Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Lovely Soya...

To be frank, my house is almost like a zoo. I have dogs, cat, guinea pig, and used to have a tortoise. Right now, I still lack of an iguana, a snake, an adorable chinchilla, and a little hamster. But, if I get more pets, my mum sure will.....I have no idea. I think for this moment, I will stop. So, in this blog, I want to introduce my lovely cat this time.

My pet cat's name is Soya. Sometime, I also call her Soby, Baby,.. She is just my baby. Hahaha, please don't feel "geli" or "gross" because she is as cute as a baby. I love her light blue eye, white-furred body, and her unique black nose. That is my Soya. Now, I am going to show a few picture of her.


Even though she is such a beauty, she has a "diva" temper. Sometimes, she is even worse than really diva. Well, she doesn't like people to hold her. If you mess with her, she will bite. When you pamper, this ungrateful angel will certainly "attack". This is how she repay our love to her. Above all of this, she is still an angel from the outside only.Hahaha..So, you have to be patient with her, she is the diva.

so relax

Doesn't she look like an angel? She is so white.

I talked about her look and personality. But, I haven't talked about her journey to our home. My sister and I actually adopted her from a clinic. She was tiny that time. Too bad, I didn't have the copy of that. Eversince she came into our lives, she brought all sorts of emotions into our lives as well,

happy because she is so cute,
sad because she bites horribly,
clueless because she loves to hide outside for days,
grateful because she comes back safe and sound.

I really treat her like a family members, so does my family. She is a part of our lives for almost 8 years. She is still my baby even she is about 4o years older than me(animal life span sometimes is 7 times faster than human life span). She was, she is , she will be my baby no matter what.(She is getting fatter, hopefully, don't become obese).

sleepy head

lovely face


Zi Yang said...

Wah, you bought the cat or just adopted it outside from that clinic? So nice to not only a pet at home! I wish I could own one as well! Take care of her ohh..^^

Xjion89 said...

adopted one..hehehe, i love her,but, when she bites, it really hurts..