Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back 2009 and Welcoming 2010

Seriously, time seems to fly like the speed of light. A couple of years ago, time was stagnant to me. Today, in my 20, I realised that if I keep on wasting time, eventually, there would be no time left. Anyway, this day is the final day of 2009. Like previous years, now is my study week. This is a post to look back my 2009! After reading Sinchew daily, I also want to do a look-back of significant events happen in my life!

January 2009
It was a month of examination, celebration and etc. Most of all, it was my 1st Cheque Out from Nuffnang! Yes, I love money($ $)..Hahaha~~~Apart from that, there were also other nice happenings in January like the Chinese New Year(^^), my birthday day! Oh gosh, it was indeed a month of celebrations.

Nuffnang 1st cash out!!!

February 2009
Well, February was the month that I start my next sem. Well, it was not as nice as January, but, I enjoyed a blast because I went jalan-jalan Malaysia. One of the nicest destination was Dong Zen Temple. It was like a magical lantern land.

dongzen 2009

March 2009
It was the month which I went for my 1st official concert! Well, my housemate got us some free tickets and we were that lucky(^^)! Yeah, I went to watch Fahrenheit Concert 2009~~~~love their stage~~~
fahrenheit 2009

Then at the same month, I went to one of the most famous Japanese Buffet restaurants in Malaysia- Jogoya!!!! Yes, a feast for my tastebuds!!!!

Jogoya 2009

April 2009
Of course, the fun continued until April. It was a roar of speed event! - Sepang Circuit 2009! It was kinda cool because 1st time went there.Yet,  it was not what I expected!

cool car sepang circuit

May and June 2009
A lot happened in these two months. Birthday celebrations, then, examinations and finally, my 1st beg-packing trip to Cambodia!!!! Yes, my journey to the mystic land of Siem Reap, Cambodia!


July 2009
Needless to say more, another food trip to Tenji this time~~~ I am super fat for sure!

food and wine

August and September 2009
Soyonara to some of my besties who were leaving to overseas to further their studies! It was a month for farewell gathering! Then, it was also a month for me to regain my composure for the next semester to arrive! Plus, some nice visits to special exhibition - Holy light from Tibet in Ipoh!

holy light from tibet 雪域之光

October 2009
A month of reality began this month as my sem finally started. I was so busy for the past 2 months. I did not really have any fun. Experiencing stress all the way~~~

November and December 2009
Just like that, it is almost the end 2009. I really need to start studying! No time for slacking!!!!!!

Before I end my post!
Happy New Year!!!!!!! May a new start begins in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Release from "E" Killers

Oh my! it had been another month since I update my blog! What to do! Busy like a cow! Anyway, won't talk much ! Summary as below:

Release from 'E' - actually, I have 2 modules this sem with "E"
  • ENM - Engineering Materials!
  • ENA - Environment Assessment!
Both of the courseworks were tougher than I thought! Last 2 weeks was a struggle for me! Anyway, everything would pass eventually! Currently I am back at home - Ipoh..... relaxing for my STUDY WEEK! Anyway, the modules that start with "E" are usually quite annoying and at the same time horrible. For example:
  • ETN - Energy Technology!
  • ETD - Engineering Thermodynamics!
"E" killers are just too wicked and strong! Oh well, hopefully I will survive! Study weeks begin!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Temporary Abandoning My Blog


"Busy" is the best word to describe my current life(><)! Well, next Monday, I will be having my biology test! Yes, chemical students have to take bio@@. I already gave back my bio knowledge back to Puan Lau.....hehe~~~~ Anyway, after the test, I will have to pass up several assignments in the next few weeks!!!!! Therefore, I have no choice to abandon my lovely green blog(><) But, as soon as I am free like my grasshopper up there, I will make this blog greener!!!!

  • Matlab
  • Environmental Impact Assessment eassy
  • Design Project
  • Final test(Yes, this timetable is out!)

Another obsession! Currently, I am addicted to this song ! Don't know why listening to it makes me feel sad! But, I kinda of like it! Weird me~~~~hahaha...hope you all enjoy my insectology and also my song^^

P.s: Keep supporting my blog!!!!!!! I will have less time to do blog visit!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crazy Ticket, Cool Ticket and Sad Ticket

What are tickets? I just realised that after learning for so many years, I really don't know the exact definition of ticket! Haha, to be truthful, my English is really not that good(haiz, I really need to read more since I "fake fake" oso a uni student)! Anyway, according to the free dictionary(here), ticket is actually refer to " A paper slip or card indicating that its holder has paid for or is entitled to a specified service, right, or consideration". Well, actually, not all tickets need to be paid! I was lucky enough to snatch 3 sets of free tickets in 2 consecutive week.

