Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tiger Hero O Zero @武松打虎, 不再是英雄!

New adapted from "Sin Chew Daily 23 June 2010" 

With all the time in my hand, I have been reading a lot! Yes, I really mean a lot! Anyway, yesterday, I saw a news in Sin Chew Daily. I was so shocked to see such a barbaric and dangerous act! Well, firstly, instead of informing the villagers to stay at home to avoid tiger encounter, I think it was the Rela Man who plotted to kill the tiger with other villagers. Ok, some people might think this is heroic! But, to me, it was dangerous because what if the plan backfires, the tiger would have kill someone!

Secondly, it was rather barbaric to give the dead penalty to the 3-year-old tiger without giving it a chance to survive. The villagers can do a lot except killing the tiger, like informing the authority (The Perak Wildlife Protection and National Parks Department (Perhilitan)) to handle tiger. Perhilitan people could have drug it, paralyze it, and then, capture it! Why on earth did the tiger go to the village in the 1st place? Because there was no food in the jungle! Yes, we took everything away from them, don't we have the slightest idea! ?

Tiger Hero o Zero? Yes, his intention might be good, but his action was cruel and ruthless!Think before you act! Wu Song (武松) was a hero back then because of his heroic act of fighting against the not-so-good tiger! But, now, due to development, exploitation, the tiger number is decreasing rapidly! Now, fighting tiger or killing 1 is definitely not a hero ( 不再是英雄)! because selfish people want to get its fur, meat, etc for trading! So sad! Don't eat tiger meat! I think it is bullshit that tiger meat can make you stronger! 

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Clarisse Teagen said...

OMG. wtf. definitely uneducated. 0.0

Anonymous said...

oh jiati jiat jiat

Lisa717 said...

walao~~ the guy so brave 1 ha?? but too bad his act was not being considered as a heroic!!

renaye said...

ugh.. another step closer to extinction.

Chris said...

好久没来了, 你还好吧?

kianfai87 said...

lulz I still think that he's hero, if he dun kill the tigers, the newspapper will be end up in a very front page. and the news would be different, it ends up a tiger killed a few humans and the tiger died by gang bang by human =)

Malaysia Animal Protection sengaja say that kill the tiger will get law punishment. Malaysia Animal Protection who should get punishment is because didnt jaga the tiger properly and it will harm humanity.

Xjion89 said...

[clarisse] yup, a bit sad to read the news


[renaye]is true~~mainly our faults~~

[lisa] yup, juz too bad~~~he shud hv try to captured it???~~

chris - still not bad. wil be visiting soon^^

kianfai - that's why I said that he should as the villagers to stay home. Anyway, what you said might be true~~~ Juz take this case as a reminder to us~~~

Government still not strict on animal exploitation~~really sad~~