Saturday, February 27, 2010

6 December 2009 - The Wedding with Estee Lauder Grand Prize

Okay, 1stly, not my wedding! But, someone I knew since my birth! - My Big Sis' Wedding! Finally, my sis got to marry out loh~~~Hohohoho~~~It was about time! After getting married, she is still my sister! But, still, there would be something different! Oh well, life goes on! Anyway, it was such a big day for her - 6 December 2009! But before that, something unexpected happened! It was like destiny ! TOTALLY UNEXPECTED~~~~

About a month before my sis' wedding day, I was informed that I won the Estee Lauder Grand Prize~~~Yes, me, a guy won a set of Estee Lauder Blockbuster Make-up Set worth RM1200!!!! Lucky me!(^^) Oh wait! I just realised 1 thing - I am a guy woh! @@But, no worry because my lucky sister got me! The Grand Prize came at the right time! This is for your wedding, my sis ! Hope that you love it~~~~


Then, on the day itself, I could hear beautiful and loud hons of the cars! Yes, it was here for my sister. Like always, wedding car is always that nice! But, before that, my brother-in-law would have some obstacles before "rescuing" the princess...hohohohoho~~~


Of course, after successful 'grabbing" the bride, it would be a bed of roses! LITERALLY(^^)~~~~ By the way, my sis also have to start giving out angpows~~~hahaha~~~~


Lastly, the beautiful wedding ceremony was finalised with the night banquet! My sis was truly the center of attraction! Lucky my-bro-in-law cause winning her heart~~~~~~Well, i can't show you all how pretty my sister was because she was too shy woh~~~ So, this is the best I can get~~(^^)


Now, sis and bro-in-law, both of you are a family! So, both of you must learn to support, tolerate, and understand each other! Remember anger is not the solution!~~~~Maybe, this is the commitment of a marriage! Haha, I know nothing of marriage! But, a good example would be like the couple in Ghost Whisperer - Melinda and Jim ~~~But, that is too perfect liao~~~Anyway, all the best to the newly-wed~~~~~~~~~~~~


Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Metallic One

Oh my, busy during Chinese New Year! But, everything is returning to normal! Tomorrow will the day to resume my studies in my mundane university! I have yet to do any studies. Really need to catch up! Anyway, missing my Ipoh home a lot right now. During my stay in Ipoh, I had another opportunity to take photos of a sexy metallic model! 

Nothing special about this year CNY, but one thing! It seemed like economy really not that good! Angpows really shrunk(><)! (Oh my, plz clicks more on my ads....). But, to me, angpows are not that important because when you grow up, eventually, you know that friends and family are more important! Anyway, wish my readers and friends have a great year of Tiger again! But, before that, let me share a lucky charm insect at my home!


This little lucky fellow actually landed on my mom's neck! Haha, yes, the white background was my mom's shirt! Totally cool! I asked my mom not to move at all so that I could photographed this cutie! 


After that, I asked my mom to go outside to release this little fellow! It looked even better outside with the sunlight shining on its green-metallic body!~~~let's pray for a good year(^^)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year with Valentine's Day!

This year around, Chinese New Year seems to be coming a bit late in the mid February. I still remembered last time, the usual CNY would fall on January....mostly on my birthdayS. Now, this year, Valentine's Day fell on the same day as the 1st day of CNY!  Anyway, I got a lot to say, but, busy celebrating CNY ! Yesterday, on Valentine's Day, I gathered with a few of primary classmates. It was great to chat and gossip with them ( mostly gossip!)...haha, so, how did you all celebrate yesterday? In CNY style or in Valentine's Day style?

Below was a pic taken a few months ago at home! I used it as my header pics! Cool right! Haha, but still, due to the distant, the pic seemed to be a bit blurry! But, nonetheless, when you are in love like those lover birds, nothing else matters~~~~...hahaha!

Happy Chinese New Year! and Happy Belated Valentine's Day!


Friday, February 12, 2010

The True Hero - In Memory of Panda Lee (2001 - 2010)

10-2-2010 was the date Panda Lee scarified himself for protecting us from the cobra for the 2nd time. About 2 years ago,  Panda was brave enough to fight the cobra himself (Panda Versus Cobra). But, this time, unfortunately, he lost the fight. On 10-2-2010, he had his deepest sleep and started to his journey to a better place. 

On April 2001, he joined my family. That time, when he 1st came here, he was already huge! (German Shepherd Breed). Then, when we moved to our new house, there he was, accompanying us for 10 years. Even though he seemed to be fierce, deep down, he was a loyal, friendly, kind-hearted dog who vowed to protect my family from any harms.

Recently years, he had become weaker due to his growing age. 10 years old for a canine means approximately 70 years in human life span.  But, in the end, he left us with dignity by completing his fate of protecting us! He is the true hero who will always be in our heart! May he rest in peace. Thank you for your protection.

This post is dedicated to my Pan Pan who were with us for 10 years! A decade of loyalty, commitment and love towards us was amazing! We thank you for everything for protecting us and never ask for anything for return! Hope that you will be in a better place. This video is for you~~~~~~~~bye bye , Pan Pan~~~

Friday, February 5, 2010

WooHoo~~~ All Bad Lucks Gone and A Great Chinese New Year Ahead (大日子)

These two days were not great days! Yesterday, the stupid KTM delayed again and today as well. Haiz, wasting my life in KTM~~~!!!! Anyway, after a depressing start, I thought it would a horrible day after all! So, taking my depressed mind, body and soul, I went to watch movie with my course-mate. Initially, I was determined to watch Avatar. Yes, I know that I am very outdated. What to do! Past 2 weeks were super busy! Now, nobody wants to accompany! Anyway, I decided to watch it alone. But, my lovely course-mate did not want to, he wanted to watch Fame. But, the next time slot was 2 hours later. At the end, I forced him to watch WooHoo with the other!

WoooooooooooooHoooooooooooo!!!! Plus, when I bought the caramel combo for RM6.20, I was given a souvenir for GSC 10 Year Anniversary!

Yes, to my surprise, the movie was quite nice! This proved that local production could have the quality as well!

The main setting of the movie was in Kuantan~~~ I have to say that the place was amazing! It seemed to be secluded and untouched! Of course, I think that this movie would eventually promote its tourism!

The main story was that 5 guys who some were cheated, volunteered, and even forced to master a traditional performance - Tiger Dance. Okay, I have to admit that I never really heard of Tiger Dance....I heard of lion dance, dragon dance...this was the 1st. Anyway, it was kinda cool!..Hahaha^^

The moral values of the movie:
  1. Appreciate tradition
  2. Treasure family
  3. Share happiness
They are the sisters!!!! - 来弟,招弟,带弟,有弟~~~ 

Then, when I took the train back, not only it was fast, it was also punctual!!!! Omg!!! KTM really sot sot dei! But, instead of thinking that, deep down my heart, I knew that all my bad lucks were just gone!(^^)...hahaha, totally a prosperous and happy movie! Plus, WOOHOO (大日子)was my first 2010 Cinema Movie(^^)!!!!

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