Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau (老黄芽菜鸡)@ Ipoh

This is obviously one of the top restaurants in Ipoh because most tourists or other travellers know about this beansprout chicken restaurant. The reasons of its fame? (1) The juicy and big tauge! (2) Smooth chicken. Of course, due to its popularity, it is always crowded. No joke (@@).....

The image above showed the work station of the restaurant.I don;t really eat quite often. Usually, I will only accompany my family and friends to come here ~ They serve their drinks in such that it is fast and effective. Of course, I am sure that you all are anxious to have a look at the dishes, right (^^)~~~

The beansprouts are large and juicy since Ipoh is quite famous with this vegetable.The reason for this restaurant to be famous is that the chicken is always very smooth. If it is like the other shops which serve you chicken that is rough and liat, I wouldn't recommended it~

Depending on your appetite, you can order kuetiau or even rice. As for me, I am always hungry as if having a bottomless stomach; therefore, I would order rice. Their kuetiau combo with the tauge and chicken is amazing! To add on, their fishballs also make a great dish. There are a mixture of fishballs and porkballs.


With good food like this, it is so hard for me not to gain weight (><) Anyway, bon appetite!!!! ~~~

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Past of Batman and The Incepted Dark Knight

With the buzz going with Dark Knight (Batman), of course, as a movie fan, I went to catch the Dark Knight Rises ASAP. Anyhow, the news of shooting during the premier in US were horrible; that's why there should be a ban on the open-selling of weaponry !!!!!! ~~~ Back to the movie, the trilogy of batman by Christopher Nolan was phenomenal. Casting Christian Bale as batman, this decision was brilliant. He was really consistent in his performance. While everybody loves Ledger's performance as Joker in the 2nd installment, I thought it was okay only as compared to the story development of Joker in the original movie of Batman. To me, the 3rd movie was the best amongst the 3 movies of Dark Knight. However, the 2nd installment by Tim Burton was amazing too with a darker and crazier storyline. Thus, I have made a summary for the past and present of Batman movie so far. (^^)

After the tabulation and downloading of old movies, I finally came up with this chart to summarise all the Batman movies. So far, Batman Returns (1992) still captures my heart all thanks to Penguin's gross yet authentic acting and Catwoman's amazing transformation and wildness. While the 1st movie 1989, Jack Nicholson's Joker still remained the best (in my humble opinion). 

The following batman movies of Batman forever, Batman and Robin had declined in its predecessor's achievement. They had become more cartoon-y; but, they weren't that bad at all. However, the Dark Knight trilogy stole the attention of all movies. Of course, the reasons were obvious. (1) More amazing graphic and stunts (2) Better story development (3) More mature and less crazy acting.....

Talking about Dark Knight Rises, this is my most fav in all 3 movies because it is quite a good ending. While the twisted plot may be the reason, the casts did quite a good job too. Therefore, I called this movie the INCEPTED DARK KNIGHT. Reason? A lot of the casts came from Inception ----- Marion Cotillard (Miranda); Joseph Gordon Levitt (Blake); Tom Hardy (Bane)......

Anyway, the cast was awesome. While Bane did most actions and talking, I still think that the fight between him and Batman was a bit "heavy". Another debate of the movie was that WHO IS THE BETTER CAT WOMAN? I think Anne Hathaway did a good job as catwoman. But, Michelle Pheiffer will always be a classic because the character and action were as of in the comics with whip and claws!!! While Anne's catwoman was more modern-like with her own personality.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Taste Different Restaurant 味不同@ Bercham Ipoh


My parents took me personally to enjoy this seafood restaurant known as KEDAI MAKANAN RASA LAIN (味不同) which was more than satisfactory!!!  (Note: This post is quite obsolete, so prices might vary tremendously?????)...hahahahha

Every time, we went there; the people was literally human mountain human sea.. (hahahaha, 人山人海)。Finally, going there around 5.30pm, we snatched a table easily. As a so-called healthy family, we ordered vegetable 1st. Then, came the so-called Stephen Chow's 爆漿瀨尿牛丸alike only,........ the 西刀鱼丸 (Saito Fish balls)  is a must-order !


Then, instead of order dishes and rice, we ordered fish porridge and crab mee which both of them were totally out of the ordinary! The fish porridge's taste was sweet and tasty while the crab mee was really smooth and silky (^^). You can see the crab from the pic below, it was fresh and juicy (^^)


The meal ended with a splash! Really (^^) Because, it is never complete without prawns (^^). We ordered the cheese prawns in claypot. It was like eating a pizza. (^^). hahhahaahhha~~~~

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Malaysia Current (Forever) Unresolved Issues ~ Crime, Education and Environment

(1) Crime Status in Malaysia
Even since I started my university life, I was so oblivious of Malaysia current issues. I didn't subscribe to any newspapers. After graduated, I can finally start to focus on current issues. Today, I read a special edition of Sin Chew Daily. Basically, above image tells you almost everything. The main context is that "Who let the criminals become so haughty (arrogant)?" (Don;t mind my translation).

