Thursday, November 27, 2014

United Kingdom Adventure: Nottingham

Oh Oh Oh!!!!! In a flash, I have been in the United Kingdom for 3 months! 9 more months before I return to my lovely home country, Malaysia! Hahahaha, anyhow, here is it! The houses in Nottingham look as above - red bricks with chimney!!!!!! So far, this area is quite peaceful and very near with University Park of Nottingham. 

To the city, I can see that the city council of Nottingham actually seems to be quite like a mini white house of USA. The architecture in UK definitely is an eye-opening to me because it is very hard to find such buildings in Malaysia. This seem-to-be peaceful old market square often hosts different events! Now, it houses the Wonderland of Christmas Market which I might be covering in the future, hopefully!!!!

Oh yes, looking the cars here in UK! I was so lucky to bump into a wedding at the city council! The black car for the bride and the red bus for the guests! Such a beautiful event !

Yup, this is the city of Nottingham with nice food and beautiful buildings! In the next post, I will be covering the Nottingham Castle! Oh yes, there are too many castle in Nottingham. Till then, tata (^^)