Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nuclear Reactor in Malaysia?!

In the future 20 years or so, Malaysia might have its first nuclear reactor. I was rather surprised that our government has proposed to build nuclear reactor in Malaysia. Actually, around May 2009, I heard from my British lecturer, Dr. David that Malaysia are planning to build a nuclear plant to supply electricity and it would take around 20 years just to set up the plant.

After hearing the news, he asked us to discuss whether constructing a nuclear reactor plant is a wise move. Some of my course-mates were supportive of this idea. However, for me, I would oppose this idea. Reasons? Well, I can't deny that by building a nuclear plant, this would definitely support our needs for electricity and power. However, at the same time, we, Malaysians are taking a huge risk! About a few weeks ago, Star newspaper did a feature on nuclear plant. The pro-nuclear professors and influential people claimed that it is more environmental to use nuclear energy as it produces almost no emission of carbon dioxide. [It has its point]. But, the by-products of nuclear energy are more difficult to deal with. Not only it is radioactive, it is also quite difficult to find ample spaces to store them.

Now, let's say that the security of the nuclear reactor is more than enough. We should not be overshadowed by the past - for example, The Chernobyl's Disaster. Let's be open-minded! -some experts said. However, the horror of nuclear reactor plants' failures would breed decades of radioactivity in our lives -causing us to suffer enormous severe illnesses. In my opinion, Malaysia is a bless land-Sunlight 365 days, beautiful beaches, ... We can explore other ways to gain energy as nuclear energy is not really necessary in Malaysia. Solar energy is gaining its popularity(^^).

Finally, nuclear reactors need raw materials to generate energy - the main ingredient - Uranium. Since 20 years are needed to set up a plant, can we predict the future?! There are so many countries using nuclear energy - e.g : France. But, is it wise to follow their footstep.?Just like fossil fuel, one day, uranium would also have its limit! But, when do we know that will happen? Maybe 20 years later, uranium would be more expensive as the demand increases.

Reasons Not To Have Nuclear Reactor
  • location - where is it gonna to be build? outskirts? near kampong? If it were to be built near my house, I would definitely protest until my lungs out!
  • Trend - again, I think that our country is just following other countries trend! Now, my favourite facts - 1 min of sunlight = 1 year of the world energy supply!. If we can find a way to increase solar panels' efficiency, we would have almost never-ending energy.
  • Accident - if we can predict accidents, there would not be any accident! Human error, reactor failure.....

Herewith - I found 2 articles on nuclear reactor - pro [here] and anti[here] nuclear reactor.

So, what do you think?!
A nuclear reactor would solve the shortage of energy for our country for many years. But, sooner or later, new plants would be needed. From that, it would starts a chain reaction of nuclear reactor.

Is Malaysia big enough for nuclear reactors?


Wei Wen said...

what i scare is the lack of expertise in handling and maintenance of the reactor.

Borneo Falcon said...

Nuclear reactor seems to be the easiest way to get massive energy in a single plant. However, our country is blessed with sun shine and etc. Wonder why they never bother to explore it. Plus, hyro electric is another clean energy option

Wei Han said...

u seem like doing ur assignment question.
i dun mind having nuclear reactor actually.. (as long as it's not near to my place) hehe

Xjion89 said...

well, according to my lecturer, our government might buy the techno from other countries. But, I don;t think they can buy "person" to handle the reactor. it is not cheap to hire sum experts from foreign countries.....

[Borneo Falcon]
indeed, it produces a lot more energy compared to other type of reactors. But, again, developing nuclear reactor need a long period of time, huge sum of money, and to a risk of leakage....I would recommend mixture of energy - solar + hydro [for normal season] and wind + hydro [for monsoon season or rainy season]

hahaha, hv to start practice now mah. blogging is a way to practice my writing skills^^

haha, i also don't mind if Msia is as big as China or US. But, Msia don't really hv an isolated space to store those radioactive by-products. Plus, if accident occurs [if], it would effect the whole peninsular woh~~~~since our states in msia are quite a close-knit community.

SJ said...
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SJ said...

m'sia would turn some parts of the seasides into lands perhaps so that it would be big enough for nuclear reaction. haha.

fufu said...

they have so many money to buy these high techno weapons?? ask them improve the bad traffic and the political situation first la ><

Xjion89 said...

haaaa, then, mai no more nid seaside liao><

yup, they hv the money. haha, they dun care abt the other stuffs. if they really care, these would not a problem at all...

Anonymous said...

I STRONGLY agree with the plan to setup a nuclear reactor in Malaysia.

There's an existing nuclear reactor in Malaysian Institute of Nuclear Technology (MINT) in Bangi. So, there's no big deal. Don't be so negative instead be more optimistic..

Superbearman89 said...

Hmm, 1st of all, nuclear reactor must be built near the sea. 2ndly, there is a nuclear reactor in Malaysia. I forgot where it is, but obviously not many knew about its existence. In the end, a YES to nuclear reactor in Malaysia in 2025.

Xjion89 said...

Well, I oppose the idea of nuclear reactor becoz we have other options. We are the decider at the end!

If we can utilise solar or tidal or wind energy, why do v need to take a risk and produce radioactive wastes that could last like forever~~~

Yes, I knew abt that too. But, it was solely for research purpose only.

Currently, they wan to built a big 1!
so, u tell me whre will they built? Menglembu ke?!

In 2025, when we are all old, the situation will be different. At that time, most probably, a lot of countries would choose to use nuclear energy. Then, countries would start to fight for resources [uranium]. Can the uranium supply supply all the whole? if so, for how long? will it end up like the fate of fossil fuel?

But, if we use other renewable energy[eg>solar], we would not hv to worry about resources shortage[sunlight] for like forever^^

Think about it!

I oppose the ideal of nuclear reactor. But, nt against it! I am emphasizing that if we hv other choice, why do v need to use nuclear energy?!

Anonymous said...

Yes. You can utilise solar or tidal or wind energy, but the efficiency is less. Do you know that for solar photovoltaic cells, the maximum efficiency is only 20% and you need alot of solar panels.

For nuclear energy, you only need a small amount of uranium or cobalt-60, e.g. 10grams who can generate a great amount of energy to light up a whole city for the whole year rather than solar or wind.

So, in the end of the day, you need to take into consideration of the physics and efficiency behind, not just safe or dangerous.

Of course in order to setup a nuclear reactor, all the necessary safety measures will be taken care of. So whats the worry? Malaysia will be way behind all the developed countries if everyone is afraid and does not dare to venture. As the saying goes "Katak Bawah Tempurung" or "Mountain Tortoise"

Xjion89 said...

First and foremost, nuclear plants need at least 20 years to set up. In this 20 years, things would change. Well, mybe, solar photovoltaic's efficiency could be enhanced. Instead of using nuclear energy only after 20 years, why not experts find ways to increase solar panels' efficiency.

Uranium is not cheap though~~~ In 20 years, how many supply would be left?! Maybe its price would soar high! There is no guarantee of a stable price~~~

Like you said, Malaysia already has 1 nuclear reactor .....but, i think it is like a research center. So, we are not so far behind.

Why not we become the different 1? Use mix energy instead of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is not the only option~~~~^^

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