Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Seven Wonders七喜@Kajang

Little current life update:
Yes, for the next 13 weeks (kena tipu for 1 week) I will be doing my internship in Ipoh, my beautiful hometown! But, my dad has to fetch me every day!~~Haiz, no car or I just can't afford a car~ Anyway, for the 1st week, time passes so slow, I just keep on reading! For the past 2 years, I did not read that much in my life! Apart from reading, I really have nothing to do~~ Newbie mah!~~At least, today, I was on-site! It was kinda cool! I was away from the coooool office~ Hope that I will learn more! My supervisor and the senior engineer are quite good to me geh~~~ Hopefully, it will be getting more fun day by day!(^^)~~~

Foodie Blog Post: Little Seven Wonders七喜@Kajang 
Guys, don't be surprise! This is the 1st time I am going to be that harsh to a restaurant! What surprised me even more was this restaurant was awarded by 8TV-HO CHIAK for being ho chiak~~~ Omg!!! that was a bit off! Why? Let's have a look at the picture below and I will explain to you all slowly!


First of all, the shop plate also hadn't been changed! It read "Restoran Danishveen" instead of Little Seven Wonders. Not that I wanted to complain, I asked everybody of their dishes! We all together said that this restaurant was not up to "ho chiak" or tasty standard!

Firstly, for the taste, it was okay only! Like my dish, the top second dish - the honey chicken was too sour! The top 3rd dish - the mee was too oily!. The others were so so only!~~~Therefore, nothing much to talk about, except the food sucks?!~~~Go and try maybe they change already?! Who knows~~~

Taste: 3.5/10
Appearance: 6/10



peteformation said...

Ho Chiak become Boh Ho Chiak already! ha ha ha!

deadsaw said...


lisa717 said...

haiz, bro~
tell u wat..there are some restaurants who wanna get more publicity, they will pay to the Ho Chiak in order to promote their restaurants..

So, that's why..

Xjion89 said...

[pete]well-said!!!!~~~it was really jaw-dropping ooo~~~

[deadsaw] same as u, once is scary enuf~~~

[lisa] haaaa, really like tat gah~~~ooo, they hv to pay for the signs and publicity~~~aiyo~~~like tat ar.....~~~

Jessy said...

LOL... 8tv simply only, all get paid.. so tats why 'ho chiak'

Ahmike said...

Agree brother. I told my family too, the Ho Chiak show simply interview only, as long got something to show the audience, even pasar malam foods can be listed in Ho Chiak. :(

ohmywtf said...

haha...i never trust HOCHIAK...everything also they said nice :-P

renaye said...

wah ... the food is that sucks?! how did this restaurant survive?!

vialentino said...

aiyoh...the food taste so low...better dun try....

Xjion89 said...

[Jessy}haizz, maybe tat is true ~~~

[ohmy] hahaha, yalor, in each episode, everything oso nice geh~~like 100% impossible~~~

[renaye] hahaha, survive by duping us with HO Chiak~~~

[vialentino] hahahaha, still can try geh~~~will nvr try again later~~

Hasegawa said...

ho chiak is a paid tv programme. They are paid to say it's irresistible delicious but the fact is, it just another mamak out there