Free Tickets
  • Accident at GSC Midvalley (13.10.09)
  • Law Abiding Citizen GSC Midvalley(20.10.09)
  • Inglorious Basterds Cathay Cinema(20.10.09)

Yes, if you notice, 2 movies were on the same date! At the end, I had chosen Law Abiding Citizen due to the location. Anyhow, I had 2 movies in 2 week. Let's talk about the movie "Accident" which was chosen to be shown in a movie award event.
Well, I labeled this movie to be crazy because the ending was simply crazy! Actually, the plot of the movie is quite interesting(To kill people by making it look like accident); however, as it progressed, it was somewhat bored and predictable and also kinda of off the theme of the movie. Haiz, the rating is as below:
Character: 6.5/10 [The cast was okay]
Story: 4/10 [ The beginning was interesting]
Effect: 3/10 [Not much effect]

Now, the next movie was the "Law Abiding Citizen"! Well, thanks to Nuffnang for the free tickets before premier! The movie was quite cool! It was very violent, but super cool to watch! I have to say that the storyline was way better than "Accident". The casts were Gerard Butler(300), Jamie Foxx(Dreamgirls), and also a very familiar face - Leslie Bibb(Popular). Yes, she was a cheerleader back in those days in Popular! For this movie, the rating is:

Character: 8/10 [The cast was quite strong]
Story: 7.5/10 [ Great from the beginning to the end]
Effect: 8/10 [very high tech the gadgets in the movie]
Not to forget that, Nuffnang also provides me the movie pics^^Thanks again!

Bought Ticket
  • Beyonce I am Concert 2009 (25 Oct 2009) - Postponed
Yes, I also realised that we can't win everything. So, my sis and I decided to buy Beyonce's concert tickets even though both of us are very stingy people! Yet, to our dismay, she decided to postpone the concert. Haiz, actually, I think that there is no problem with her coming to Malaysia to perform ooo. If there are problems, her MTV should be banned in TV. But, I still can watch her MTV on local tv networks. Haiz!!! Plus, it is our consumer right as well. If you think that her dressing is not appropriate due to religous matter, then, prohibit those who are bound by religion from attending her concert. Well, personally, I think she is a performer! That is her way of performing and you can't change that! Oh well, in the end, it took me half a day to return her tickets! Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Beyonce, please come back(><)

P.S: This summarises the 3 type of tickets in this post! Tata for now, it is time to continue my dreadful study life!!!!
今 勉強します!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Wow, these two weeks, I was superrrrrrrrrrr busy!!!!! Yup, I have been idled from my blog for so long! Non-stop of assignments and exams really fill up my daily life! Plus, I have some interesting happenings in my life too which I will share later when I have more time! Well, 1 exam and 2 assignments due in this week, haizzzzzz, I still haven't studies yet! But, I am glad that I finished off my 1.5k essay! What a relief!!!!!!!!

Currently, I am so over my lost pendrive and my bad luck ! Yes, I wonder why that person want to keep it! Pendrive nowadays are so cheap! Anyway, after some busy assignment time, I really need to treat myself better ! Haha, it is a way to compensate myself mentally and physically!

Let's talk about treats!(^^) Not the halloween punya treat or trick~~~It is a treat for myself to make myself feel better and I think everyone just has to treat themselves better because life is too short to make it harsh!

Below Are My Top 5 Treat List
Backpacking with a friend in Cambodia! Yes, it was one of the best treats ever! Haha, it was not only an eye-opening experience, I really had a spiritual replenishment ! I am planning to travel more in the future!(^^)!!!

food and wine
Treat myself with amazingly delicious Japanese Buffet! No matter how sad and down you are, delicious food is going to make your day! Like what they said, the more you eat, the stronger you get (also the fatter you get too!)

hill climbing
Well, all work and no play made Jay a dull boy(><) Therefore, exercising is also a way to treat and treat myself(^^)~~~ Hiking at the famous mountain -Broga Hill was a refreshing way to relax! That's why we have to balance out our daily lives!

