Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crazy Ticket, Cool Ticket and Sad Ticket

What are tickets? I just realised that after learning for so many years, I really don't know the exact definition of ticket! Haha, to be truthful, my English is really not that good(haiz, I really need to read more since I "fake fake" oso a uni student)! Anyway, according to the free dictionary(here), ticket is actually refer to " A paper slip or card indicating that its holder has paid for or is entitled to a specified service, right, or consideration". Well, actually, not all tickets need to be paid! I was lucky enough to snatch 3 sets of free tickets in 2 consecutive week.

Free Tickets
  • Accident at GSC Midvalley (13.10.09)
  • Law Abiding Citizen GSC Midvalley(20.10.09)
  • Inglorious Basterds Cathay Cinema(20.10.09)

Yes, if you notice, 2 movies were on the same date! At the end, I had chosen Law Abiding Citizen due to the location. Anyhow, I had 2 movies in 2 week. Let's talk about the movie "Accident" which was chosen to be shown in a movie award event.
Well, I labeled this movie to be crazy because the ending was simply crazy! Actually, the plot of the movie is quite interesting(To kill people by making it look like accident); however, as it progressed, it was somewhat bored and predictable and also kinda of off the theme of the movie. Haiz, the rating is as below:
Character: 6.5/10 [The cast was okay]
Story: 4/10 [ The beginning was interesting]
Effect: 3/10 [Not much effect]

Now, the next movie was the "Law Abiding Citizen"! Well, thanks to Nuffnang for the free tickets before premier! The movie was quite cool! It was very violent, but super cool to watch! I have to say that the storyline was way better than "Accident". The casts were Gerard Butler(300), Jamie Foxx(Dreamgirls), and also a very familiar face - Leslie Bibb(Popular). Yes, she was a cheerleader back in those days in Popular! For this movie, the rating is:

Character: 8/10 [The cast was quite strong]
Story: 7.5/10 [ Great from the beginning to the end]
Effect: 8/10 [very high tech the gadgets in the movie]
Not to forget that, Nuffnang also provides me the movie pics^^Thanks again!

Bought Ticket
  • Beyonce I am Concert 2009 (25 Oct 2009) - Postponed
Yes, I also realised that we can't win everything. So, my sis and I decided to buy Beyonce's concert tickets even though both of us are very stingy people! Yet, to our dismay, she decided to postpone the concert. Haiz, actually, I think that there is no problem with her coming to Malaysia to perform ooo. If there are problems, her MTV should be banned in TV. But, I still can watch her MTV on local tv networks. Haiz!!! Plus, it is our consumer right as well. If you think that her dressing is not appropriate due to religous matter, then, prohibit those who are bound by religion from attending her concert. Well, personally, I think she is a performer! That is her way of performing and you can't change that! Oh well, in the end, it took me half a day to return her tickets! Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Beyonce, please come back(><)

P.S: This summarises the 3 type of tickets in this post! Tata for now, it is time to continue my dreadful study life!!!!
今 勉強します!


Bravebear said...

Half a day to return the tickets... must be frustrating... hahaha!

Xjion89 said...

yup, and the most frustrating thing is that i think she is not coming ><

KahJoon_AJ said...

haiz...sooo lucky ooo u got free ticket!sooo good!
kesian all those beyonce fansie...malaysia is like dat ge la,tot their are the greatest =.=

Wei Han said...

accidents seem quite lame from u.. lol
lucky didnt watch.

ç£@Réñ©€ said...

Heh.. Some more free tickets. I don't like you. =.=
lol.. Jk jk

Congrats, buddy! :)

AtelierGal said...

censorship on Malaysian TV is equally frustrating!

fufu said...

beyonce.... is she coming to frankfurt too???

Xjion89 said...

haiz, suan lah. Msia just blocked one of the best performers in the world to come!

the behind part really not nice!

haaaaa, plz dun hate me...(><)

Yes, really! Kissing is a crime on tv@@

I have no idea@@

kenwooi said...

so nice you get free tickets.. haha..
i watched law abiding citizen too..
the story was good! enjoyed it! =D