Monday, May 31, 2010

Escaping to Home Town with A Dilemma

Oh my, after spending several sleepless weeks for my finals, I actually can go back to my hometown for my summer break. However, stupid me, I found a internship in Ipoh. Now, I have to spend 3 months working! Anyway, I just have to see it as an opportunity to learn and improve since my results aren't going to good! (Let's pray hard for my results)!

Currently, everything seems so blur to me! Since my uni is actually offering a 3/4 year course for us to choose, I have to decide by 1 June. 3-Year-Course is a Bachelor (Hon) Degree while 4-year-course is a Master Degree. Hmmmm, if I take 3 years, this means that I will be graduating next year. Wow, that is fast! Am I prepare for the real world? Am I ready?

I am in a dilemma now(><)! According to my lecturers' claims, they said that in order to be recognized by Board of Engineer Malaysia(BEM), we would need to take 4-year-course as they don't recognize 3-year-course. Haiz, let's said I took 4-year-course, I would need about 1 year to be recognized by BEM. However, if I take 3-year-course, I might need about another 4 years~~~~ (Thanks to BEM to make my life more difficult)

However, in deep in my thought, I am hoping to pursue another Master programme in Environmental Engineering and Technology. So, should I spend another year studying something that is least interesting to me, but very important for my future career? Or, should I just study another year, then, baru choose the field I interest in?~~~

Even though it is just a year difference, the journey is horribly though! Am I a fighter? This year, definitely not! But,I think I shouldn't run away from this! I should just face it and live on!

Comments and Suggestions would be a great help!



fufu said...

hahaha well i dont even care of BEM... experiences count!!

vialentino said...

shud take a rest before work ...anyway internship got money to earn...kekeke

Edwin T said...

i'm not the expert of your field. but fufu might be right. however, to me, i still think that board recognition is important. since we are all professionals. :)

Sebastian Workshop said...
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Sebastian Workshop said...

Hi, I would suggest that you don't go for 4 years because the last year Master degree is an integrated master. Only UK itself recognized it as master while other countries like AUS, NZ, US and etc treat it as your bachelor degree ONLY even though it is called as "Master". The reason is, in other countries, 3 year bachelor degree is without honour and they have 1 year honour year. All total up will be 4 years.

After you have completed your 3 years bachelor degree, go for Msc, which is Master in Science. It is an actual "Master" Level that welly recognized by others.

If you have only 3 years degree and wanna further study in oversea other than UK Uni for Master, they will ask you to go for Postgraduate Diploma before you can start with your Master. In other words, you need to spend additional 2 years to obtain a Master.

Xjion89 said...

i duno lah, if i plan to work in Msia, BEM does count!~~haiz~~~

[vialetino] haiz, intern in ipoh, not much money~~~plus, hv to travel there everyday and eat outside><~~~

[Edwin T] yup, profession in Msia is really not good in term of qualification~~~haizzz

but, the problem is, if i take 3 years, BEM would not accept my application even i am a MSC graduate~~~haizzz~~~

Sebastian Workshop said...

You dont just listen to your lecturer. You should call to BEM and ask them about that. LIke UK standard, IET, after you completed your 3 years degree. You are eligible to go for CEng with the criteria of further learning for additional year. Indirectly, It mean you have to go for Master.

Just for your information, BEM standard only recognised by Malaysia itself. Unlike other countries, they have a list for auto recognition if you obtained the recognition by professional body from other countries.

Example like in NZ, if you are a member from Washington Accord,Sydney Accord or Hong will be auto considered. But if you from Malaysia, Sorry for that..

HOWEVER, remember to call or email to BEM for further information...Asking the right person is important!

Xjion89 said...

i check their website liao~~~
actually, my course either 3/4 years no problem in accreditation for icheme, but, for BEM muz take 4 years master program, not MSC~~~

but, I will ask BEM again~~~

super thankyou for the info!^^

CazzyCazz a.k.a Micz said...

Sorry little im not in your field to advice. However, if the additional 1 year would do you good more than bad, why not? There is no rush to come into the working world. I wouldn't say working world ain't fun or good, it's just that once you are out on the field, you might ended up working for the longest time to come. Why not just sit back and take the extra one year to enjoy your uni life? Then after that you will have the rest of the years to work and strike in your career or business :) Just my 2 cents :)

Xjion89 said...

Cazzycazz sis, really thanks for ur advice!
I think yup, u r rite!
Haha, another additional 1 year to be away from the forever working life!~~~
yes, I will think abt it thoroughly!

Anonymous said...

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