A special treat for me and my mom! Haha, the colours of the cameras are kinda cool! It was finally the time to get myself a camera! or カメラ!I really enjoy taking photos^^!

The last treat for myself would be winning a Dell Inspiron 13!!!! Yes, this particular treat is the ultimate treat that I have been craving for 3 years! I have been patiently waiting for my dream laptop to fall into my lap! Why should this laptop belong in my list? because:
  1. this is the only treat that I haven't truly experience!
  2. Its chic design captured my heart since my 1st glance on it!
  3. The edgy tech in the laptop is really a dream come true!
[Hope you all like my simple post(^^)]
There is special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!. This promotion is only available online or by calling us at 1800-88-0301. This coupon code expires on 10th Nov 2009.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bad Lucks Just Knocked On My Door.

Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, when there are too many good lucks, there would be a "force" coming in to balance back the order of life! I really believe it! Well, me as the experimental subject, I experienced one hell of a day(><)

  1. In the morning, I was late for class!
  2. In the afternoon, I lost my pendrive without realising it until a few hours later.
  3. In the evening, I was trapped at the KTM station due to the sudden heavy rain!

Now, I really believe that sometimes, bad lucks would just knock on my door unexpectedly(><) But, I am sure that this will end soon because there is a balance! (Just call me superstitious!)

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Journey of A Silent Beetle To The Zen Realm of Eternity


Life is busy! Seeking zen in busy life is definitely not easy! Anyway, the long title is just for fun! (^^) . Yes, my posts is getting less and less and shorter by the day! Just had my lab session today, therefore, there will be 2 deadlines for me ~~~~

Forget about my busy life! Well, with all the hectic lifestyle, I felt somewhat empty! Just like the silent beetle, I am forwarding myself to the front without deciding the true path that I want! Most of the time, we would do something with a purpose and try to achieve our goal. Oh, what if we take 1 day off and do nothing or do something out of order! Let's loosen up a little~~~^^

For me, I would like to take a day off and travel aimlessly in my area~~Of course, snapping pictures would be great because I could record down what I saw. Oh my, it would be a beautiful journey like the journey of a silent beetle to the zen realm. Yet, busy life is definitely a road block(><)....haha, sorry for the semi-emo post^^

Anyway, back to this picture of insectology, this was taken on a bamboo carpet!!!! I am really addicted to take photos of bugs!!! I am getting weirder. Why?! Because insects really make good model in term of posing! But, most of the times, it is difficult to capture it because of its sensitivity. I really like this pictures because its eyes !!!! SO nice(^^)~~~~

P.S: Wish me luck in my assignments!!! Really gotta go . sorry for the short post><~~~I am super tired now ~~~~ nitezzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~

Friday, October 9, 2009

Holy Light From Tibet Shining On Hillcity

Oh my! It had a week since I had done any blog-update(><). Yup, the start of a new semester really makes my life busy busy busy! Today, I just had an in-class assignment! I really want to thanks Yee San for becoming my partner in this assignment! She is really very very very pro in this! or else, I sure die again and again...haha!!!! Anyway, I am so crazily busy! Currently, I have lots of problem sheets that I should have done them like last week!!! I must stop procrastinating!!!!

Anyway, on 31 August 2009 [in this particular week], a holy light traveled far far away from Tibet and landed its magnificent aura on Hillcity - Ipoh! Haha, actually, it was an exhibition on The Buddha Relics. Yes, in Ipoh(^^)~~~ Of course, I did not want to miss the chance to see the buddha relics. So, along with my family, we headed to the Perak Girls School to the exhibition - Holy Light from Tibet a.k.a 雪域之光
holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;

holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
When we first entered the hall, its walls were surrounded by beautiful tapestry. We were also informed that cameras were allowed! I was super duper happy because I brought along my LUMIX-FS6. Looking at the artistic and breathtaking tapestry, I was stunned for a while!

holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
Then, walking along the exhibition, I saw all sorts of fascinating Buddha relics. I heard some stories about the Buddha Relics a.k.a 舍利子 were formed from different body parts when cremated. Well, this is really a mystery! As an engineer, I believe science can explain this?!!! haha, yet, I hope that this hope would not be solved because some people still need hope to live on(^^)~~~[i think too much]. The Buddha relics there were really colourful!!! I really like them~~~~.....

holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
Apart from that, I was also amazed by the details on the relics tools!!! The carvings were really unique!!!(^^)~~~Apart from that, there were also some antique furniture being displayed there. The artworks on the antiques were all timeless! Every stroke and every layer of colours had enriched my imagination from within!
holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;

Of course, after that, we went back home to rest and I am super tired now! Really need to rest!!! But before that, here is the picture of the day!
holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
!!! My favourite shot (^^)

Yup, starting to get busy! So, might not be able to update as often as usual(><) But, keep supporting my blog and ads(^^)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Jackie Chan Fights Virus Along With Kaspersky!!!

