very pro in this! or else, I sure die again and again...haha!!!! Anyway, I am so crazily busy! Currently, I have lots of problem sheets that I should have done them like last week!!! I must stop procrastinating!!!!

Anyway, on 31 August 2009 [in this particular week], a holy light traveled far far away from Tibet and landed its magnificent aura on Hillcity - Ipoh! Haha, actually, it was an exhibition on The Buddha Relics. Yes, in Ipoh(^^)~~~ Of course, I did not want to miss the chance to see the buddha relics. So, along with my family, we headed to the Perak Girls School to the exhibition - Holy Light from Tibet a.k.a 雪域之光
holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;

holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
When we first entered the hall, its walls were surrounded by beautiful tapestry. We were also informed that cameras were allowed! I was super duper happy because I brought along my LUMIX-FS6. Looking at the artistic and breathtaking tapestry, I was stunned for a while!

holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
Then, walking along the exhibition, I saw all sorts of fascinating Buddha relics. I heard some stories about the Buddha Relics a.k.a 舍利子 were formed from different body parts when cremated. Well, this is really a mystery! As an engineer, I believe science can explain this?!!! haha, yet, I hope that this hope would not be solved because some people still need hope to live on(^^)~~~[i think too much]. The Buddha relics there were really colourful!!! I really like them~~~~.....

holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
Apart from that, I was also amazed by the details on the relics tools!!! The carvings were really unique!!!(^^)~~~Apart from that, there were also some antique furniture being displayed there. The artworks on the antiques were all timeless! Every stroke and every layer of colours had enriched my imagination from within!
holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;

Of course, after that, we went back home to rest and I am super tired now! Really need to rest!!! But before that, here is the picture of the day!
holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
!!! My favourite shot (^^)

Yup, starting to get busy! So, might not be able to update as often as usual(><) But, keep supporting my blog and ads(^^)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Jackie Chan Fights Virus Along With Kaspersky!!!

Gosh, I just started my classes for a week. However, I felt like I am in the end of semester! Yes, workloads of chemical engineering are not easy to handle! Key point - Time Management!!! But, I am still a pro-procrastinator!!!! I am trying my best to have a good start! Indeed, this week is definitely very tiring! Plus, this year, KTM really wastes more of my time. Going to my uni, it is punctual. However, going back to home is really a painful experience! For the past 5 days, no matter what time I went back home, there would always be a delay! For e.g:

Mon: 3.00pm - delay
Tue:.1.30pm - delay
Wed:5.30pm - delay
Thu: 4.30pm - delay
Fri(Just now): 1.30 pm - another delay!
From the survey above, KTM would delay at least 1 train in an hour from 1.30pm to 6.30pm! Oh well, what to do! They monopolized the main locations, yet, they did nothing to improve their standards and services. Hopefully, the current PM would take a ride in KTM!!!!

Okay, if you notice, today, my post topic is Jackie Chan fighting virus! A couple of months ago, my sis bought a 3PC users anti-virus: Kaspersky during the PC Fair. Well, the price is still okay! Around RM33 per user!~~~
Yes, Jackie Chan is fighting virus along with Kaspersky...even though it is quite weird...ahaha. Currently, using Kaspersky, well, let me analysis the pros and cons for this software~~~

  • Price is affordable
  • The interface is simple to use.
  • slow down the computer during scanning.
{The Above Issue should be taken into considerable when purchasing anti-virus softwares}

Anyway, we even got ourselves a set of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 1st day cover!!! Again, this is also quite weird. Well, I have to say, they are really innovative!!! Jackie Chan and stamp are not directly related to anti-virus. Yet, they do make a huge impression!!!!

Hahaha, now super tired!!! Really need to sleep~~~~@@ Oooo, time management is just so hard! It is time to cut down some facebook mini games!!!!!