Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seeing Little Flying Elephants 小飞象 @ Serdang (Updated - Taken over by Twin Sisters)(><)

Not that I don't want to update, but, working really absorbs all the energy and power out of your body! Yes, not that I have a lot to do, but, boredom can cause me to feel very tired and sleepy. Anyhow, today, I finally had to say goodbye to my chatmate in my company. Yes, one of my best way to pass time is to chat! Today, that uncle finally retired! It really touches me because he had worked in the company for more than 30 years! Yes, how many 30 years we have?!!!! I am also very impressed by his dedication because I am sure that I won't last that long, maybe not more than 3 months...hahaah! Today is the day he had his new found freedom! All the best Uncle Lee, may you have another great Journey waiting ahead for you!(^^) As for me, the boredom keeps on increasing! However, just in a flash, I have one more month left before finishing my internship! Actually, I have learned a lot from technical, management and a lot of people skills~~In the future, I would opt for a more challenging job! Anyway, off with my boring internship story!

Let's go to Serdang instead! In this post, I am gonna show you where did I see the little flying elephant in Serdang!


Yes, this little flying elephant is located in Bukit Serdang area!~~~There is a pair of cute baby blue and pink elephants greeting at the front door!~~^^

Well, the food was quite okay! My favourite dish would be the mee with egg topping! It was in large portion and not too oily! As for the chicken chop, still okay for me!~~~


Then, the drinks were actually not that okay! I was really disappointed with the blue pearl drink! It was totally not special at all~~~Doesn't match up with its price! However, there was something really worthy of the meal! Guess what?! The clue is up there, can you spot it?!~~~~ Hints: The bill~~~will reveal the answer after some time(^^)~~~~

Monday, July 26, 2010

FreeMovie Fiesta(Toy Story 3, Triple Tap, and Pandora Box Chinese)

There are so many stages in life - infant, child, teen, adult, middle-age, and oldies. One of the most important and most vivid memories would be our childhood~ Yes, we grew up playing with games and toys. This time, Toy Story 3 is telling us teenagers or almost grown-ups to learn how to let go some of our pasts! It had been quite some time that a cartoon is that touching! Last time, I truly adored Up(here). It was superb in creating a cycle of life which touched me deeply from life to death and after! Even though Toy Story 3 wasn't as touching as Up, it really moved my heart when Andy finally played them for one last time before handing them to a good owner! Letting go wasn't that easy when you hold to something very deeply! For me, I think I did let go some of themThe hardest thing would be letting go! Every time, I think of the scene where Andy finally letting go; it was somewhat heart-aching for me(><)~~~~
Rating : 7.5/10

The second movie was Triple Tap which was supposed to be the sequel by Leslie Chung. But, this movie was a bit too generic! It reminded me of another movie - Accident. Haiz, I wonder why Louis Knoo would act in such types of movie - suspension with a twist?! But, in this movie, his acting skills were even worse in Accident. The whole movie - he got only 1 expression(@@). 
Rating: 4.5/10

Needless to say more, yes, this movie was a bit forceful! It didn't have the previous Stephen Chow naturalness in making jokes(><)~~~ Especially, the main actor was trying to be funny all the time which made the whole thing not funny at all!
Rating: 3.5/10


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Malaysia - Paradise for Animals? Revised Animals Act 1953

Story 1 - If the news didn't spread the story of 300 abandoned dogs being left in Pulau Ketam(Pulau Tengah) to die, I think that people would still think that Malaysia is a paradise for animal? Paradise might be for the noble breed, how about the normal, average looking mongrels? It would be like hell for them. Sometimes, I really doubted the ability of the government in handling this kind of problem. So, they dumped them there thinking that the dogs could eat what - sand? water? mud? leaves? Then, the horror happened when 300 abandoned dogs eat each other on Malaysia Island( In the 1st place, they must plan well in solving this problem. Got problem baru solved it - is not the way. (Do you still remember this case?) No, look at here The rescue team trying to save! Foreigners would be horrified to read this news(><)