While the police side keeps on assuring the citizens of Malaysia that Malaysia is the 16th safest place in the world, horrible murdering cases keep on popping up. The author of the article stated that it is not the media fault for emphasizing the crime in Malaysia; the real culprit is the criminals. What the author said is true!  Do you see any police cars ronda-ing at your neighbourhood? The policemen are getting salary from the taxpayers; at least, set up a patrol team in DARK ZONE!If you follow HK drama (don;t whether is true or not), they have police on the street to take care of the safety of the people there. Anyhow, the special edition focuses on 7 viewpoints as follow:

  1. Men: Used to be the protector of the family and women; but, now, they themselves are the targets of robbers, snatch thieves..... They are having problems to protect themselves..(><)
  2. Women: Often victims in many cases. Right now, even walking in shopping is dangerous to the ladies ~~ horrible
  3. Elderly : Last time, Kampung home was the heaven to them. It was peaceful and all. But, nowadays, the thieves break into the house 1st without considering whether the old people have money or not ~~~ not safe anymore. Impossible you can let the gate unlock before going to sleep like last time.
  4. Children: Easily targeted or kidnapped for ransom and others. The streets in Malaysia full of evil people waiting to strike when you turn your back just for a sec !
  5. Housewives : This is interesting because, housewives are often the victim of snatch thieves when they go out to do groceries shopping. An infamous case in Penang recently shocked the hell out of the people when 5 passers-by decided to ignore an injured victim of snatch thief ><
  6. Family: Whole family being tied up and robbed isn't anything new anymore. 4 years ago, I was still shocked to hear about this. But now, it has become so COMMON ! This means that the condition didn't improve at all. 
  7. Business: Even doing businesses in some places are not that easy anymore, Cheras is one of the places which most of the shoplots are installed with gates. 
Should police blame on the media on telling the citizens' truth happened in Malaysia ? No! If there isn't any cases for them to report, obviously, they will find other news!

(2) Education and University Admission 
I am just glad that I am always the last batch in every decision-changing of education system. I am proud to say that I learnt mathematics and science in Malay. Then, they changed to English education which was supposed to be better. Recently, they decided to change back to Malay again~ Flip Flop ! Eventually, the student produced will be inconsistent. 

University Admission and scholarship -  STPM and SPM full As can't get full scholarship. This is the old news for 10 years already! Please reveal the selection process to be fair to everyone! Why a matriculation student (sorry to some of my friends, i am not criticizing matriculation students) is given privilege 1st in course selection? Are they more superior for their course is only 1 year long? I am sure most of you know how tough STPM could be ~ Extra-curriculum might play a factor; but, a lot of academic-excellent students did their best to fulfill the requirement.

(3) Environmental Conservation
I have been very fond of pandas; I even had a panda toy which is bigger than the size of a baby. As I grew up, I gave away my toys. Again, I am not criticizing the panda, but, why we would spend so much money to import 2 pandas to Putrajaya (not the Zoo Negara) (report $1 million per year for the loan for 10 years). While some may argue, the approval of the panda loan signifies the strong relationship between Malaysia and China. However, it is best that the animal stays at their origin. Anyhow, I believed that panda is well-conserved in China. How about the animals in Malaysia? I simply google and get a list of endangered species in Malaysia:

  1. Orang Utan
  2. Tapir
  3. Rhinoceros
  4. Penyu
  5. Tiger
  6. black shrew
With the money spent to build a living ground in Putrajaya wetland, this not only doesn't consider the tourism potential, the money invested could be used to save our own endangered species. ~~~ I have to say that I really know nothing about politics; my heart is to conserve the environment in Malaysia.

Anyhow, in the older news, there were even illegal logging in Perak state which further destroyed the habitats of the wildlife. I also observed that there are some mountains in Ipoh becoming "botak". Hmmmm~~~~~

It is easy to comment! Perhaps, government is doing their best effort to curb this situation. However, even if you give 150%, THE OUTCOME IS BAD MEANS IS BAD. I think most of us just want to see IMPROVEMENT, that's all and no more~~~~

Bloggers Vanished


I am sure a lot of you might heard of the formation of star from supernova (That's so from my secondary school days). It always fascinates me; yet, our education system in Malaysia still isn't that strong in this particular field. How sad ! I dreamt of becoming an astronaut. Funny?! 