Gosh, I just started my classes for a week. However, I felt like I am in the end of semester! Yes, workloads of chemical engineering are not easy to handle! Key point - Time Management!!! But, I am still a pro-procrastinator!!!! I am trying my best to have a good start! Indeed, this week is definitely very tiring! Plus, this year, KTM really wastes more of my time. Going to my uni, it is punctual. However, going back to home is really a painful experience! For the past 5 days, no matter what time I went back home, there would always be a delay! For e.g:

Mon: 3.00pm - delay
Tue:.1.30pm - delay
Wed:5.30pm - delay
Thu: 4.30pm - delay
Fri(Just now): 1.30 pm - another delay!
From the survey above, KTM would delay at least 1 train in an hour from 1.30pm to 6.30pm! Oh well, what to do! They monopolized the main locations, yet, they did nothing to improve their standards and services. Hopefully, the current PM would take a ride in KTM!!!!

Okay, if you notice, today, my post topic is Jackie Chan fighting virus! A couple of months ago, my sis bought a 3PC users anti-virus: Kaspersky during the PC Fair. Well, the price is still okay! Around RM33 per user!~~~
Yes, Jackie Chan is fighting virus along with Kaspersky...even though it is quite weird...ahaha. Currently, using Kaspersky, well, let me analysis the pros and cons for this software~~~

  • Price is affordable
  • The interface is simple to use.
  • slow down the computer during scanning.
{The Above Issue should be taken into considerable when purchasing anti-virus softwares}

Anyway, we even got ourselves a set of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 1st day cover!!! Again, this is also quite weird. Well, I have to say, they are really innovative!!! Jackie Chan and stamp are not directly related to anti-virus. Yet, they do make a huge impression!!!!

Hahaha, now super tired!!! Really need to sleep~~~~@@ Oooo, time management is just so hard! It is time to cut down some facebook mini games!!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Baking A Cake Is Just A Piece of Cake?!

Baking a cake is just a piece of cake?! Not really, it requires a lot of preparation! Just like my newly-started semester, it really needs a lot of effort to manage. Today was my first day back to uni and it was all new to me! Well, the 1st person I saw was her!!!!Who?! HER........[LINK]. She is teaching me this semester again and next semester!!! Omg@@ and on my very 1st day, she gave us a beautiful 60% assignment - essay + oral preparation !!!!!!!!

Anyway, my uni is having a brand new look! The library is under renovation and the computer room area has a lounge area! Yes, this is quite cool!!!! But, I think I would not use it that often as I prefer to have a PC in front of me...haha... Well, today started with a bit of delay!!! What delay?! KTM, as usual! It was a surprise that when I came back from Ipoh, everything was so smooth - no traffic jam at all and no human jam in KTM...So weird! Today, my encounter was no surprise as usual KTM was delayed!

Well, during holidays, I was having the most relaxing moment in my life. Baking cake is of my pastimes...hahaha it was fun(^^)!!! I was actually helping or more precisely bothering my mum.

My Simple Instruction
  1. Buy the stuffs in step 1
  2. Mix everything in a big bowl like crazy^^ all the flour, butter, nuts, chocolate and everything nice.
  3. Then, pour the mixture in a mould.
  4. After that, put it in a pre-heated oven for 20 mins.
  5. Remember to check the cake to make sure it is not too toasted !

food and wine
Finally, it can be served to the whole family^^Haha, I really enjoy my holiday!! Some travelling! Some relaxation!!! Some record breaking moment on facebook mini games!!!!