Story 2 - KTM's abuse story in 2010 was also another shocking reveal! At Kepong KTM, a dog was tied up and a wooden stick was shoved under its throat! Omg, imagine that someone shoved a wooden spoon into your throat! Do you like it?! I complaint about KTM all the time, but, this time, it was really horrible! It was ridiculous that a stray dog being abused like that in the public and the workers seemed to got away from any kind of legal actions! Paradise for animals in Malaysia, think again!~~~(

Other Stories  - There were so many stories to tell. If telling them one by one could help, of course, I would! But, actions always speak louder than words! Animals Act 1953 in Malaysia is obsolete! Yes, this act is older than me!An antique would not be able to govern the country!~~~Imagine that you are the one being mistreated or abused! Animals are living beings! They feel the pain, hurt...too.

Therefore, my friend, Janice, sent me a petition to amend the Animals Act 1953 as follow:
We urge for the increase of the liable fine of RM 200 to a minimum of RM 10,000. We also propose the liable jail term to be increase from 6 months to a maximum of 2 years with the compulsory community service to be carried out in animal shelters for a minimum of 4 hours per day during jail term. We also press upon the need to include the ban of consuming dogs and cats to the REVISED ANIMALS ACT 1953 as dogs and cats are companion animals.

Yes, with more strict rules, this would definitely help to reduce abuse case!  So, sign the petition here:


Thursday, July 15, 2010

WongKok@DeGarden, Ipoh (Not The Garden)

Before saying anything, I would like to thanks my friends, relatives, and fellow bloggers for your support for Soya, The Angel by The Window Side! A total of 198 votes/likes from you guys!!!(^^)

(^^)A million Thanks(^^)
Again, me and Soya thank you all again and again! Actually, I know that winning is not gonna be easy! So, let's it be! (Some pic got ++++++votes, crazy man). Hahaha, it is great to know that most of my friends, you for helping out!(^^)

Finish with the obsession of the contest, but, if you have time please support support, and clicks clicks..hahahaha. Yup, internship, this word is hugely -  - - boring! But, I tried my best to make the best out of it! So, I still remembers vividly before my job started, my gang went out for a small reunion at De Garden (Opposite Jaya Jusco). Personally, I think they want to capture the high class feel from The Garden lol!

wong kok ipoh
I think that the day we went was ngam ngam the opening of the Wong Kok restaurant. Yes, this is the 1st Wong Kok in Ipoh. Btw, the 1st Burger King in Ipoh was also at De Garden, but, it sucked big time until no worthy of my review - Reason - Portion of the burgers were superrrrrrrrr smalllllllll compared the one I had in KL.

wong kok ipoh

This Wong Kok is a bit different! All the menus are so colourful!~~~


Acutally, the drinks were quite nice! The dragon fruits drink not bad, the others also quite okay!~~

However, for the food, I would rate it about 5.2/10 because it was nothing special. Apart from that, we also kena tipu 1 plate of dish - the mee! Be careful because the order sheet was ticked by previous consumer and we didn't notice, so kena 1 plate of chicken soup mee!

wong kok ipoh

Actually, we didn;t order much ! One of my friends ordered the worst french toast over thre! Yes, the inside was as dry as desert, how to swallow! The price also not cheap!!!!~~~


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Angel By The Window Side, Please Help Her~

Yes, this is my Soya , The Angelababy from Window Side!

Omg, working as intern even though not that busy, it really took a lot of my time~~Apart from that, I sit until tired! Every day, I hope for more excitement in doing my job! I never thought that I have such drive~Yet, internship is not really like real work which we can handle real situation. Haiz, how many weeks left? I lost count, maybe it is for the best?!

Anyway, I just joined a crazy contest @ So, I really need you help! This is my 1st time joining voting-type of competition. It ain't easy! But, with your help, I think I could achieve more than expected!

  1. Firstly, fill in the form and spread the news to your friends
  2. Then, click on the like button for 1 valid vote in the email only.
  3. Note: Forwarding the email won't count as 1 vote~~
  4. You can also comment here @
  5. The photo with the most worth-mentioning of positive comment also can win some prizes!!!!
So, I hope that you all will help me out(^^)~~~If you join the contest, we can even help out each other(^^)~~~ 

A big thanks for helping out, my friends~~~