Monday, August 31, 2009

The UP-heaval Prelude of Life Symphony With A Beautiful Merdeka Day^^

Last Wednesday, I finally went out with Janice, Shiwei, Alice and Yvonne like a mini farewell for Janice who is going to transfer to UK this September. Oh, many of my friends are venturing to the other side of the world. Yet, I am still here - the same old me~~~~ I felt like the old man in the [Up] movie.

Haha, however, that old man really lives!!!! Well, the story begins with the old man meeting his active-energetic future during his childhood. They have all the dreams in the world to live an adventurous life! Yup, they wanted to build a house on the edge of Paradise Waterfall@@. However, sometimes, life just don't follow the way we want to, right?! Well, their life was being portrait through this lovely song! I fell in love with the prelude of the movie (^^)!

The song was sweet and joyous at first. Full of colours, I would say. Yet, life is not perfect. Ups and Downs are almost inevitable! Sad things would happen. We lived life, we grew old - the cycle of life. Ooo, that scene was really touching! The feeling was some sort like what I have experience from [here]Wall-E!!! It was simple yet touching! Then, later, I found out that the writer of both movies were the same - Peter Docter!!!! Well, don't really know much about him! But, his way is simple;but, meaningful!(^^) This might be his magic?!

When his beloved wife passed away, old man was totally lost and kept himself sheltered from the outside. Until he was about to be sent to Old Folks' home, he decided to take the whole house to Paradise Fall, just to finish his lovely wife adventure's book! Of course, the cutie Chinese boy accidentally tagged along. They really ended on the Paradise Fall.

Ooo, from there, so many things happened!!!!He learned that he had to move on even though he is that old!!!! From his wife's adventure book, he learned that she really treasure every moment with him. Marrying him and growing old with him was her adventure of the lifetime(><)!!!! The story here taught us that nothing is too late; age is not a barrier; time waits for no one;... the list keeps going on~~~

Personal Ratings^^
Character: 7/10 [totally cool ooo!]
Story: 8/10 [ The beginning is so nice(><)!]
Effect: 9/10 [The helium-balloons just lit up my days!]

Of course, today is 31 August 2009!!! Yes, Malaysia is celebrating its 52nd Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Merdeka! Malaysia(^^)

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Simplicity of Sin Hup Kee

food and wine
Omg, I know that you all might think: "Another foodie post?!". Haha, it is really almost an unofficial turning into foodie blog. Just bear with me, because more foodie posts are coming up^^. What to do?! Holiday, not working, the only thing that I can do is to eat!!!!>< style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 102, 0);">Sin Hup Kee Restaurant [新合記飯店]. My family is really a regular customer of this restaurant! We are really a big fan of their dishes. Reasons: reasonable Cheap, delicious, and just simple! That's why today my post's title is The Simplicity of Sin Hup Kee. I think Ipoh-rians would be quite familiar with this restaurant (^^). If you want to experience a meal of family-like and simple taste of dishes, then you come to the right restaurant.

Below are our family personal preference. No matter how many times we go there, we would end up ordering the same dishes again and again and again and again ...infinity~~~haha
food and wine
The 1st dish that my dad would order would be this "baby" : Their Star Dish[招牌菜] : Dry-Fried Chicken or 干煎鸡[omg, the direct translation=.=!] No doubt, this dish is our favourite!!!

food and wine
Then, the next order would be this dish - Three-type Yolks Steam-egg or 三皇蛋 [something like that, I am not sure both Chinese and English@@]Another favourite!!!

food and wine
Then, we also would not forget this dish as well - longbeans with eggplants (^^). The dishes would be our basic 3-dishes lunch or dinner. However , if we have more companies, we would add our menu too!!!!

food and wine
Their Curry Fish Head is also quite famous!!![not as famous as Dry-Fried Chicken]hahahaha

food and wine
A simple vegetable would be suitable for all (^^)

If you have the chance to come down to Ipoh Perak, just find time to go to this restaurant and have a try. Who knows! You might fall in love with the Simplicity of Sin Hup Kee just like my family. One thing for sure, be sure to book table on peak days like special occasions(^^)

Now, enjoy your share of home-cooked meal visually lah;p

Sin Hup Kee Restaurant [
17, Jalan Leong Sin Nam
30300 Ipoh, Perak.

p.s: will sign out now[don't know why quite tired these days]
byebye さよなら
Good nitezzzzz お休みなさい

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nuclear Reactor in Malaysia?!

In the future 20 years or so, Malaysia might have its first nuclear reactor. I was rather surprised that our government has proposed to build nuclear reactor in Malaysia. Actually, around May 2009, I heard from my British lecturer, Dr. David that Malaysia are planning to build a nuclear plant to supply electricity and it would take around 20 years just to set up the plant.