Yes, a new semester has started. This year is my 2nd year and it is counted in my transcript!!! So, have to work starting today!!!!!!! Time to focus^^

Wish me luck(^^)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Glance Back To Japanese Garden Ipoh

Oh my, I just finished packing my stuffs, not much though. It finally arrived - The Start of My New Semester. I am leaving tomorrow and quite a number of my friends are leaving this weekend. I am pretty sure that I would stuck in a chaotic traffic jam and human jam all at once(><). Anyway, 4 months of relaxation, boredom, and last minute busy-ness, I am ready to go back and my friends, may I warn you, I look chubbier than ever!!!![In short, I am fat] Prepare for my huge return! So, as I had said earlier, mixture feelings are unavoidable - happy, nervous, nostalgic, ..... Oh well, life goes on and like most people, when we are out there, home is the light that drives us to the top(^^)~~~~

Okay, recently, I was scanning some old photos of my mom and dad's. Yup, during their younger days, just like the teenagers now, they like to take pictures(^^). and I am the one who have to scan all their photos which most of them are older than me into the PC. Omg, the scanner is ultra slow! It took me about 2 - 3 hours to scan a whole album~~~(@@)..... Then, when we were looking back at those photos, my mom said that when she was young, she would go to Ipoh along with her friends to Japanese Garden Ipoh and then, they would visit the famous Octagon Building [八角楼] for meals. Well, until now, the Japanese Garden is still here yet lack of care and preservation where as Octagon Building was demolished a long time ago. and its land is used as a parking space(What a waste!). However, according to the newspaper, Ipoh is considering rebuilding this once famous building into a tourist landmark.(Hope this comes true)

Yes, this is the old Octagon Building... Back then, they said that it was a liability to the safety of the citizens. Therefore, it was knocked down.[Original Link]

Now, a glance back to Japanese Garden Ipoh. Well, I am quite sure that not many Ipoh-rians nowadays go to the Japanese Garden Ipoh. [More info on its location] Even my mum who used to go there, haven't visited this place for ages. Well, I am a curious person! I want to witness the once-famous Japanese Garden Ipoh.....

Yes, this is the Japanese Garden Ipoh or Taman Jepun Ipoh or イポーの日本庭園 or 怡保日本花园。。。。。(Haha, I just stopped my Japanese Language class. I miss it already!) Well, according to my mum , the arrangement of the garden was still the same. Yet, it was not as nice as it used to be.

I know! The water is very green! But, the koi fish inside the pond manage to survive(@@). To be honest, they really need to take care of it~~~

This is the one garden that lacks flowers too~~~ My house really has more flowers than this garden ooo~~~haha, plus, if you look closely, some of the alphabets were even gone...and, behind the stone light was the super main road! That's why it was really noisy there until I can't hear myself talking! Plant some bamboo will do~~~

It would be an amazing garden if the rich owner take care of it! The opening hours are also very weird. During weekdays, it only opens from 5pm. {so late} while weekends, they open it earlier.

Anyway, it is just a glance back to Japanese Garden Ipoh before I leave. KL, here I come! After staying there for 2 years, I am used to the traffic jams and always delay KTM...Cross-finger....tomorrow no jam and no delays...which is highly impossible!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bus Ticket Fare Killed My Wallet!!!!

In less than a week, my new semester is going to start! Yes, I am officially a second year student in Chemical Engineering With Environmental Engineering[ChemEEE]. Actually, I really have a mix feelings[like always]. I am happy because it is time to end my boring holidays; but, I am stressful because it is going to be a busy year! Cincai, bring it on(^^). I have no problem! I will work harder [every time I also say the same thing]. But, currently, I still have a lot of house chores to finish! Have to work hard this week~~~~

Anyway, my classes start on Next Monday. Therefore, I need to get a ticket to go back to KL. At first, I wanted to get the train ticket since it is more convenient to travel to my house in KL. Then, I waited around 20 mins after taking the queuing number. When it was my turn, I was told that only RM22 tickets at the time of 9PM were left. My thought was that it was rather late and expensive. So, I changed to bus ticket. To my surprise again, the bus tickets were also sold out! Therefore, they have extra buses on that day! At the end, I need to pay RM20.30 for a ticket!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhh, it is really like the Chinese Proverb - 趁火打劫 [When the situation is chaotic, some people start to take advantages]~~~~

If you can see clearly, they are charging subcharge for 30% again! What the~~~I remembered 2 years ago, the bus fare from Ipoh to KL was only about RM13.40. Then, one Hari Raya, [as claimed by them], it was the fuel price increase, they started to implement the subcharge thingy, from RM13.40 TO RM17.40. Even since then, the ticket price did not dropped back to RM13.40. Now, again, during Hari Raya, they chargeD again@@~~ Totally broke loh!!!! RM 20.30 FOR A TICKET~~~~~~~~~~~

Currently, I am keeping all my tickets as a record for my contribution towards the success of the transportation in Malaysia. Yet, they never appreciate loyal consumers like me@@............

