Friday, January 30, 2009

Winning All The Way(^^) [Part 1 ]

Oh, finally, after posts of posts of my life and contest posts, I can finally share some winning news with you all. My life goes like this. Cookies baking - - - - - Chinese New Year Home Decor - - - - - Angpow Time - - - My Birthday - - - Primary School Classmate Reunion - - - Receiving my new semester timetable - - - Going back to Uni.

Well, before I am going into Chinese New Year Posts ( A lot of images to be edited), I am going to share with you all some little prizes that I managed to snatch.

  1. CNN Different Perspective of The World Grand Prize Winner.
  2. Whiskas Winning Vote.
There are much more prizes I would like to tell you. But, I am quite busy; therefore, I am dividing this post into 2 posts. Haha, so, you would not want to miss a thing! Stay tune for more updates. Now, let's have a look a the prizes!

CNN Different Perspective of The World Grand Prize Winner.
cnn winner
I remembered that I took part in this contest from . The contest was simple. I needed to write a slogan on How CNN change my perspective of life. Omg, I forgot the slogan! Too bad, next time, I should keep a record!(><). Anyway, the grand prize really surprised me. It was an old-style camera with films! I am not joking!!!! Haha, but, there is something very magical about it!
CNN winner

Ooo, the packaging is awesomely cool! I really love the little red box. In the middle of the box, the treasure is shining! Yes, my grand prize is actually a special CNN edition of Lomolito !


This effect is also known as lomographic effect. Haha, I have already tried to take some "artistic" shots with it. But, I have to developed the films before I could show you all. Anyway, my uni mate, Ah Jhen also really loves lomography. So, if I bump into her, sure ask her some tips(^^)

Whiskas Winning Vote.
Whiskas wiiner
Yes, these are really free gifts. You just need to send in your vote and there they are - RM100 worth of prizes are in you hands. Anyway, I would like to say that the super pink beg is for my mum; the pen is for dad; the photo frame is for my siblings(^^). That settles it! But, before ending my post, I have a gorgeous supermodel posing for my gifts. (^^)

Whiskas wiiner111
Aren't she adorable? She is my baby cat, Soya!!! Well, currently, my almost 8-year-old cat is just sleeping beside me. I am so gonna miss her like crazy when I go back to KL.

P.S: I am super tired because I was "ambushed" by my primary school friends just now. Omg, I did not meet some of them for 8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We really had a great laugh of our lives!!!(^^)

P.S: Haiz, my Primary teacher said that my look is the same! Sien, I want to change !!!!


BeArLeOnG89 said...

You look the same after 8 years you left your primary school? Oh man, you're 千年姥姥!XD

lcfu said...

i wanna get a lomocam too!!! seem you are so lucky in the beginning of 2009 ya...a good sign!!

renaye said...

i forgot to ask my uncle for feng shui tips!

Pinoy Contests said...

Congratulations! Visit my blog for other contests you can join--and win!

Ahmike said...

I like LomoCam one.. I got one for myself.. but without the CNN word la..

Xjion89 said...

haizzz, mybe the face. my body is still growing horizontally.!

haha, thanks thanks thanks!(^^)

Ooo, faster phone him!!!hahaha...

thanks! I will.

hahaha, CNN is just a CNN. U can get better !