After hearing the news, he asked us to discuss whether constructing a nuclear reactor plant is a wise move. Some of my course-mates were supportive of this idea. However, for me, I would oppose this idea. Reasons? Well, I can't deny that by building a nuclear plant, this would definitely support our needs for electricity and power. However, at the same time, we, Malaysians are taking a huge risk! About a few weeks ago, Star newspaper did a feature on nuclear plant. The pro-nuclear professors and influential people claimed that it is more environmental to use nuclear energy as it produces almost no emission of carbon dioxide. [It has its point]. But, the by-products of nuclear energy are more difficult to deal with. Not only it is radioactive, it is also quite difficult to find ample spaces to store them.

Now, let's say that the security of the nuclear reactor is more than enough. We should not be overshadowed by the past - for example, The Chernobyl's Disaster. Let's be open-minded! -some experts said. However, the horror of nuclear reactor plants' failures would breed decades of radioactivity in our lives -causing us to suffer enormous severe illnesses. In my opinion, Malaysia is a bless land-Sunlight 365 days, beautiful beaches, ... We can explore other ways to gain energy as nuclear energy is not really necessary in Malaysia. Solar energy is gaining its popularity(^^).

Finally, nuclear reactors need raw materials to generate energy - the main ingredient - Uranium. Since 20 years are needed to set up a plant, can we predict the future?! There are so many countries using nuclear energy - e.g : France. But, is it wise to follow their footstep.?Just like fossil fuel, one day, uranium would also have its limit! But, when do we know that will happen? Maybe 20 years later, uranium would be more expensive as the demand increases.

Reasons Not To Have Nuclear Reactor
  • location - where is it gonna to be build? outskirts? near kampong? If it were to be built near my house, I would definitely protest until my lungs out!
  • Trend - again, I think that our country is just following other countries trend! Now, my favourite facts - 1 min of sunlight = 1 year of the world energy supply!. If we can find a way to increase solar panels' efficiency, we would have almost never-ending energy.
  • Accident - if we can predict accidents, there would not be any accident! Human error, reactor failure.....

Herewith - I found 2 articles on nuclear reactor - pro [here] and anti[here] nuclear reactor.

So, what do you think?!
A nuclear reactor would solve the shortage of energy for our country for many years. But, sooner or later, new plants would be needed. From that, it would starts a chain reaction of nuclear reactor.

Is Malaysia big enough for nuclear reactors?

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Second Nuffnang Cheque Here(^^)

The titled said it all^^! I requested my payment around 28 June and it arrived about 4 August. I would consider this process to be quite efficient! Better than my 1st cheque [here]. Well, I have to say that it is all about timing. Yup, from my previous post[if you actually read it], my beautiful cat was suffering of crystals formation inside her bladder which subsequently cause her to urinate blood. After undergoing a surgery, she is now recuperating under my delicate care(^^). and I must say that the bill is not cheap at all!@@ But, it worth every single ringgit [not cent], because she is like my family member[10 years liao]

money and business

Since I am still holidaying, I have all the time to "star" off all my details. Hahaha, what to do?! To free liao ohhh!!! But, in less than a month time, the hectic lifestyle which will fix my biological clock - is going to return again! Yes, I am all "electrified" and "energized" to study !!!

Bring it on!!! I am not afraid of tests and assignments [So, I said it out loud for now only@@]haha

Last but not least, thanks Nuffnang and Advertisers ^^ Please keep on giving me more campaigns^^~~~~~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blood Crystals!!!


It had been half a year since I discovered my lovely, beautiful, cute, and angelic on the outside yet fierce baby kitty, Soya urinating a small amount of blood in her urine. Therefore, I sent her to the vet! When she was on medication, her condition was not that serious. When we thought that she was finally recovered, we decided to stop her medicine.

Then, about a week ago, her urine was seriously reddish! From that instance, I knew that surgery was really inevitable as the crystals inside her bladder were getting bigger day by day and were hurting her! Then, we sent her to the clinic to help her to remove those crystals inside her. Blood crystals were formed from my Soya's body after the surgery! [Pic above shows some fragment of the blood crystals] How awful is that!? Those crystals were really deadly yet if you look closely, they were like the petals of the flowers! Beautiful killer, should I say?!

Currently, Soya's condition is stable. Three days ago, just right after her surgery, she was crazily fierce! Her meow was so taunting!!! No kidding!!! We were trying to tighten her "the thing around her neck" so that she would not disturb her surgery wound. Well, the Miss Soya was not pleased!

