Friday, November 27, 2009

Temporary Abandoning My Blog


"Busy" is the best word to describe my current life(><)! Well, next Monday, I will be having my biology test! Yes, chemical students have to take bio@@. I already gave back my bio knowledge back to Puan Lau.....hehe~~~~ Anyway, after the test, I will have to pass up several assignments in the next few weeks!!!!! Therefore, I have no choice to abandon my lovely green blog(><) But, as soon as I am free like my grasshopper up there, I will make this blog greener!!!!

  • Matlab
  • Environmental Impact Assessment eassy
  • Design Project
  • Final test(Yes, this timetable is out!)

Another obsession! Currently, I am addicted to this song ! Don't know why listening to it makes me feel sad! But, I kinda of like it! Weird me~~~~hahaha...hope you all enjoy my insectology and also my song^^

P.s: Keep supporting my blog!!!!!!! I will have less time to do blog visit!


Borneo Falcon said...

Good luck in your finals

Wei Han said...

sure will continue support.. :)

fufu said...

yeah... concentrate on your exam ya... good luck =p

SJ said...

see you soon!

A smile from SJ =)

YANZ said...

hey heyyy... =D
still very busy ah? come back soon yarrr =)

Xjion89 said...

hey guys!!! Thanks a lot!
i got a lot to tell
but jz tooooo busy recently!

Now, i am partially back~~~~