Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Ever-Moving Chop Yong Restaurant

Procrastination, a thief of time? Yes, indeed, I have been a strong procrastinator since the time I know myself. Hahaha, anyhow, Chop Yong Restaurant, an ever-on-the-move restaurant moved for the 3rd time. The photos below was taken in the 2nd move. 

It was located in the wet market area. Sadly, with such frequently relocation, it would be difficult to build up the customer list. Oh well, I am not the expert here.


Despite not a big fan of dragonfruit, I have fondness towards its juice(^^)~ The other 1 is the "sally" juice with sour prunes. (Can anybody tell me the real name of "Sally"?) The simple corn was quite nice 2!

A simple meal for 4! Taufu, vegetable, ginger chicken and Thai fried chicken. Overall, the taste of the dishes were really home-like. The price was quite reasonable!

The only problem is that you have to find its current location!!!! Really like the Moving Castle.!!! hahahaha~