When a star formed, you will be able to see lights in the sky. To honest, the pic above is just merely an optical illusion of light. Anyhow, the star will shine. However, when a star starts to deteriorate, its light will be getting dimmer and dimmer. 

I have been blogging for 5 years ! Omg ! I feel so old. My initial motive was to be famous as Kennysia etc, make a lot of money, and perhaps can be an inspiration to others. Yet, when I decided to take a course that was proven to be time-consuming, I abandoned my blog by bits. Through hardship and happiness, My Little World is always there. So, I wouldn't have the hearts to just remove it just a click.....

Looking at my facebook group - I AM A BLOGGER (^^), I removed 5 bloggers today because their profile was deleted for whatever reasons. Then, my blogroll's blog numbers are decreasing. Yup, bloggers just vanished like that. Of course, I am not saying that you can't delete your blog or facebook; Maybe I am not your best of friends, you will be surprised how I know you that well because I am a good listener.

When you are depressed, don't just cut everything away. I remain anonymous because I will be a stranger to you; but a friend as well. . . Anyway, life goes on (^^) till the day we meet again !!!!~~

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The V One @ Puchong

Omg, this post is about an event 1 year ago! On the day of last year graduation ceremony, the Gang decided to celebrate Yellow's birthday (@@) So fast, just had my graduation, still feeling surreal. The restaurant is designed based on the concept of V1, which is similar to F1 race because everything inside the restaurant is about sexy carrrsssss (^^)!!!! They even put a Ferrari in the shop!!!!

Photobucket Photobucket
You see, even the seats are like just ripping from a real car !!!! Moreover, you can order using Ipad (^^) Memang canggih; however, that day, the boss just took our order using normal menu =.=.

 I really like the toilet design! Hehehe, won't tell you all much! But, you will definitely be surprised!!!! (^^)

With the decoration and all, you most probably will think that the food would be so-so !!!! However, I (perhaps you) are so wrong! The food was quite okay and the price was also quite reasonable !!!! As you can see from the top pics, mostly the dishes served were western gourment. Anyhow, this restaurant is really worth to try (^^) However, one thing I dislike was that the boss was practically chasing us out because we occupied the place for too long (><). Anyhow, their business was awesome !~

Lastly, Yellow, I wish you belated Happy Birthday ! Despite my person didn't come, my present did! 
Wish you all the best in your studies too (^^)!!!! 


Friday, July 20, 2012

The Spiderman of New Era

I still vividly remembered the original movie of spiderman 1 being released 2002. I just started my secondary school and now, I am a graduate from a university. It is like unbelievable how 10 years just gone by. That time, all of us in our class of 42 students were crazy over Spiderman because we had seen it in comics and cartoon; but, never in real human-acting. 

It was one of the movies that those days, I would spend my precious pocket money to watch in the cinema. Obviously, after viewing the movie, it inspired me deeply as a human being and as a dreamer. It somehow told me that nothing is impossible. Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker) acted as a timid student with very good results. One day, he was bitten; thus, he obtained superpower which not only enhanced him physically, it made him a stronger person. The development of this Peter Parker was so much stronger than the new Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). While a lot of friends prefer the new 1, I still have heart for the old 1 because the old 1 just taught us that even you are small on the outside, you can still be strong if you want to. Another point is that Aunt May in the old movie is far better in term of the feeling.  The Amazing Spiderman is of course far more handsome and cuter. But, in the movie, he didn't project the development from weak to strong intensely. Perhaps, the director wanted to focus more on his past which the old movie didn't highlight at all. This is definitely a plus point (^^)

Another twist in the new spiderman is that his love interest is Gwen Stacy, not Mary-Jane (><). Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) was great in the movie. She embodied the character quite well. Of course, in spiderman 3, there was also Gwen Stacy who wasn't the main character. Funny, they have similar appearances. Hahahah!The Gwen-Stacy-Look (^^). Anyhow, without knowing the sequel development, I still prefer to have Mary-Jane as the neighbour (><). Kristen Dunst did an amazing job as Mary-Jane. Her life is just as difficult as Peter Parker. But, she made it to Broadway! Another inspiring moment in this classic.

While both spiderman movies are in different directions, I still prefer the old 1. How about you?! Have you watch and compare? Peter Parker and Mary-Jane, both are the legend of spiderman; it is hardly possible to break this image. But, I still believe the new spiderman has more to offer. Hope a better sequel soon (^^)!!!

