Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black and White Water!

Oh gosh! Sorry guys, I just started my Year 3, 1st Semester this Monday! It was as crazy as ever with the packed timetable and my own stupidity commitment to join a poster designing contest! Just finished the poster today and with the help of my unimates, we were able to pass up our artworks (Yeah, what a relief!). 

But, more to come, because I joined another contest (><)~ Taking too much commitment really makes me super duper busy(><)~~~Anyway, as chaotic as it seems, I still keep holding on! So, I won't be able to visit your blogs as often as I did during my holidays! I really need to focus more this year because my results dropped like crazy!

I think I should blame it on the water quality in KL. Well, do I need to say more? From the picture above, you all definitely have a clear view on the conditions of the water here. Oh yes, it took a couple of days to dirty my filter core. And replacing it, it took about 20 mins to dirty it again(><)~~~

No time to rant! I still have another task to attend to! Haiz, guys just wish me luck and keep supporting my blog!~(^^)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weirdest, Trendiest Mamak in Serdang - District 8 (@@)

Oh my, I have been away for quite some time again! These few weeks were actually the busiest weeks ever! Well, thanks to my stupidity commitment to join a contest in designing an advertising campaign in promoting sustainability! Anyway, it was truly a frantic moment for me and my group members because we were having communication crisis! But, now, everything seems to be falling in the right place! 

Off with my boring daily life! Today, I am going to share with you all a Mamak stall that I came across! Oh yes, this particular Mamak is really edgy, trendy and up-to-date! Firstly, the name of the shop is District 8 (quite obvious is related to District 9) and they really do sell all sort of weirdest roti canai!


Let's have a look at the stall. It is like any Mamak stall which is just opposite 33 Restaurant.You think it is nothing special! Wait until you see the menu!

district 8

This is one of the coolest menu I have ever seen! Just click to have a larger view, you will understand what I mean! The names of the roti canai are super creative! For example, they have Roti 2010 (@@), Roti Tiga Rasa, Roti Titanic, Roti 1Malaysia~~~~ Oh yes, they are truly trendy~~

district 8

At the end, Roti 3 Rasa, Roti Sardin, and Roti Diana were ordered! To be honest, it was quite okay! The taste was a bit new to me! But, I can accept them! Haha, it was actually fun to try out roti canai with such unique names!

Taste: 7.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Appearance: 5.5/10


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clouds Lost Their Imaginations!

 It had been so long since I lazed around and gazed into the sky above! Once upon a time, I was just another child who had amazing imagination. Whenever I looked into the clouds moving slowly in the sky, I could see so many interesting things. To be honest, I usually would see faces in the sky! Yes, I know it sounded a bit freaky, but, I actually could see people from England or from Europe with their curly wigs! Yes, I feel that I might be an Englishman in my previous life...hahahaha~~It seems my imagination is still running well in another way!

But, today, when I looked into the clouds, I couldn't see anything but clouds! I wonder when did I lose my imagination! Or, the clouds lost their imaginations? Maybe this is the price for growing up! We give in our imagination as time goes by! Ultimately, we start to forget Once Upon a Time, clouds can actually imagine us just as we imagine about them!

These few days, I am feeling a bit sad and down because of watching a movie! It was so well-filmed that each moment I saw back that particular scene, it actually hurts like hell! It had been another long period since I was touched like this again! 

Let's say that this post is a reminder for everyone not to forget some moments in life even though growing up erases some memories!

So, have you look into the clouds today? What do you see?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flowery Farewell for Her @Floria Putrajaya

These 2 days, I had been busy farewell-ing a friend of mine! It seems that I am busier during holiday! I have a lot of unfinished chores, works, and even some extra projects to do. Haiz, all of these are most probably my own fault to make myself busy! Anyway, today, this post is specially dedicated for a girl! Yes, not just any girl in town! She is my big sister lah!!!!Hahaha, apparently, she is going to Australia to live with my bro-in-law. So, it is almost 2 months already since she left. Nothing will ever be the same! But, we can't always expect life to be the same, right?

I know that Floria Putrajaya, this event ended a long time already. But, the scent, the colour are still vividly printed in my senses! Yes, this post is for you, my sis! If you read this, aren't you glad that we went for Floria instead of sleeping at home..Hahaha! 

