Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nestle Photo Contest Consolation Win (^^)

It had been a while since I won anything. I was so pre-occupied with other stuffs (life, work, etc.). Anyway, I just tried my luck with an online competition with Nestle (Not promo or adver post; how I wish to do ad post (><) ).  Surprisingly, my post on the sunrise theme hit the minor jackpot as the winner of the consolation prize (^^). Yuppie! I can sense my luck is coming back to papa.!!! Hahaha!!~ Anyhow, I uploaded the photo of sunrise scenery with the caption "At the Mount KK with a Cup of Nestum".  

Those were items won for my entry! Two (2) packs of weird flavoured-Nestum-3-in-1 drinks - Ginseng and Dong Gui!!! (@@) Yup, you tell me about it! I was reluctant to try at 1st. But, it was quite okay! Especially for those who really need the energy-boost! I felt the aroma and the taste was well-blend with the oats and definitely healthy to drink it (^^)

Nestle representative even couriered me the little photo frames! How sensitive they were! Hahahaa! It was a boost to my self-esteem that my Lumix FS6, despite being a weak compact camera, can still shot some nice photos. Anyhow, it was so saddening that just yesterday my FS6 died upon me (><) after the adventurous Gua Tempurung trip. Don't feel like spending a fortune to fix it ~~ Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Restaurant Ipoh 新怡保饭店 @ Ipoh

 Even though Ipoh is publicly known as the "Retirement Town", it still develops like hot cake as there are more and more tourists coming here to visit. Anyway, the most common phenomena in Ipoh is that the youngsters will either go to KL or overseas to study or to work, leaving their senior parents at home. You might think that they will be bored to death without their children by their sides; but, you are so wrong! In fact, most of them are more adventurous in further exploring Ipoh for good food. And, they are getting pickier by the day. 

The NEW IPOH Restaurant was discovered by my parents during their past time. It is quite a popular restaurant in town especially for family customer. It is a typically Chinese restaurant for ordering dishes!
Eversince I am older, I prefer to eat simpler food - less fried, more fiber. Perhaps, in this age, I should also start to take care of my health so that in the future, medical bills won't that enormous. For the dish above, it is the steam tofu with fried shrimps on top (^^) Simple yet yummy!

As for those with bad tummy/ digestive problem, eating more vegetables most probably will help. Yup, we should start to eat more vegetables since young age! Another simple dish here - clear fried vegetable (pardon my direct translation)..hahahahaah

Lastly, since my parents still adore some meat here, we ordered the yum sandwiched pork (Waaa, my translation getting better or worse??!!!@@). Anyway, the portion wasn't too large so that we won't overfed ourselves. Hahahaha!

Overalll, New Restaurant offered a simple dinner to the locals. You can always try it out as it is just located opposite the Ipoh Pet Center. Oh no, tomorrow I am going to KL already. Sign, there goes my one month holiday (><)!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Denso Youth for Earth Action 2011 Memory Edition 2

As a continual of previous post, the adventure on Day 3 started with huge excitement because I finally got to plant mangrove plants actually! It took hours of bus ride; but it was totally worth it (^^) when we reached the Sepang Goldcoast - Malaysia Nature Society!

Before going for the journey of the life, we listened to a talk on how the cultural and traditional of people hunt in the olden days. As you can see from the image above, those were some of the equipment used. After that, we were provided water quality testing kits - totally suitable for your children to have fun (^^) It would be more than knowledge-gaining as green experience is truly worth more than anything! You can see the white container is used for water clarity check ~

If you think that Malaysia's rivers are always dirty or like tea-tarik, then, you are so wrong ! At this barely-touched land, we can see the greenery of Malaysia. Hopefully, this will be preserved for many years to come (><). How magnificent was the scenery of the mangrove forest (^^)!!!!!  

More activities were installed for us! Yup, next stop was totally worth it (^^). We arrived at the port to get on board! Yes, how excited! We were arranged into manageable teams to re-plant the mangrove forest !!!!

In the boat, we brought along babies mangrove plant (^^) Ultra cute-nya! The pic below also shows the long-stick shape object! Guest what?! It is the seed of the mangrove tree!!!! What an unique mechanism to reproduce its offspring (@@) Another thing we don't learn from textbook!!!

