Friday, January 23, 2009

Life Beyond Time and Space[LaMB Post 1]

Earth is a blessed land with the availability of natural resources that fulfill the needs of living beings. With the perfect weather to grow food such as crops, fruits and others, humans are living comfortably. However, living in the small globe of land, have you ever wonder the existence of other life forms on the other planets? Or, is it only Earth that could sustain the life?


LaMB takes place on the planet of Cerra. LaMB actually stands for "Lamination". It is a form of justice system that imprisons the criminals by absolutely controlling their speech and action. (LaMB, 2008-09)(For more information, please log on to system is implemented on a colonised planet - Cerra. Cerra is located "25 light years from Earth". (LaMB, 2008-09) Well, now, the question is - do you believe that life forms exist on other planet? Yes, as stated earlier, Earth might be the optimum planet for living beings. But, there are also probabilities that harsh condition planet could also breed the life of living organisms. As long as the star shines, it brings life to the planets!

The Miky Way's Oldest Planet

When I was young, I learned about the theory of astronomy. Universe consists of Galaxies. Galaxies consists of Solar System. Solar System consists of Planets. Simple, yet too overwhelming to master them all. I still remember a famous quote from X-File: "We are not Alone!!!" (X-Files, 1993) The Universe is enormous and there might even be Multiverse. For example, the bright blue planet which is twice as old as the Earth might be a place where advanced organisms survive even though there are still no proofs to confirm that. Therefore, to say that we are only living beings in the Universe, that might be an over-statement! I believe that Universe would have enough time and space to sustain other life forms beyond us.

Well, if there are other life forms on other planet, how would they look like? Would they look like us? Maybe, we/they would be like them/us. Maybe, our basic needs are the same. Maybe, we go through the same cycle of life - we are born, we grow up, we start to learn, we graduate, we fall in love, we get married, we have children, we support our children, we grow old, and we die. (That is life.) But, will they look like us? When a person asks you about the other life forms, or perhaps, aliens, how would your first impression be? Well, I have to say that some people are being "poisoned" with the images from the movie series "Alien". Maybe, other life forms would look like that or not. What I believe is that, maybe, they would have the other distinctive features but they almost look like us. Maybe, they have wings?! or Maybe, they have weird skin tone, like blue people. There are too many probabilities.

This might be too much!!!(Alien)

The story of LaMB takes place on the planet Cerra. Do you believe that life forms exist on other planets?

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