Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Malaysia, Happy 53th Merdeka Day!

floria 2010

31 August 1957 was the day of freedom and independent! It was Merdeka day! From my Sejarah knowledge which I still remember, it was everybody's fight to gain independence. During the fight, all races united for freedom! Today, Malaysia is famous for multiracial citizens who live in harmony. Prior to Merdeka Day, there were a lot of sad news! I just hope that we should be in peace dealing with more important matter instead of arguing those nonsenses in the news! Plan for the future! Make Malaysia a safer place! Stop the argument and be a better country!

Happy Merdeka Day, Everybody!

p.s: Yes, I am also free from my internship! Time to laze around(^^)


Friday, August 27, 2010

Inception More Salt & Salt More Inception

Before I start, I wan to scream it out!!!!! - 2moro, Monday! Then, it is official the end of my internship!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! These few days I was doing a lot of report-ing! My hands are super sore because of typing non-stop! But, all my sufferings finally almost come to an end! Moving on~~

Inception More Salt & Salt More Inception
Yes, I know it is a bit outdated for both of those movies. Yet, they are still the highlight of the summer movies blockbuster. So, I had run out of free tickets. Now, have to pay for them(><)..hahahaha, anyway, let's review these movies together! I have heard so much good reviews about them. Therefore, I expected them to be superb. Yet, in actual, both movies were good, but they lack of something!
 Inception, a movie of entering a person's mind to intercept with one's thinking or to steal important info! The story itself is already very interesting; yet, there is something missing; it needs more salt! What do I mean? It needs more actions like Salt - Yes, the actors have to salty-sweat some nice actions~!

  • It was too lengthy and too much of emotional scenes that clutter the storyline.
  • Leonardo wasn't that great! He was a bit fake when he tried to convince his preys.
  • Ellen Page was okay only as she didn't have much to show in the movie.
  • ***Joseph, on the other hand, was quite outstanding!***
  • ***Marion Cotillard (Mal) was also very great! Her acting skills were really emotional-attached! ***
  • ***The setting of the places were also quite creative!*** 
***- represents the good!

 Salt, an intelligence movie which uses quite an old idea of 007. But, it brings a new breath of air that women can also have the license to kill! This movie is action-packed from beginning to the end! Guns, explosions, blood, and sweats are all the main elements there. However, on the contrary to Inception, it focused too much on action until it lacks of an emotional side of the movie! Yes, in short, it is too salty (too much sweats and actions)

  • Jolie did a good job even though at sometimes, she was a bit fake too~ Her best performance was Tomb Raider 1 and Wanted (Where she got the aura !)
  • Main antagonist also did a good job, but it was a bit obvious! 
  • ***Breathtaking actions that really blow the audiences away!***
  • ***Certain shocking moments - eg, like when her husband was shot dead in front of her***(Best Scene ever)
  • However, the storyline was rather weak and illogic!
  • The husband and wife's love story was too little!~~ More emotions plz!!!!
Personally, I think a good movie should be action-packed, at the same time, it also does not neglect emotions! Both of these elements must be balance! Above are my personally view! How about yours?


Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Frying Hot and Spicy LekLek 亚烈家乡 @Serdang

With so much crazy stuffs happening in my life right now, I need to stay away for a while to have a zen moment. And, Finally, next week would be my last week in my company! Omg, I thought I would not be able to stay that long, it is some sort of a miracle! Hahaha, now, it is time for me to focus on my final presentation for my company. So, wish me luck!

Moving on, it is another foodie bloggie for you all! Don't you all feel that food post is the best filler post ever?! Hahaha, it relaxes your busy and hectic life! Then, it will make you focus on something that is quite attractive - Delicious food! This time, my family and I visited a restaurant in Serdang, it is called the Lek Lek Restaurant or 亚烈家乡.


After so many sad posts, it is time for My Little World to make a sexy comeback ! Yes, it is a frying hot and spicy 1. Lek Lek Restaurant main dishes are fried dishes or spicy 1! (expect for the steamed egg). One of my fav dishes would be the "Zhao Pai Taufu". Not only they were crunchy and tasty, it was quite fresh. However, the egg plants and long beans were too spicy for me(><). The steamed egg was quite nice also. That day, the Restaurant even compliments us with a bowl of free soup! To be honest, the soup was quite nice also to reduce the heat!!!!!