Then, the true joy began! We basically stopped by the shore and walked on the mangrove land. Yup, quite daunting at 1st as I thought it would be as deep as the sea (@@). However, I was wrong again! In fact, the mangrove forest was situated on land with muddy soil. Along the way, we heard all type of noise from monkey to bird chirping. Then, we found the little fellow below (^^) The little mud crabs, super duper cute, hanging around us !!!! Another biology class for me !

After the mangrove planting event, we continued our environmental effort in the beach cleaning at the Sepang Gold Coast beach. It was truly dirty..hahahahahaha. They totally need to have beach cleaning more often as this would definitely reduce the potential tourists to this area!

How saddening that good times past by swiftly! In day 4, it was the last day for our presentations to fight for the winner. I think everybody gave their best, may the best man win!!!! Hahaha, should be best woman! My friend, Yin Yee, truly deserved to win this title (^^) Then, we had the farewell dinner at the Kajang Golf and Country City Club (^^) 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Denso Youth for Earth Action 2011 Memory Edition 1

Up to date, 2011 was my favourite year of all time as it was the year of freedom and chasing dream. Hahaha, perhaps, it was the year when I was still a dreamer youngster (^^). Anyway, it was summer 2011 when we received an email from our lecturer about the Denso Youth for Earth Action (DYEA). It is a programme  that truly embeds environmental awareness into the youths of today! You can find more information and even participate if you are interested at (here)!  However, I think this year is already closed. So, for those who are interested, you can prepare for next year (^^) For the winners, you can even join a foreign programme too, in JAPAN  !!!!! Despite I wasn't a winner that year, I really gained a lot of precious experience and enthusiasm in environmental conservation!

In day one, it was all about ice-breaking with the other 19 participants. They were all unique and special individual who were truly "green-minded". The 1st session was at the Denso Company, Bangi to introduce and educate us on environment preservation and conservation. After that, we moved into the Equatorial Hotel, Bangi!!!!! Yes, it was quite a nice hotel (^^).!!!!

In day 2, we were arranged to visit Denso plants itself. The operation and management was simply impressive with the detail of work involved. Below shows the microphone devices used while touring the plant (^^). Of course, the adventure didn't stop there. In the later part of the day, we went on another meeting/ visit to Department of Environmental (DOE), Putrajaya!

Two years ago, I was still not that familiar with Putrajaya. But, that time visit, it was an eye-opener tour because the architecture was simply astonishingly-designed. The meeting with DOE's director and personnel was quite fruitful too. The debate and discussion on environmental issues were quite a lesson to everybody involved!
I am so proud to be a part of DYEA 2011

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Clan Dim Sum Restaurant 大家城點心茶樓 @ Sri Petaling

This scheduled post is intended for those who wake up early in the morning and feel hungry! Why?! Because it is dim sum time. Unexpectedly, I am covering KL/ PJ dim sum instead of the ultra famous Ipoh dim sum; however, don't expect less (^^)

Clan Dim Sum Restaurant OR 大家城點心茶樓 is located at Sri Petaling. 

Like typical any other dim sum, they also have the almost the identical choices. For example, you can definitely find xiao mai, egg tart, fried yum, fishballs etc as follow: (To me, the taste is just typical; but, I compliment the egg tart, worth to try also)

Of course, as a foodie blogger for quite some year, I am definitely looking for that special dish in this restaurant~ Can you give a guess??!!! Hahahaha, the answer is the famous 鸡窝包 (Gai Wo Bao ) or direct translation Chicken Hive Bun??? Pardon my translation. Well, what is this dish about?! It is like a combination of very slight char siew taste, nuo mi gai (glutinous rice chicken) and typical bun ----- Wala, this combination created 鸡窝包.

Have a good try! And, the address is as follow: 
140, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Taman Seri Petaling,
Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Direction of Life - New Insect

Wow, I have been missing in action for almost 2 months. There are just too much going on in my life right now. I have made a crazy bold decision! Yes, a decision seems to be me, is a risk worth taking. So many dilemma arising from my decision right now. Well, will definitely update you all about the "DECISION" soon enough. 

Anyway, I am back to my old (weird) habit - taking insects' photos (^^). They are still fascinating as regardless of their lifespan, they keep on surviving beautifully. Perhaps, this is how life should be. No matter how unfortunate you all, just live your life with integrity.

These few days, I have been resting that much. It had been such a long time since I am that relaxed. Isn't that great if life is like this every day!!! Hahaha. Another portrait of the creepy-crawler (^^)~