Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Chicken Rice @ Serdang


My sis always visit this chicken rice shop in Serdang like always!This shop is located just passed the small and jam road at Jalan Besar, Serdang. Anyhow, every time, we go there, we can see a lot of people. Personally, I think this is the place where my sis and bro-in-law dating the most. 


Ta Da~~~ This is the chicken rice!!!  Of course, it also provides a range of duck, pork rice and etc....

For me,  my fav is the soup they offers, sometimes, they have potatoes lobak soup, herbal soup, lobak soup, etcss. depends on what they have.^^


Friday, February 17, 2012

The Unhealthy Property Development in Ipoh, Perak?

Ipoh is a beautiful city located in Perak state. It is widely well-known to be a food heaven and a perfect retiring spot! The environment there is still not too developed. However, recently, when I make trip back to Ipoh, it seems to be developing quite fast. There are so many shop lots and cars in Ipoh now!

Well, it is kinda great to see such development; but, I felt sad to see the gradual increase in pollution around the city. Then, the biggest issue comes to my mind. Despite all the happening events in Ipoh, the price of material, food, transportation and houses is also increasing. 


For instance, the mee I usual eat was just around RM2. Now, it already sky-rocketed to RM5 (almost equivalent to KL rate). Anyway, the most outrageous is the newly-built houses in Ipoh. Well, I don't want to mention which developer, but, in such ways, it actually puts heavy burden on fresh graduates and other working people. In Ipoh, it is not easy to find a high-paid job! Now, the salary didn't increase for years, but the houses' price are extremely expensive!

Now, 1stly, I think almost whole Malaysia's properties are like increasing crazily!!!!! @@~ This of course also affects Ipoh's property to increase. But, does Ipoh have that many people to buy property??? Is it necessary to build so many houses there? Is the population in Ipoh increasing? A semi-D in Ipoh is more expensive than in places like Serdang ---- around RM700k...A bit speechless when I read the advertisement! A bungalow cost RM 1 million @@~~~~~~~WOW, Ipoh, i thought is one of the poorest cities in the country....

If a fresh graduate just got a job with salary of RM 2500, is he or she capable to the houses in Ipoh? NO ~~~~~~~ Since the houses here is almost equivalent to KL, why don't people buy in KL? Therefore, instead of letting the developers keep on building non-stop, government should really take time to review such development whether is healthy or not. At least, they should control the volume and the price of the house. If too many houses are built with less demand, it would only cost the price of the houses to fall! If too few houses are built, it would cost the price to shoot as high as Mount KK!

And, lastly, Ipoh is such a  beautiful place with quite a lot of natural heritage! I hope that government should provide proper planning on the development!!!!!!! Don't just build for the sake of development and economy! Environment is still the most important!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Story of A Reptile

It is so common to find household lizard everywhere. Some of my friends are terrified with lizards. I think sometimes, I am also afraid of them where they unexpectedly appear. Anyhow, one day, I was cleaning up my piles of magazine. Suddenly, it just dropped out from nowhere!
I admitted: I screamed like there was no tomorrow. 

Sometimes, we got startled maybe due to sudden appearance of these creatures like cockroach, rat, and etc....Anyhow, this is such a random post! Yup, another emo Sunday for me (><). These days, my mood is easily affected, I wonder why! Oh well, lastly, lizards make good models (^^)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tron Legacy: A Present Hidden behind Memories

I still remembered about 10 years ago, I watched Tron - the 1st movie. At that time, fascination filled within me because it was a movie really ahead of time with cool actions and effects. Of course, compared to the movie nowadays, the effects that time were really not that impressive. However, the storyline and imagination during that time was extremely good!

Then, until now, the sequel: Tron Legacy finally came out. Yes, it was already 2 years ago@@Omg, how time flew! Seriously! Anyhow, I was clearing out some stuffs. Then I found these!
Oh yes, I won some goodies online (^^) Now, I am using them happily (^^) My fav is still the shining mug coaster. How much good memories last time! Despite feeling emo these days, looking through these old stuffs is like a breath of fresh air ....


Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Chronicle of Unexpected Life

It was plain funny! So, I accidentally got a free GSC gift ticket. So, I decided on the mist of going to my hometown again; I would stopped by at the Midvalley for a little detour for movie. It was either between Underworld or War Horse.

Unexpectedly, the gift ticket was only valid for normal screening@@ Thus, that time, Underworld was around 4pm (a bit late) and War Horse (2D)....Then, I was by the staff there that my gift could not redeem 2D movie. I was and am still puzzled what is the difference between 2D, 3D, and normal screening! ??? Can any body tell me?

Anyhow, unexpectedly, I had chosen to watch . Despite positive review of the movie, it wasn't my taste at all. It was filming in such that similar to and . The idea and the plot of the movie is really interesting. But, maybe at the end, they can use back the non-video style to film the movie!Or else,  it would be awesome !!!!!

This is the bad guy(Dane DeHaan)! No really, the good thing about this movie is that it bravely shows the truth of an abusive family in which it often leads to unhealthy mental development of the children. I wouldn't recommend people who are too young to watch this because it did somehow gives a bad lesson even he suffers at the end.

  Here are the 3 guys who accidentally become super humans! I still think that the movie still didn't explain clearly on what happens. The left guy (Alex Russell) is apparently the good guy who is related the bad guy. The whole movie basically used all new actors!

After the movie, I ran back to my hometown again!(^^)! Oh my god!!!! It took me a freaking 5 hours to reach Ipoh at around 12.30am!!!!!!!! It was really unexpected! There was apparently a car accident there. Yup, or else, it would just be normal trip!!!!~~~


Friday, February 3, 2012

Jarrod and Rawlins


As continued from the previous, we celebrated my friend birthday at Jarrod & Rawlins Damansara!!!! Salute to my friends, they really knew how to select the restaurant~~~Anyhow, we reached there for lunch time for promo with set lunches ^^


The typical Western style food. So, it was still fine (^^)

The set came with bread and butter. You can even choose your own slide dishes (^^) Overall, it was yummy, but, didn't really satisfy my enormous appetite (><)....Yup, totally gaining weight!!!!
My friend ordered the nice nice burger set. The most interesting part was the weird pickle...hahahahaha~
Friend with smaller appetite just ordered pancake!!!! But, the portion was ok too~~

Mind I remind you that the price was above average ~~~

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PastryCulture for You! (^^)


It had been quite some time I blog about foodie. With all the crazy stuffs happening, I barely have any mood to do blogging. Yet, sometimes, writing down the little article is really therapeutic! (^^). This time, me and my unimates were excited to get a cake from PastryCulture in Tropicana Mall. 


Here was the prizzie for her too (^^) So, it was a little fairy presentation! Kinda cute (^^)


Here was the cake! Super nice (^^)


A slice of heavenly-taste cake! Yup, a bit fattening though..hahahaha~~


Here is the birthday girl! So fast know her for 4 years already! Time really flew like light @@~~~
Despite a over-delayed post( yup, really long time ago), it was a good memory!^^