Saturday, January 24, 2009

My First Nuffnang Cheque(^^)

Finally, my request for my cash out had arrived on Jan 5 which I requested on Mid of November 2008. But, at that time, I was still in KL. Therefore, I asked my mum to keep it first. I just wanna have a look at the real cheque! (Hehe, silly me). Anyway, I have blogged for almost a year! Omg, time just files!

Ooo, I have worked hard to maintain my blog. Well, occasionally, I "dumped" My Little World due to reasonable reasons?! Hehehe, for example, final examination!!!!! But, starting this blog is quite fun for me. Writing is a passion of mine. When I am feeling down, I really can put all the bad energies here...Sorry bloggie!!!! When I have good news, I share with you all. What is so great about blogging is that I can meet people from all walks of life. As you can see from my blogroll, they just keep on expanding! Anyway, here are something about me and my blog.

Some Interesting Facts on My Little World:
  • This is my 114th post! Omg, I miss my 100th post! Haha, I just kept on writing!
  • My blog unique visitors have reached more than 10k! (It is unique visitor!!!hehe)
  • My Little World's banners are ever-changing.
  • The Author has not shown his real face or introduce himself to the public. But, he did post a picture of himself in a group. Anyway, appearance is not important. I bet you all do not want to see my not-so-nice face at all.
  • Xjion89 is a creation from my Chinese Name
  • Currently English: Jaylee

Nuffnang 1st cash out!!!
Yes, finally, here is the cheque. Okay, guys. I know that this is not a huge you know who...Mr Kennysia. But, to me, it is quite a lot. Ngam ngam enough for me to buy some Chinese New Year stocks. Hehehe........

About RM100.00 thanks to 10000 of people!
  • Numerically: Every visitor worth RM 0.01 /1 cent
  • Sentimentally: Every visitor is priceless
  • Ultimately: Thanks for all of the support! I heart you all! Keep on supporting my blog!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!! Moooooooooooo....................


Kelvin Sim said...

Congrates for your cash out!

maRCus said...

My blog unique visitors have reached more than 10k! (It is unique visitor!!!hehe)

you MUST tell me how you achieve tht!! waay cool! XD

renaye said...

good on u! i'm waiting for my CNY gift. hehe.

RYN: happy chinese new year to u and ur family! may u get lots of angpow this year.

i'm trying to get a digital camera but not so soon.

Ahmike said...

Wow bro, I donno when mine will arrive.. maybe years? xD

NVM. Can't give me angpao NVM. My burfday is coming. hehe, you know what to do d :P

Bro, 10k per month? wow! That's a lot.
Oh ya, Happy Moo Moo year for you and family too haha

Nic said...

i want too!! haha.. u got 98.75. lol cheque got write in words.. haha

Yi Ling said...

wow! congrats! HAPPY CNY =)

Xjion89 said...

[Kelvin Sim]

hehe, u are unique everyday, said the meter....hahaha

Yup, have to choose carefully. I prefer nikon(^^)

Come on, dun be that humble. Maybe 2moro, it will arrive....haha. Whre got, only 2000 per month......

ops, hahaha. thanks

[Yi ling]
thanks thanks thanks(^^)