Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Belated PC Fair 2008

Just now, I was cleaning all the way. Since my laundry had piled up as high as mountains just like those in Ipoh, I had to do my own laundry. Anyway, the cleaning is still in progress, but, I am taking some time off to rest for a while, blog, and catch my favourite show ever -"Gilmore Girls".

Now, I would like to share my PC fair 2008 experience in KLCC with you all. Ooo, I know that PC Fair is really a super old news. But, it totally spiced up my life and ended my 2008 with a blast!!!!

Everything started off with Twin Towers... Well, me, my sis and my sis' boyfriend went together to KLCC again after celebrating my sis' birthday a week ago. The place was super crowded. The main objective was to get a new laptop for me and my sis. Anyway, at the end, everything was way off from our original plan. At the end, these were what we got!

pc fairpc fair
The left was the FM mp3 player. Apart from that, look at the freebies we got! Plus, we got a few pendrives too. It was so cheap! 4Gb pendrive only RM24!!!!

Finally, my sis had chosen her laptop. It was ASUS F80. As for me, I was about to get myself a Toshiba Satellite L310. But, the price of Toshiba back then was like roller-coaster riding, from RM2300 with no free gifts. Then, it increased to RM2400 with free gifts. But, just minutes later, it was fixed the price of RM2400 with no free gift, but, can choose between a filter jug or a free upgrade to 4Gb. I was fed up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, I did not have the mood already!!! But, the story did not just end here. Well, my sis' laptop needed 5 working days before she could get it. Well, we also had to collect by ourselves at Low Yat Plaza.

Anyway, after that, we collect from the shop. But, the laptop turned to be something fishy. Well, the laptop was supposed to be free Dos. But, when we turned on the laptop, to our surprise, it was installed with temporary Windows Vista. Well, this had gotten "better" when there was even a demo folder with songs.

I was fustrated and my sister was angry. Anyway, to cut the wild goose chase, I went there to change the laptop with my housemate and her boyfriend. {Omg, I am always the light bulb!} Anyway, the main point is that when we, as the consumers, are being treated unfairly, we must fight for our right!

Now, it is time to stop writing because I have to continue my cleaning task. I would not have enough time tomorrow since it is outing day!!!! I am going back to Ipoh soon too! I really can't wait anymore!><

So, I would everybody advanced in

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!


Ahmike said...

LOL at Omg, I am always the light bulb..

Hey bro, not so old la, keep it as memory in your blog ma right?

Baby said...

what? they give a demo laptop instead a new 1? cheating!

xiaoyingzi said...

OhMyLollipop! How can they do this to their customers ?! Bad service ~~~

Borneo Falcon said...

Hey, you watched Gilmore Girls as well. I watched the series many year back before they switch it from TV3 to TV8. I stopped watching it as there is no TV8 here

lcfu said...

still the fair in spore sounds better =) especially the last day =p

Xjion89 said...

Haiz, what to do ? I am really a light bulb, but an energy-saving one.hahaha. Yup, because I have a habit to read back my blog(dairy)

That why I have to go to Low Yat Plaza 2 times. It is really so irresponsible!

Haiz, we all have to be careful. Sometimes, some people are not really honest. But, there might be some misunderstanding. They said that they gave us the wrong laptop(@ @)

{Borneo Falcon}
Yes, my favourite show ever and 8tv finally broadcast it! I have been waiting for so long! ooo, too bad. But, u can download or buy DVD.

Of course, S'pore is like bullet train, M'sia is like ktm. I don't think I need to say more.

Johnny Ong said...

toshiba is a good buy. known for its toughness.

Xjion89 said...

Yup, but, the price back then was too unstable, I was about to buy it. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

Sugar Baby said...

come and have a visit : )