Monday, August 31, 2009

The UP-heaval Prelude of Life Symphony With A Beautiful Merdeka Day^^

Last Wednesday, I finally went out with Janice, Shiwei, Alice and Yvonne like a mini farewell for Janice who is going to transfer to UK this September. Oh, many of my friends are venturing to the other side of the world. Yet, I am still here - the same old me~~~~ I felt like the old man in the [Up] movie.

Haha, however, that old man really lives!!!! Well, the story begins with the old man meeting his active-energetic future during his childhood. They have all the dreams in the world to live an adventurous life! Yup, they wanted to build a house on the edge of Paradise Waterfall@@. However, sometimes, life just don't follow the way we want to, right?! Well, their life was being portrait through this lovely song! I fell in love with the prelude of the movie (^^)!

The song was sweet and joyous at first. Full of colours, I would say. Yet, life is not perfect. Ups and Downs are almost inevitable! Sad things would happen. We lived life, we grew old - the cycle of life. Ooo, that scene was really touching! The feeling was some sort like what I have experience from [here]Wall-E!!! It was simple yet touching! Then, later, I found out that the writer of both movies were the same - Peter Docter!!!! Well, don't really know much about him! But, his way is simple;but, meaningful!(^^) This might be his magic?!

When his beloved wife passed away, old man was totally lost and kept himself sheltered from the outside. Until he was about to be sent to Old Folks' home, he decided to take the whole house to Paradise Fall, just to finish his lovely wife adventure's book! Of course, the cutie Chinese boy accidentally tagged along. They really ended on the Paradise Fall.

Ooo, from there, so many things happened!!!!He learned that he had to move on even though he is that old!!!! From his wife's adventure book, he learned that she really treasure every moment with him. Marrying him and growing old with him was her adventure of the lifetime(><)!!!! The story here taught us that nothing is too late; age is not a barrier; time waits for no one;... the list keeps going on~~~

Personal Ratings^^
Character: 7/10 [totally cool ooo!]
Story: 8/10 [ The beginning is so nice(><)!]
Effect: 9/10 [The helium-balloons just lit up my days!]

Of course, today is 31 August 2009!!! Yes, Malaysia is celebrating its 52nd Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Merdeka! Malaysia(^^)


Wei Han said...

i wan to watch also!

Xing Tells You said...

not yet watch oh~

please teach me how to earn so much money on nuffnang...pls~~~

Xjion89 said...

[Wei Han]
go watch it lah!!! very very very touching^^ and funny!!!

[xing tells you]
super nice leh^^

ooo, 1st, apply an account in nuffnang.

then, place ads in ur blog.

after that, when ppl click ur ads, u got money loh^^

Xing Tells You said...

i got ar...but also not much only wor..
can tell how much u earned ma?

Anonymous said...

sound like a great movie.
cant wait to listen to that song in the movie in a cinema

Xjion89 said...

[xing tells you]
ooo, ok ok only lah. not much , but more than rm50 ...hahaha

u shud go with ur love one(^^)