Guys, I will be rather busy this week. So, I might not be able to do my blog readings as often. and there will less blog updating(><).... But, do leave a comment here! I would definitely get back to you!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Times In Charcoal World^^

It was the second time that I had a feast at Good Times a.k.a 碳世界 in Ipoh。 I still remembered that 1st time, I went with Kah Heng, Kok Leong as a farewell for Kok Leong who was leaving to Canada. Oh gosh, already a year had passed. Time flew without mercy(><). This time, I went out with Kokleong who was back and Ziyang since Ziyang was leaving to America. Yup, after Secondary School, we were separated into our own path. I chose my path just as they chose theirs. Again, time flew without mercy(><)

food and wine
Back to the food, Good Times Restaurant actually offer steamboat buffet. Therefore, clearly, this is more worth it for big eaters. Haha, yup, you can eat as much as you want to. We went there on weekdays;so , it was not that congests. I remembered a year ago-me, kah heng and kokleong went there on weekend and it was raining somemore!!! We had to wait for tables><. This time, the situation was totally different on weekdays^^.

food and wine,fun and friends
Yes, a lot of food!!! From raw seafood to grilled chickens, it was more than enough for us! Note: The Steamboat was "powered" by Charcoal!!!!!~~~(^^) Can you all see the fiery steamboat or not?! Super cool !!! No kidding(^^)!!!! [Oh gosh, this is officially a foodie blog liao~~~~~~]

food and wine,fun and friends
Nah, this is the most handsome guy in My Little World history@@ Ziyang, happy or not?! I just gave the title of The Most Handsome to u oooo~~~~~~I am sure you like it and you are enjoying every second in US. Have a great time there^^!

food and wine,fun and friends
Here come the rating
Decoration: 8/10 [Thanks to the charcoal steamboat]
Food Appearance: 9/10
Taste: 8.5/10
Price: 5/10 [Still okay! I can eat as much as I want to^^]

Monday, September 14, 2009

Insectology - The Ants' Circle


Recently, I am very fascinated by insects! Not that I am very fond of them, but they really make good models! However, they are usually patient for a short period of them when modeling for me(><). With my growing interest in photographing insects, I have a new label [insectology]! Yes, I use insectology instead of entomology!!!!

For my 1st-not-so-nice piece, I named it The Ants' Circle. Just like humans, ants do have they own circles. There are working ants, army ants and etc. It really does reflect our own circles somtimes, doesn't it?!

Anyway, for the piece above, I am not very satisfied. Reasons: Too blur and unfocused! Firstly, the light in the room was too dimmed which resulted the lack of exposure for close-up photos. Secondly, the macro-focused of a compact camera was not easy to control! If it was bright enough in the room, then, the result would be delightful! Yes, in order to take clearer pics, lighting is very important. In the defense of my Lumix FS6, it really did a good job even though under the weak lighting of the room!(^^)

[Note: Pretending to be a pro><]

14 days left~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

4 Days in KL, 2 Days of Outings, 1 Day of Saying Goodbye.

Instead of a farewell, it turned out to be a little road trip. Well, last week, I went back to KL to gather with my other uni friends who is going to UK soon. So, on the 1st day, we gathered at Midvalley. Oh well, the usual hangout ground for youngsters and oldsters. To my surprise, not many people were queuing for the movie tickets. Yes, it was an golden opportunity for us to get the tickets. Yes, instead of Laughing Gor at 3pm, we took The Proposal Instead. [Note: this would be a long posts because it consists of 4 days of stories and gossips.]

The movie was funny!!! Totally hilarious!!! Sandra Bullock was the true devil who wear Gucci?! Ryan Reynold who is married to Scarlett Johansson was totally charming in the movie as well. Anyway, we got the tickets at RM7. Actually, quite cheap loh!!!

