Monday, May 31, 2010

Escaping to Home Town with A Dilemma

Oh my, after spending several sleepless weeks for my finals, I actually can go back to my hometown for my summer break. However, stupid me, I found a internship in Ipoh. Now, I have to spend 3 months working! Anyway, I just have to see it as an opportunity to learn and improve since my results aren't going to good! (Let's pray hard for my results)!

Currently, everything seems so blur to me! Since my uni is actually offering a 3/4 year course for us to choose, I have to decide by 1 June. 3-Year-Course is a Bachelor (Hon) Degree while 4-year-course is a Master Degree. Hmmmm, if I take 3 years, this means that I will be graduating next year. Wow, that is fast! Am I prepare for the real world? Am I ready?

I am in a dilemma now(><)! According to my lecturers' claims, they said that in order to be recognized by Board of Engineer Malaysia(BEM), we would need to take 4-year-course as they don't recognize 3-year-course. Haiz, let's said I took 4-year-course, I would need about 1 year to be recognized by BEM. However, if I take 3-year-course, I might need about another 4 years~~~~ (Thanks to BEM to make my life more difficult)

However, in deep in my thought, I am hoping to pursue another Master programme in Environmental Engineering and Technology. So, should I spend another year studying something that is least interesting to me, but very important for my future career? Or, should I just study another year, then, baru choose the field I interest in?~~~

Even though it is just a year difference, the journey is horribly though! Am I a fighter? This year, definitely not! But,I think I shouldn't run away from this! I should just face it and live on!

Comments and Suggestions would be a great help!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Cameron Trippin 2009

Update: Currently, I still have 1 paper leave. Well, obviously, this time, all my battles, I lost enough!~~~I have a huge hunch that I might fail some papers(><)~~~Then, during my study week, I have a lot of stories to tell, from horrible uni cool pack to some friends bdays celebrations~~~But, till then, let's continue where I left off~~~ Cameron Trippin: Prelude.

Last year, my family and I went to the famous Cameron Highlands. Like I said in the previous post, it had been a long time. Anyway, Cameron Highlands is really a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Since Ipoh and Cameron Highlands are quite near since the construction of short-cut roads, it took about 90 mins to reach there, but 3 hours to go down.

As usual, we paid a few ringgits to go into the gardens. 1st stop was The Rose Valley (玫瑰山庄). It was okay, but, not really very well-maintain. Yet, it was a pleasant for taking photos^^. Then, we went to the Cactus Farm^^~~~It was way better!~~


There were even some animals there. But, it was kinda sad to see them being caged in Rose Valley. For Cactus Farm, it was really a mountain of gardens there!

 Love those daisies?! They are for you all^^~~~

Here is the Strawberry Picking Farm. Actually, this was the 1st time we picked our own strawberries! I have to say that it was super fun despite it was a bit pricey~ My favourite destination of all time!^^


Lastly, another rose for you all!

Cameron Highlands, really a heaven for photographers!!!!!!! Hopefully, I can own my own DSLR soon(><)........Hahaha, juz keep on supporting my blog guys^^~~~~

ok, it is time to prepare for the ultimate battle!For now, let's keep in touch(^^)~~~