As you can see, Lek Lek is quite famous as it was featured in the newspaper. Yet, before you try yourself, try not to trust newspaper or tv too much. The MUST ORDER dish by the restaurant was THE FAKE FISH! It seemed like a real fish! But, it was totally made out of other mixture of fishes and others. It was quite an interesting dish to eat!(^^)

Overall rating:
Food: 7.5/10 (Too spicy for me)
Price:7.5/10 (Not too pricey, summore, got free soup)

No 12 Jalan PSK 4,
Pusat Perdagangan SK
43300 Seri Kembangan.
Tel : 89413404 / 012 3173098


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big News! (China, Babies-Dumping, Porntip Coolest Quote, 988 Jamal)

China News: Haiz, seeing the world is falling apart, it is so horrible! China suffers the most, I guess. Even though currently replaces Japan as the strong economy country No.2 in the world,  China is plagued with the most atrocious natural disasters and the most saddening human error-results accidents(factory and mining incident). Let's pray for the best for them!Hopefully, China Authorities will also start on a strict regulation on the production factories on safety and environment issues.

Malaysia + US News: Okay, today, I am going to focus own my own countries instead of my own bad luckness! What are the big news in Malaysia that really attract you attention?I focus more on social matters more than politic issues. Yet, in actual, politic, economy, and social issues are all strongly related! For politics, I have no comment because as a University student, it is illegal to involve in politics even though I AM OLD ENOUGH (21) to vote. As for economy issues, I opt for green industry to blossom. But, who will listen to an undergraduate who knows nothing~~ Social, omg, this issue will always be the hardest to solve.

Aren't babies the gift from God? Yet, people would never appreciate them and they return the favour by dumping them into the dustbins like rubbish. So sad to see that Malaysia is having this kind of problem! According to thestar online (2010), "total of 472 babies discarded since 2005 with more than half of them (258) were found dead". This statistics is so horrifying! So, what went wrong in Malaysia? is it because of our weak legitimate authority? weak education system? I think that both play important roles! Currently, government is pushing capital punishment for baby dumping! Hmmm, do you agree with that?In fact, i am torn between yes or no. If yes, because of their cruelty towards their own flesh and blood. If no, because of feeling sorry for their ignorance youth that brings horrible consequences to them. They deserve another chance~

I think young girls and guys must think before they act![三思而后行] Or,youngsters don't read news anymore to know the severity of dumping a baby. Curiosity kills the cat! At the same time, education in Malaysia has to be re-evaluated for approaching this problems as youngsters are becoming more mature as young as 11!~@@ (I was still watching cartoon back then). So, instead of having sex education(Msian not open-minded mah) , Education Ministry should have social education and show them what are the consequences of their actions!
In US drama, it is usually the Social Department who would handle this kind of cases. Malaysia should have 1 tooo~~~~If anyone so happen to accidentally carry a child that you don't want, pass it to the Social Department and they will try to find a good foster family for them. Isn't like this better than dumping babies like rubbish!~ Just read a news that: 29-year-old mother killed 2 of her sons aged 1 and 2 because she thought that she was a bad mother! What a selfish act! If you are a bad mother, give them away! Don't kill them as this would make you the worst mother in the world!

Malaysia News: Another breaking news in Malaysia - Porntip (Thai) Versus Datuk Abdul Razak Musa (As quoted from thestar online, 2010)
Abdul Razak claimed: " the MACC expert witness Prof Dr Peter Vanezis was far more qualified than Dr Pornthip as he had graduated from Bristol University." and "Mahidol University, from where she graduated, was not recognised in Malaysia"

Porntip answered: "But, it's the top five in Asia."

Omg@@ This is by far the best quote I read from thestar online...Hahahahahaha~~~~~yes, have to do research before questioning other people's qualification~~From topuniversities.com (2010), in the Asian University Rankings, Mahidol University's ranking is placed 28 whereas University Malaya is places 42. Anyway, Ranking is not the main point in this case; but, the truth and the experience that really count!

Malaysia News: This morning, when I was hearing the 988 morning show, I was shocked to hear the female host crying! I thought something was amiss until just now, the news said that Jamal 988 was banned because of his show causing inharmonious in Malaysia.

What a shock! Firstly, I am not a fan of Jamal. His accent in Chinese was truly from China. Secondly, I don't think that he really causes chaos in our country. Yet, he was just like the reporter reporting the news; at the same time, giving his own opinions. If he was using racist slur, then, yes, he should be banned like the female principle and her little racist speech~ But, from the beginning to the end, he merely stated his own opinions. At the same time, this show was also giving chances for politicians to clarify the misunderstandings and their actions. One of the best example would be the KOMTAR case. 