In the movie, Sandra Bullock was facing a deportation since she was a Canadian [ Well, in actual fact, Ryan was a genuine Canadian]. In order to save her career, she forced her assistant, Mr Ryan to be her boyfriend. Then, things happened too fast, I guessed. When they went back to Ryan's hometown, they started to know each other and the rest you would know!(^^)

In their rushing wedding, Sandra wore a classical golden vintage style gown[here]...Yup, to my surprise, it suited her perfectly and almost took my breath away. Oh well, not many people can pull this out. Oh, Sandra, I still remember some of her movies- Practical Magic, Speed, ... It had been quite a while since she acted. Yet, her comedy came to live effortlessly. She is definitely a comedian queen. However, it was obvious time has an effect on every one. But, she is still the best and she is still that bold. As for Ryan, I remember him from 2 guys, A girl and a pizza place~~~ Yup, he knows how to keep fit!!! They made a weird couple!!! Hahaha!!!![Note: I was surprise that they cut some scenes lah, even kissing scene lasted longer also cut@@ ]

farewell midvalley, kepong, and lowyat!
After the movie, it was time to feed ourselves.[Foodie blog begins] We wondered quite a while before we decided to have our lunch at Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant[蓬莱茶房] Omg, it was so difficult to find the Chinese name - It was written in old Chinese] Anyway, here they are - Sook Hwa, Lih Chi and Pooi Shuen(^^)!!!

food and wine
Above were about orders. Yup, the star dish was the pumpkin balls. They were quite nice(^^)!!! Not too sweet, but with a lot of texture!!! That's why it was the star dish!!! The fried chickens were also quite nice!!!

food and wine
We also ordered a pot of Jasmine with Oolong tea. It was Rm 12 a pot woh!!!! and we added an additional cup with cost us another RM3. Expensive but not bad lah!!! We drink, drank, and drunk with tea@@ and gossiping until almost the day ended.

farewell midvalley, kepong, and lowyat!
These were our remaining order. Overall, the food there was quite nice! However, this meal cost us about RM22 PER PERSON. It is still worth a try~~~
Decoration: 9.5/10 [Of course lah, in Garden woh, everything was so classy!]
Food Appearance: 9/10
Taste: 8.5/10
Price: 2/10 [Too expensive leh!]

When I went back to my house that day, KTM delayed twice in an hour around 5.30 pm!!! It was the peak hour woh!!! I almost died in the train!!! No kidding!!! It took me about 1 hour and 45 mins to reach home!!!!


Then, on Monday, I decided to stay back in KL instead of going to Ipoh. The same gang with few more friends went to sing K in Lowyat basement. Yup, I really did not know about the K shop there. Oops, forget to take photos over there, because for the 1st time, I was very concentrated in singing woh!!! LOL!!! Of course, we could not sing forever. After paying about, RM 12 PER PERSON, our K session was finished.

Around 6pm, we went to Kepong to have dinner woh! It took us about 1 and a half hours to reach there. I really pitied Pooi Shuen for driving for so long. Anyway, we decided to have dinner here!
farewell midvalley, kepong, and lowyat!
Yup, at Pinang Lanta Seafood Restaurant[老檳城海洋飯店], we decided to order steamboat. I was totally hungry at that time! We all just eat, ate, eaten ~~~ It was kinda of nice because it was not a heavy meal! Plus, the price was still okay, around RM 12 per person!(^^) Of course, the foodie post does not end here. We continued again to have our supper at......
Decoration: 7/10 [old shop mah]
Food Appearance: 8/10
Taste: 8/10
Price: 5/10 [Still okay]


farewell midvalley, kepong, and lowyat!
Our supper was at 甜品哥哥 Hong Kong. Oh, did not know the English name of the shop!...Hahaha, just highlight it and google it(^^)~~~~[Ah Shir insisted that we must try it woh]hahaha, and I supported her too~~~~Plus, it was on the show hosted by Chui Ling woh!!! Of course, must try loh!

food and wine
These were what we ordered. All of them were weird at 1st; but, after trying them, they were quite special and nice. [Note: they are mango rolls and pancakes!]. Since we had our dinner just now, we shared shared among ourselves. So, it cost about RM5 per person~~~~
Decoration: 9/10 [to attract youngsters]
Food Appearance: 8.5/10
Taste: 8/10
Price: 6/10


farewell midvalley, kepong, and lowyat!
Lastly, when we were all broke and tired, it was time to head to Lih Chi House. I have to say her house was really nice!!! This was one of the shots there. Yup, never thought that this failure shot turned out to be that nice(^^). Finally, all the best and have a great life in UK to Lih Chi , Sook Hwa, Ah Shir, Pooi Shuen !!!!!!!!!!!!!