Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Direction of Life - New Insect

Wow, I have been missing in action for almost 2 months. There are just too much going on in my life right now. I have made a crazy bold decision! Yes, a decision seems to be me, is a risk worth taking. So many dilemma arising from my decision right now. Well, will definitely update you all about the "DECISION" soon enough. 

Anyway, I am back to my old (weird) habit - taking insects' photos (^^). They are still fascinating as regardless of their lifespan, they keep on surviving beautifully. Perhaps, this is how life should be. No matter how unfortunate you all, just live your life with integrity.

These few days, I have been resting that much. It had been such a long time since I am that relaxed. Isn't that great if life is like this every day!!! Hahaha. Another portrait of the creepy-crawler (^^)~


TZ said...

It's a nice shots. Need a lot of patient to take Insects photo... :-p

Jay Lee said...

Yup, true. hv to wait and not to startle them~

Huai Bin said...

Good to have you back buddy!

That's some skilled macro photography there. I don't think I can manage to take a photo of that tiny ladybug!

Jay Lee said...

Thanks (^^) keep in touch, bro !!!!

Small Kucing said...

where have you been....LOL

No bad la the photos....It's hard to capture the ladybug and yet you did it.

Jay Lee said...

Yup, busy working~ hahaha, working is really busy ~
Thanks ooo~ use my super old camera took - Lumix FS6