Monday, August 24, 2009

The Second Nuffnang Cheque Here(^^)

The titled said it all^^! I requested my payment around 28 June and it arrived about 4 August. I would consider this process to be quite efficient! Better than my 1st cheque [here]. Well, I have to say that it is all about timing. Yup, from my previous post[if you actually read it], my beautiful cat was suffering of crystals formation inside her bladder which subsequently cause her to urinate blood. After undergoing a surgery, she is now recuperating under my delicate care(^^). and I must say that the bill is not cheap at all!@@ But, it worth every single ringgit [not cent], because she is like my family member[10 years liao]

money and business

Since I am still holidaying, I have all the time to "star" off all my details. Hahaha, what to do?! To free liao ohhh!!! But, in less than a month time, the hectic lifestyle which will fix my biological clock - is going to return again! Yes, I am all "electrified" and "energized" to study !!!

Bring it on!!! I am not afraid of tests and assignments [So, I said it out loud for now only@@]haha

Last but not least, thanks Nuffnang and Advertisers ^^ Please keep on giving me more campaigns^^~~~~~


Borneo Falcon said...

Keep it up. I also receive my 2nd cheque this month

Superbearman89 said...

wow, 4 digits woh~~~~

Xjion89 said...

[borneo falcon]
congratzzzzz to0(^^)

aiyo, no lah! whre got tat much?! the no. of star is not equal to the no. of digits. ok! anyway thanks^^

fufu said...

i still have no idea how to make money by blogging.... friends keep telling me that my blog could make $$$ but anyway glad you got the $$ =p when you wanna belanja me makan??

seon said...

congratzz...still a long way for me before tat

Christine said...

congrats for ur second pay cheque.. =)

Xjion89 said...

well, u can get google ads , nuffnang, adverlet....a lot of tools on9 nowadays. haha, u belanja me 1st lah. i still nid to make more and save more money to get a dslr^^

thanks^^ and thanks for dropping by!

thanks (^^)~~~~~~~~arigatou^^

Anonymous said...

Congraz wor! So good got 2nd cheque liao!

SJ said...

great! i haven't even got my first one. still waiting. long way to go. haha. congrats anyway! =)

ps comment for my posts too? win-win situation? thank you! =)

Xjion89 said...

haha, thanks^^

it will come soon!!! juz keep holding on~~~ ok, coming to visit^^

yimie said...

LOL nuffgang can earn more than google ads r?
im new~~ need advice from u~