Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life Cleaning Process - The Sewage Treatment Plant Visit 2010

Before going into the sewage plant with me, I just wanna share some little updates in my life. Since last semester, everything is truly falling apart due to my own incompetence. Not only my results dropped like crazy, even the social aspect of life seems to be messy and difficult. One word to describe  - " DRAMATIC"!!!

I heard a lot of accusations. I am either a "dictator" or " the person who wants to win it all". Well, people are always like that. Yes, I love to talk! Yes, I love to argue! But, if you have enough facts, I will definitely shut up! Don't say that I win because you lose! I hate people saying that. Anyway, finally the last stroke broke my back! I will not just sit down and being talked down like that. If you don't like me, don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't care of me! I am freaky busy already. Don't try to break my souls! Fine, if you think that I am such person, just let it be!Since you talked me until such level,  Yes, i am a very bad person and don't mess with me(><)!!!I was so angry that I posted this:

if you said tat i like to argue and quarrel for no reason, nope, this is not me ! if you think that this is about me winning, nope, that is not me neither! There is no point for me to win becoz we all on the same boat!!!!! I want us to win 2gether. But, ppl will never get this point~Ok, call me whatever names you want - "dictator", "the person wants to win"....Fine, this is for your best interest, not mine!~~~

 Hopefully, after this semester, I will have a life-cleaning process. It would be nice to take a rest from all the dramas and hide in my own Little World (^^). Anyway, last year (time flew again), I went on a visit to a sewage treatment plant (loji rawatan kumbahan). It was an eye-opening experience. It struck me that we are making so much waste and wastewater in Malaysia.

Well, here is a bit of warnings before looking at the photos. The usual and expected conditions of a sewage treatment plant. However, it is the core of a city and even a country. Without this treatment plant, people would have hard time accessing clean water!!!!~~~Have a look (^^)


Actually, it got the chamber's feel. It was kinda cool to be able to walk inside and let us know that how the process goes by.


From the view, it was fantastic to see how the water is being processed. Apart from that, it also instilled a sense of responsibility into our lives.

So, try not to throw solid waste down the drains~~~~

Save our environment ! Save Earth!!!!~~~


Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Cruel World for The Cats

In the eyes of the cats, the world is becoming crueler and colder by the days. Gone were those days where people were more compassionate towards animals including cats and dogs. To them, humans were their best friend. But, who would have thought that humans would also become their worst enemies (note: not directed to cat lovers and other kind people in the world). 

To be truthful, facebook really opens the eyes of people from all over the world. The 1st ever video on cats' torturing I watched was the high-heel Asian Bi*** killing the poor and defenseless kitten. The whole process was gruesome to watch. Before torturing the poor kitten, she was hugging it. The next thing, she was stepping her sharp heels into the poor kitten' body. Isn't this a horrific scene to see??? It was like piercing through my body. Imagine you are in the kitten's position!!!!! Until today, I don't know whether they caught her or not~~~

Then, just recently, another tragedy happened in Serdang. Yes, just near my place, this is so heartbreaking!!!!! The girl was stomping 3 kittens to death. The helpless mother of the kitten must have been devastated seeing her babies dying in front of her(><)!!!!!! Later, facebook users located her and she came out and apologised. I wondered why she did that at the 1st place~ !!!!! Think before you act!!!!!~~


About a year ago, a black cat gave birth to 3 pretty kittens at my neighbour's house. But, she was being chased away and landed at my place. My sis and I sympathised them and gave them water, food, a nice cardboard for them to stay. Before I could "kidnap" one of them, black mama took them away(><) Hope that they are living a better life! Look at them! Aren't they cute? HOW COULD PEOPLE BE THAT CRUEL!!!!(><)

Appreciate life! Don't just simply kill! Don't torture them as Earth is their homes tooo!!!!!~~~
PS: Currently facing huge workloads! But, the horrible event woke up me and reminded me not to forget how the World spins~~~