"With great power comes great responsibility"

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holding On Like A Grasshopper

Life wasn't fair to me for a long time. When I was so young, I worked very hard, I did for a period. Then, working so hard didn't take me where I wanted to go. I gave up! But, a little incident sparked my life again when I was 17-year-old. I ended my secondary school gloriously. But, again, life wasn't fair to me; I gave up again !

Until on finding the next path, my combat energy was revived to 100%. I kicked some serious a**! But, it did bring to a location which I thought it was ideal. However, it turned out to be a hellish abyss. As my fighting life is fading as years gone by, an awakening moment arose abruptly. I really slaughtered through ~ Yes, I won an unexpected war. Finally, the war ended magnificently; I thought I could finally pack my stuffs and go back to where I come from. Another huge bump suddenly showed up, blocking the ray of hope. 

It was not a good decision; but I made it. Now, I have to bear the consequences. Sound serious?! Yes, it is. But, I believe life is not fair. You win some, you lose some. To me, my true dreams are yet to be realised. Until today, the choices I made really didn't please me; but, they took me far and high. I hope to speak out everything in words; but, I decided not to because it is still not time yet. ~

Anyhow, life goes on! I could win a war back then; I can and will definitely win again! My grip will be stronger than any grasshopper on the planet! 

Another emo post from A Person who loves insectology (^^)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Hidden Japanese Garden in D.R. Seenivasagam Park

Recently, feeling quite bored, I have been exploring Ipoh. One of the hidden jewels is this place - Japanese Garden in D.R. Seenivasagam Park ! If you have read a post long time ago, there is another Japanese Garden [here] which was my mom and dad's favourite. The post was written 3 years ago! Yes, unbelievably, time flew like rocket! Reading back the post, it has rekindled some passion in writing my bloggie. 

Anyhow, this is the majestic entrance of the Japanese Garden in D.R. Park. It was a joint effort between Ipoh city and Fukuoka city on 1989. Therefore, the garden is same age as me...hahahahahaha~~~
As you can see from the features, the garden is really Japanese-like because the design was once aided by landscape expert from Japan too. Walking around the garden, this gives a sense of tranquility and relaxation.


Apart from that, the stone lamps are designed to be unique and similar to the ones in Japan. Basically, every lamp here is special. If you look closer, perhaps, you will discover that things are not what they seem to be..hahahahaa, sorry for being so philosophical! (^^)


Lastly, if you still remember one of the my header photos, I put a beautiful red bridge! Yes, it was from here. The bridges are painted in red which give a strong feel of appreciation of arts. Another feature which I am so fond of would be the path way made out of stones. It increases the connection between mineral and nature.

I wish that my home will be just like this. This comes with a price - money, hardwork, and continual improvement (^^)!!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Remember To Eat @ Kepong (记得食)

If only life is simple, I am enjoying every moment of my holiday to the fullest! Yeah, I just love to admit that I am a home boy (meaning a person who enjoys staying at home) who loves to do chores especially gardening! Anyhow, job hunting is starting to worry me as many of my friends are starting to work already.  Again, it is no point worrying the future right?!

This time around, I am going to introduce you guys some nice desserts in Kepong with a very cute name - Remember to Eat ( 记得食) Above is the kiwi xi mi lu; despite a bit sweet, it is quite nice to eat during hot weather. 

I still prefer winter-melon-flavoured more as the sweetness was just perfect. (^^). There are other flavours such as strawberry, mango, etc. Below is the shop near by the road side, you can go try try if you have time (^^)



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sri Mahkota 文冬口 @ Ipoh

Just like that, it is 10 days since my last post. Just had my graduation ceremony at Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) last Saturday, it was filled with happiness and tiresome. To be frank, I feel like it is time for me to move on. Still hunting for job slowly, I really need a good rest as my skin condition worsens along with the stamina deteriorates severely.

Since I have been MIA for quite some time, this time around, I will give you all a long super duper post on Sri Mahkota 文冬口 @ Ipoh. This shop is famous for beef mee, locates just opposite the perished 8-angle tower (八角楼)(sorry for my broken translation).(73 & 75, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh)

Basically, in this shop, my family and I usually order mee with other yong liu (釀料) (don;t the English for this) or stuffed delicacies?

Photobucket Photobucket 
The bowl on the left is the normal soup (清汤) while the right one is the beef soup (牛腩汤). 

Of course, the main attraction is the  yong liu (釀料). My all time favourite is the fried wanton while the other delicacies such as the eggplant and fish nugget also taste quite good!


The meal is never complete without the suitable mee. My another fav is the Hakka mee (^^)

 For now, I will be resting at home for a while and editing thousand of pictures (@@)