Here she is - My Baby Soya!!!I think that now she is about 9-year-old which is equivalent to human lifespan of 63-year-old. [Omg, she is already in grandma category~~~] Yup, almost 10 years in our family, and I am proud to say that she is my fake girlfriend!!!(^^). Soya, please get well soon!!!! With her getting sick, I really have no mood to blog!!! Currently, taking care of her(^^) For more info on my baby girl, here is the link [My Lovely Soya].

Soya, please get well soon!!!
p.s: Plz support and click my ads-her bill is not cheap~~~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

G.I JOE: The Blonde Versus The Brunette

Oh gosh, it really had been a while since I had done any reviews on movies! Hahaha, just 2 months only[3 movies]! [Actually, not feeling that good these days..sicknesses everywhere]Anyway, this time, I went out with KL, ZY, and CK to Jaya Jusco! It was like a farewell to CK since he was leaving Malaysia to further his studies in US.

At first, I wanted to watch The Proposal by Sandra Bullock. Oh well, the 3 of them wanted G.I JOE: The Rise of Cobra instead. Okay, time to start the review!

Basically, G.I.JOE is an adaption of a cartoon series from USA [which I don't really remember]. Just like more cartoons, it is about good versus evil = G.I JOE versus Cobra. So, the movie started with the introduction of nano-mites as military weaponry. I wonder why they want to make this kind of weapon that could destroy our world. Back to the movie, of course, in order to transfer the nano-mites warheads, they were guarded by these two guys!
The Duke by Channing Tatum and Ripcord by Marlon Wayans.[ Actually, I don't really know much about them] Anyway, they were like the main characters in the movie. Suddenly, they were being attacked by a high-tech aircraft led by her....

Ana/Baroness by Sienna Miller [in black hair><, superhigh-heels and super tight leather suit] Of course, when Ana was just about to get her hands on the nano-warheads. They came to the rescue!

Scarlett by Rachel Nichols[from Alias] and Snake Eyes by Ray Park. Note that: In this movie, Snake Eyes was masked and in his tight leather suit from the beginning to the end!

Baroness' plan was failed. Of course, her boss was not pleased. Therefore, her boss sent her Storm Shadow by Byung-hun Lee to help her

Then, this time, the evil prevailed. However, the Joes did not waited long to strike back! Okay, I think it is time to stop before I reveal all the twists in the movie!

Anyway, personally, G.I JOE: The Rise of Cobra should change to G.I JOE: The Blonde Versus The Brunette. Haha, after watching the awesome action-pack movie, we just could not stopped discussing The Baroness' hair colour!@@ I think she looks better in her golden hair!!!! Well, my friends said otherwise! Let me analysis-
  • Britney Spears better in blonde
  • Kate Beckinsale better in brunette
  • Winona Ryder better in brunette[even though she was the true blonde]
  • Jessica Alba both blonder and brunette also fit her...
  • Sienna Miller better in blonde.......hahaha, my personal opinion~~~~~~

  • storyline - 5/10 [too predictable for me]
  • cast - 8.5/10 [most of the actors are quite handsome and pretty---even Victoria Supermodel acted in it, Karolina Kurkova]
  • effect - 9/10 [quite exciting]

Last but not least, since I am free, this 1, I made for you all!
OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: G.I JOE: The Rise of The Cobra

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Friendship KTV Down Memory Lane

About 8 years ago, I was living in that house (above pic).The most interesting part of my old house is that it is in between 2 mega shopping malls - Aeon(Jusco) and Tesco. However, Tesco was built after I moved. Anyway, when I was young, I used to walk alone to Jusco there to read books in MPH. That time, I was studying during afternoon session. It was really some good old memories! As for the land of Tesco, it was an abandoned land with all sorts of grasses and trees. When it rains, small pools of water would form everywhere. Haha, I still remembered that I could find a lot of tadpoles there! Haiz, just like that, time flew for more than 10 years!

Anyway, we still have to move on! After visiting Jusco and Tesco, I waited Mr Low to fetch me near Tesco! To where? Haha, to old Parkson Ria!!! To do what? To sing karaoke in EBOX!!!!
Yes, Mr Low, the model of the day(I am sure he will be super happy because I call him my model of the day), will be leaving Malaysia soon! It was like a farewell karaoke session! We started our session along with kokleong around 12pm ! Then, 4 hours of non-stop singing in the room! Then, the model had to leave early~~~always like that! Anyway, my songs of the day were:

爱爱爱by方大同-Love the lyrics a lot and the melody is so special!!!! I just love love love this song! Currently, this is my No.1! [But, Janice Wei's 大哥 will always be in my heart!]haha

I knew that this was an very old song! But, it was really touching leh! Well, I had no problem to sing high-pitched!..haha

Hmmm, you wonder why this song is here? Well, this is the officially farewell song for Ziyang!!! Hahaha, Ziyang can really move like Beyonce....hahaha(^-^)!!!!

