Saturday, August 17, 2013

Denso Youth for Earth Action 2011 Memory Edition 2

As a continual of previous post, the adventure on Day 3 started with huge excitement because I finally got to plant mangrove plants actually! It took hours of bus ride; but it was totally worth it (^^) when we reached the Sepang Goldcoast - Malaysia Nature Society!

Before going for the journey of the life, we listened to a talk on how the cultural and traditional of people hunt in the olden days. As you can see from the image above, those were some of the equipment used. After that, we were provided water quality testing kits - totally suitable for your children to have fun (^^) It would be more than knowledge-gaining as green experience is truly worth more than anything! You can see the white container is used for water clarity check ~

If you think that Malaysia's rivers are always dirty or like tea-tarik, then, you are so wrong ! At this barely-touched land, we can see the greenery of Malaysia. Hopefully, this will be preserved for many years to come (><). How magnificent was the scenery of the mangrove forest (^^)!!!!!  

More activities were installed for us! Yup, next stop was totally worth it (^^). We arrived at the port to get on board! Yes, how excited! We were arranged into manageable teams to re-plant the mangrove forest !!!!

In the boat, we brought along babies mangrove plant (^^) Ultra cute-nya! The pic below also shows the long-stick shape object! Guest what?! It is the seed of the mangrove tree!!!! What an unique mechanism to reproduce its offspring (@@) Another thing we don't learn from textbook!!!

Then, the true joy began! We basically stopped by the shore and walked on the mangrove land. Yup, quite daunting at 1st as I thought it would be as deep as the sea (@@). However, I was wrong again! In fact, the mangrove forest was situated on land with muddy soil. Along the way, we heard all type of noise from monkey to bird chirping. Then, we found the little fellow below (^^) The little mud crabs, super duper cute, hanging around us !!!! Another biology class for me !

After the mangrove planting event, we continued our environmental effort in the beach cleaning at the Sepang Gold Coast beach. It was truly dirty..hahahahahaha. They totally need to have beach cleaning more often as this would definitely reduce the potential tourists to this area!

How saddening that good times past by swiftly! In day 4, it was the last day for our presentations to fight for the winner. I think everybody gave their best, may the best man win!!!! Hahaha, should be best woman! My friend, Yin Yee, truly deserved to win this title (^^) Then, we had the farewell dinner at the Kajang Golf and Country City Club (^^) 


Small Kucing said...

Wah so fast four days ah...guess time flies when one is happy.

Never venture into a mangrove before. Thought nothing much to see. Clearly am wrong

Jay Lee said...

true~ good times pass by faster than usual.
Yup, thre is a whole new ecosystem surviving under this environment.

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

I have been to Sepang a few times but have not discovered the depth of the place. I adore nature but sometimes I have no company to do so. My other half does not like outdoor activities, so that's so much of only for me. Yet I am avid gardener, plant lots of herbs and my house is full of plants.

Certainly its a great outing and what a way to immerse in nature.

Jay Lee said...

Not easy to find an outdoor lover nowadays. Hahaha, my friends also prefer shopping etc. But, I think it is great that if you can find time to visit preservation center^^

Ken said...

I'm quite afraid to walk near those mangroves, i heard there are poisonous snakes and some scary living things down there >_<"

Jay Lee said...

Oooo, but, it should be ok since we were wearing the water boot~ And, we followed the instructors guide ^^ No worries, should be fine ^^