Friday, October 9, 2009

Holy Light From Tibet Shining On Hillcity

Oh my! It had a week since I had done any blog-update(><). Yup, the start of a new semester really makes my life busy busy busy! Today, I just had an in-class assignment! I really want to thanks Yee San for becoming my partner in this assignment! She is really very very very pro in this! or else, I sure die again and again...haha!!!! Anyway, I am so crazily busy! Currently, I have lots of problem sheets that I should have done them like last week!!! I must stop procrastinating!!!!

Anyway, on 31 August 2009 [in this particular week], a holy light traveled far far away from Tibet and landed its magnificent aura on Hillcity - Ipoh! Haha, actually, it was an exhibition on The Buddha Relics. Yes, in Ipoh(^^)~~~ Of course, I did not want to miss the chance to see the buddha relics. So, along with my family, we headed to the Perak Girls School to the exhibition - Holy Light from Tibet a.k.a 雪域之光
holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;

holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
When we first entered the hall, its walls were surrounded by beautiful tapestry. We were also informed that cameras were allowed! I was super duper happy because I brought along my LUMIX-FS6. Looking at the artistic and breathtaking tapestry, I was stunned for a while!

holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
Then, walking along the exhibition, I saw all sorts of fascinating Buddha relics. I heard some stories about the Buddha Relics a.k.a 舍利子 were formed from different body parts when cremated. Well, this is really a mystery! As an engineer, I believe science can explain this?!!! haha, yet, I hope that this hope would not be solved because some people still need hope to live on(^^)~~~[i think too much]. The Buddha relics there were really colourful!!! I really like them~~~~.....

holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
Apart from that, I was also amazed by the details on the relics tools!!! The carvings were really unique!!!(^^)~~~Apart from that, there were also some antique furniture being displayed there. The artworks on the antiques were all timeless! Every stroke and every layer of colours had enriched my imagination from within!
holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;

Of course, after that, we went back home to rest and I am super tired now! Really need to rest!!! But before that, here is the picture of the day!
holy light from tibet &#38634;&#22495;&#20043;&#20809;
!!! My favourite shot (^^)

Yup, starting to get busy! So, might not be able to update as often as usual(><) But, keep supporting my blog and ads(^^)


*lynne* said...

Thanks for the photos - looks like it was a great exhibition! :)

Borneo Falcon said...

That Lumix of yours really did a great job

Xjion89 said...

Yup, it was quite an eye=opening exhibition!

[borneo falcon]
hahaha, that's why i really like it(^^)

Xing Tells You said...

waa~ nice photos yea!! keep up oh!

Xjion89 said...

hahahaha, thanks^^ ur pics oso very nice!