Last but not least, I am a food person! We must not forget about the food! Including the food and 4 hours of singing, it cost about RM 11.50 including taxes per person! It was quite a good bargain!
food and wine
The food was not bad too!!!!

  • P.S: Mr. Low, you take care in US. Please maintain a healthy lifestyle there^^! All the best to you!. Gosh, really envy that you can go to US leh! If you meet Beyonce, please get me her autograph!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best Love Award

These days, if you are a consistent reader of my blog, you would know that my blog currently is full of temptation of delicious food! Yes, without realisation, my blog is becoming a foodie blog...haha...You need proofs? Here are they:

  1. Dim Sum Battle in Ipoh!
  2. Tenji
  3. New Zealand Natural Ice-cream!
  4. Man Best Invention - Bread!
Therefore, to cool down the foodie atmosphere in my blog, I decided to write this post instead of another food post! By the way, I am getting heavier day by day!!!!! It is definitely-really the time to stop eating non-stop!...haha

So, in this post, I am thanking Borneo Falcon for being so kind to me and for awarding me this 2 very nice awards! With both of these awards, here comes my Best Love Award Post!


The Lovely Blog Award and The Best Blog Award!

The rules for these awards are:

  1. To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
  2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
Following the tradition, I will pass on these 2 awards to:
  1. Kokleong
  2. Erlina
  3. Sabrina
  4. Hocmun
  5. Ahmike
  6. Eileen
  7. lichi
  8. Xing
  9. Via
  10. Crazywrazy
  11. Renaye
  12. Karmern
  13. ................
  14. ...............
  15. .....................................................................

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ipoh Dim Sum Fight - FuShan versus MingCourt

It had been days since I updated my blog. Well, actually, these few days, I wanted to update; yet, my lazy behaviour seemed to be in control! Until today, I had the urge to update my blog^^. Again, may I remind you all that I am having a super long holiday! What can I do?! Hmmmm, eating all the way in Ipoh loh(^o^). This time, the battle was on for FuShan and MingCourt(富山和明阁)! Two of the most famous Dim Sum Restaurants in Ipoh!

food and wine
Yup, I even have time to make this!><

food and wine
Okay, let's talk about FuShan first. Why? Because FuShan reopened its restaurant just a while ago! Yes, just opposite MingCourt! That is totally a direct fight ~~~Anyway, the new FuShan draws a lot of customers! A lot!!!!!!!!!! It was spacious inside; but, still abundant with customers. Sunday morning, my whole family had to wait so long for a small table(more than 30 mins!)! Haiz, however, I have to say that the decor was quite nice.

food and wine
Then, finally, we "fought" ourselves a table. As you can see, FuShan has its own custome-made chopsticks, teapot, plates and etc! The first orders were 猪肠粉 a.k.a pork-??? mee(haha, direct imperfect translation) and 糯米鸡 a.k.a glutinous rice chicken (this sounds better^^). They were just okay only!

food and wine
Of course, we did not just stopped there. Then, came along some dim sums. Due to the overwhelming of crowd there, there was not a lot of delicacies available. My bro even went out there and tried to find some. But, his attempts started to fail on the 3rd round! Haha!!! Above were what we tried that day. (The bill wasn't cheap too~~~~)

For FuShan, here are some of the nicer dishes!
food and wine

First, my favourite egg tart. (It was really tasty!) Then, the dough cake, 1st time taste it! Finally, my 烧卖 a.k.a steam....(I also don't have to translate, google the word if you don't understand!)


Then, after a week or so, my family had another visit to another Dim Sum Restaurant - MingCourt. Personally, I prefer MingCourt; but, some say that FuShan's food tastes better~~~Well, it depends, right! Go try yourself(^o^)!
food and wine
When we got there, it was rather obvious that its business was affected by FuShan reopen. (FuShan really attract a lot of people lah!). But, it was an ease to eat there! Haha, less people stare at you when you eat^^! Its glutinous rice chicken a.k.a 糯米鸡 simply was the best !!!! Yes, better than FuShan ;p....The fishballs were also better than FuShan^^.haha!!!

As for MingCourt, the unique dishes are....
food and wine
Mochi!!!Haha, I can't even see them in FuShan~~~~~~~

Yes, the battle has ended! Who wins? To me, it was MingCourt! However, it depends on you! Go try them and you decide^^!