I still remember a bit of my Moral Studies from Form 5: Kebebasan Bersuara Di Sisi Undang-undang? Was it something like this? Yes, freedom of speech is very important. Hopefully, the authorities will look super into it before judge a person for causing disturbance in the country.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Conspiracy of Friday 13th - My 1st Major Car Accident!

It seems that all happenings this year really not that lucky for me! Yes, it is absolutely not my year this Tiger Year! Well, there are so many proofs to show that this year is definitely not my year! Here is the countdown of xjion89's string of unfortunate events in 2010!

Case 1: The Lost of Panda Lee on 10 February.(Here)
After serving our family for so many years, he finally lost his battle not to the cycle of life, but to the fate of life! He defended my family from vicious cobra snake!

 Case 2: The Poisonous Insect Bite on 10 June.(Here)
Never thought that a little bite would eat up my neck! Now, this is still a light scar tissue!

Case 3: The Disappearance of Luxcy Lee on 7 August (Here)
Yes, my lovely Luxcy decided to leave home last week. Until now, I still haven't found her! Hopefully, she is safe and sound! Of course, I will miss her; but, I bless her to be happy forever and ever! Take care, Luxcy!

Case 4: The 1st Accident of My Life on Friday 13th August
Just now, I accidentally bumped my car to the car in front when the driver suddenly stopped at the traffic light junction! No injuries, but just a wrecked car! Yes, the is the true conspiracy of Friday 13th because it accumulates all the bad lucks together! But, to my own surprise, I was actually quite calm! I thought that I would be in my tears, in my fears! Somehow, I put it together and asked the driver to talk at nearby so that we would not interrupt the traffics! I had grown up?! However, at the end, my dad came and negotiated with the driver! Now, have to wait until tomorrow to value the damages(><)! This is really an unforgettable lesson for me! Drive safe! I never like driving ~~ Because it is polluting and at the same time, more dangerous than trains. Yet, what to do! Public transportation in Malaysia is still that weak! Plus, I must learn about the insurance thingy on car! Currently, my knowledge on this is zero! If you guys have time, give me some tips! Yes, I know that you all have been waiting to see how horrible my car is!

This is really my 1st major car accident! There are only 1 minor car accident also happened last month. But, this 1 is really the story of my life! Actually, before this, I didn't know that Today is Friday The 13th! My mom told me just now! Oh well, life still goes on!~~~Can't just stop living for a wrecked car! Still, we must beware of this day!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lost Dog - Luxcy! Updated!

Last Seen: Taman Mansion, Ipoh
Breed: Pincher
Color: Black
Description: Was wearing a White Dog Cone 
Witness: A Chinese Couple in their 50ties TOOK HER AWAY with their motorcycle![updated]

If anyone sees her, please contact me! and plz, help me to spread the news!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bon Odori Ipoh 2010 盆踊り~

はい。前週の土曜日は 盆踊りでした。友達と Meru Valleyへ 行きました!
Yes, last week Saturday was Bon-Odori! Together with my friend, we went to Meru Valley. After absent for 6 years, Bon Odori Ipoh 2010 finally came back! However, the venue was too secluded! It took me about 1 hour to reach there!

Anyway, with 3 of my friends, we had high expectations for the festival. Yet, to our dismay, what we saw was over-commercialised event! Reasons:
  1. There were no decoration at all. No even a lantern! Couldn't even spot a Japanese hiragana! There were 3 huge white tents with a lot of people inside. No Balloons too~~~
  2. There were not enough Japanese. You tell me! Is Yong taufu? Cendol? Kuey Teow? Are those the famous Japanese cuisine?!!!!!
  3. The venue was too small. Initially, the printed posted stated that it was held at the tennis court! Yet, when we reached there, the tennis court was empty! We were forced to squeeze inside the crowd!
Further comments? I am too lazy to do that! I am also lazy to edit those photos~ Nothing nice to capture! Anyway, still show you all some photos!~~ Ooo, before that, I heard some rumours about the event. Insider story here: According to someone who wants to remain anonymous:

"The event was organised by Perak Japanese Friendship Society. However, it was Meru Valley Resort who organised all the settings and foods. IE, the stage was supposed to be higher and bigger. At the end, it was truly small. There was hardly any Japanese cuisine in sight, only local food provided by Meru Valley. "
This was what insider said! However, I think that both parties were responsible for the downfall of Bon Odori Ipoh. As the main organiser, Japanese Friendship Society had to be very strict and firm with the standard instead of pointing fingers to Meru Valley. 

Photos time:

Yup, sad, right!? A mega event with so less to capture!~~~