Warning: This post will be filled with photographs! So, please be patient while waiting for the photos to be loaded!~~~Btw, I used one of the photos for Merdeka Celebration Post(^^)@ here~

floria 2010

It was quite far away! Yes, it was within within Putrajaya! But, luckily we managed to find it! After parking the car, we marched into the exhibitions. The admission was free! and, one thing I must complain!!!! It was baking-hot outside; therefore, they should at least prepare for more roofings!

floria 2010

Now, here was the outside area! I bet it would be more beautiful if we come at night. However, due to time constraint, we could only see so much! Those white lanterns should be stunning at night!!~~

floria 2010

Of course, because of the high temperature outside, we quickly went inside the tentsthere! Inside the tent, it was a whole new exhibition of flower arts. I was snapping non-stop on the unique flower arrangement. Haiz, at this moment, I again hope for my DSLR to come into my arms. But, no, I don't have a DSLR, just have to live with my amazing Lumix FS6! Yeah!!!!~~~

floria 2010

This was one of the most amazing items in the tent! Everything was made out of plants, flowers~~~It was very chic!!!~~ It was definitely not easy to make this at all!!!~~

After the flowery visits, we went back home and rested for a while before driving to LCCT! It was quite a ride! Located so far away~~~(><) and We also had our dinner over there @ Old Town! It was by far the worst Old Town in Malaysia!!!! Service bad! Food bad!! Everything bad!!!

floria 2010

There she was! Standing there, worrying that her luggage would exceed the limits! Dear sister, hope that you will have a great start and a great life in Australia! Like the Chinese proverb - The beginning is the hardest (万事起头难)As long as you have the determination, no matter how much time you use, you will definitely find your path there! Enjoy your new life there!

 All the best to you! May you find a fruitful path in Australia!!!!(^^) 


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ikea Foodie Crossing Our Minds 宜家@Mutiara Damansara

My family and I have been an Ikea fan for a long time before Ikea moved from Damansara to Mutiara Damansara! Before moving to Kuala Lumpur for my studies, we made a few trips to Kuala Lumpur occasionally as a getaway and Ikea would always be on our list. Now, staying in Kuala Lumpur, whenever my parents visit me, we still would go to Ikea.Yes, there is something magical about this place!

Of course, our main purpose to Ikea usually would be shopping! Seeing beautiful interior decoration really makes our day brighter apart from inspiring us to D.I.Y our homes as well. Some things are cheap; some are affordable; and some are super expensive. Therefore, Ikea is really a place that caters the needs of all walks of life! But, today, we are not going to look into decoration because Ikea foodie also offers amazing dishes that must not be missed! Of all the times we visited Ikea, it finally came across my mind that I have yet to blog about it! So, let's have a look at the restaurant!

 As you can see, Ikea is really a shopping heaven. At the same time, it is also a food heaven for some of us. Pardon me, these photos were taken during Chinese New Year (Yes, I totally forgot about Ikea foodie even their food is delicious!) Maybe it is already a fact that is known by everybody perhaps?! That's why I always forget to introduce it because it is already so famous! Hahaha~~~

Here are those normal dishes we love to order! The salmons were quite fresh and the sauce made it taste better too! Oh ya! Those huge sausages really could fill up our tummies! Of course, we must never forget the dessert - Cheese cake! It was well-baked! Even though the prices were above average, I must say that it is still worth it! If you are not a big eater, both of you even can share a set!

 What I also like about Ikea Foodie is that they sometimes have offers! For example, during CNY, a promotion dish was introduced - Whole Roasted Chicken with Fries & Mineral Water. Overall, it is worth to try Ikea Foodie. 

Ikea foodie is also halal, I guess because seeing so many Malays friends are having lunch there~I also think that they are having a Buka Puasa Buffet @ Ikea Mutiara Damansara. So, for more info, check Ikea official website.

Taste: 8.5/10 (Swedish Cuisine with Malaysian touch!)
Price: 5.5/10 (Mutiara Damansara is a classy place!)
Appearance: 7.5/10 (Sometimes doesn't match the advertisement, hahaha)