Friday, August 16, 2013

Denso Youth for Earth Action 2011 Memory Edition 1

Up to date, 2011 was my favourite year of all time as it was the year of freedom and chasing dream. Hahaha, perhaps, it was the year when I was still a dreamer youngster (^^). Anyway, it was summer 2011 when we received an email from our lecturer about the Denso Youth for Earth Action (DYEA). It is a programme  that truly embeds environmental awareness into the youths of today! You can find more information and even participate if you are interested at (here)!  However, I think this year is already closed. So, for those who are interested, you can prepare for next year (^^) For the winners, you can even join a foreign programme too, in JAPAN  !!!!! Despite I wasn't a winner that year, I really gained a lot of precious experience and enthusiasm in environmental conservation!

In day one, it was all about ice-breaking with the other 19 participants. They were all unique and special individual who were truly "green-minded". The 1st session was at the Denso Company, Bangi to introduce and educate us on environment preservation and conservation. After that, we moved into the Equatorial Hotel, Bangi!!!!! Yes, it was quite a nice hotel (^^).!!!!

In day 2, we were arranged to visit Denso plants itself. The operation and management was simply impressive with the detail of work involved. Below shows the microphone devices used while touring the plant (^^). Of course, the adventure didn't stop there. In the later part of the day, we went on another meeting/ visit to Department of Environmental (DOE), Putrajaya!

Two years ago, I was still not that familiar with Putrajaya. But, that time visit, it was an eye-opener tour because the architecture was simply astonishingly-designed. The meeting with DOE's director and personnel was quite fruitful too. The debate and discussion on environmental issues were quite a lesson to everybody involved!
I am so proud to be a part of DYEA 2011


Twilight Man said...

Aiyo! Why so short story and wanna continue....? Tonight I cannot sleep lah.

Equatorial Bangi is a lovely and popular hotel with huge golf course!

Can I humbly ask you to reduce your watermarks size or make it lighter colour on your photos? Right now it is hurting your beautiful photos. Anyway no one would steal these photos unless the gal wears sexy bikini. Wakakakakaka

Small Kucing said...

I hv been to Equatorial bangi before . Good plc for hi-tea

Wow...good of you to keep inproving yourself

Jay Lee said...

Yup, totally continue to the next post ^^ go sleep 1st ~ will update soon!

The hotel was amazing ^^!!!!!

Oooo, thanks for the advice^^ hahahaha, was doing it in a rush ~

Jay Lee said...

Yup, foood is good!

We should keep on improving ourselves^^

soulesscloudy said...

Wow.... great exposure

Armstrong said...

Blogwalking here. Hi!

Hmm, where's your picture here? :D

But so nice of you to join such activities. I rarely join any. I mean, never... yet ;)

Happy weekend!

Jay Lee said...

Yup, it was! regardless of how time passes by, this memory is worth remembering^^

Jay Lee said...

Halo,thanks for dropping by ^^
You should join more activities too ^^