Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sweet Memory 1989


1989, my birth year!!! Yes, I am telling everyone my age. Yet, isn't that important for guys or gals, right? During my 20 years walking on the surface of the earth, I saw many remarkable sights, tasted amazing cuisine, and smell horrific stench from the dumpyard!

Sweet Memory 1989 is my personally diary of the things that I love during my childhood up to my teenage life and up to my adulthood. After 10 years, I would be 30-year-old. I think that it would be interesting to look back into my childhood and teenage life.

Anyway, back to the image above, well, since young, I have a huge heart on this sweet. If you can see the wrapping of the sweet, it said:" 黄心梅 in Chinese and きろこころうめ in Japanese. Both also mean yellow-hearted plum [ forgive my direct translation><] Firstly, thanks to some basic Japanese classes, I am able to identify that this sweet might be from Japan. Haha(^^) If you have watch Up[Here], the 78-year-old man lived inside his memory until he decided to change his life by fulfilling his wife's dream to "balloon" the house to Paradise Fall! At the end, when he looked back into his memory book (The Adventure Book by Ellie, his deceased wife), he finally knew that they did not live a disappointing live as inside her adventure book was the sequence of pictures of their young life to their older days. She treasured every moment they had even though they did not make a lot money, have children, or even travel the world. Those were the simple yet forever memory of their lives.

Ooo, before and after inspired by this movie, I am going to make a My Adventure Blog(^^)...haha.... It is not about age! There will be geniuses at the tender age of 10; but, there will also be elderly setting record despite their ages. That is life! Nothing is impossible!!!!

My achievement so far-----
  • eat a lot of Japanese buffet[here, here, ...]
  • eat more food![here, here, here, .,.....infinity]
  • beg-packing in Cambodia! [here, here,here, here]
  • Learn to swim without drowning but, with the fat on my body now, I am sure that I can float naturally(^^)
Ain't those achievements worth nothing to be mention to some people?! Well, it means a lot to me because there were so many first in there.......I am no superman; I am just somebody finding the path that I want to walk!!! No Mozart, no Edison, no super-young genius - I am me! Comparing myself to others would only make me feel tired![note: comparing with other ppl is the typical Chinese family tradition^^]

My Targets
  • Buy a house as soon as possible
  • Travel around the world
  • Become a trillionaire
  • Become World Next Top Model@@!!!???
  • Become a legend!!!

Haha, we set the targets! Is this possible, maybe?! But, is this truly what we want and what we urge for?! I really have those dream before...or have I?! Anyway, it is not important as long as we are contented with what we have!!! Becoming World Next Top Model, in my dreams...haha><

Omg, i sound so emo~~~ not really, actually, during this 3 months, I think a lot~~~~~~~maybe, I successfully found 禅(zen)....?!


Borneo Falcon said...

I wish I have your youth. Hope you achieve those targets in the next 10 years

Superbearman89 said...

omg, i love the header very very much, u r very very artistic!!!!

AtelierGal said...

I love that candy too! Unfortunately, the hot weather here always melt the candy and my fingers end up sticky LOL

vialentino said...

wah, ur wish to be trillionaire....hmmmm....must strike few lotteries ler.

support u in buying house....wah 20 yrs old now...still so worries.

Xjion89 said...

[borneo falcon]
haha, youth is really brief. jz b4 u know it, i am in my 30...

thanks , but trillionaire ...a bit impossible, rite^^

huiyo!!!! thanks wooooo.......all the best in Canada^^

[atelier gal]
Yup, it would stick on my teeth when i try to bite it off the wrappings. hahaha

a few lotteries not enuf!!! a least 10 times with every time hitting the jackpot^^

haha, not young liao loh, hv to think abt future...job, house, .......

thanks ^^

fufu said...

can you teach me how to swim or at least floating first =p lol i cant swim >.<

renaye said...

what kind of model u want to be?? hehhehe.

Xjion89 said...

haha, how to teach?! u r travelling all over the places~~~Juz find a pool, an instructor, a short of time to learn ...haha, i am sure u will learn it faster than me^^

hmmmmmmmmmm, weirdest, not the slimmest and not the tallest supermodel....hahaha

WanWan said...

Everyone has dream.. Dream is just a target for u to move on in LIFE.. this is self motivate..

Go on.. with watever DREAMS... living without a dream is SOULESS.. hehehe...

Xjion89 said...

long time din hear frm u!

yup, tat is true! it is very sad to live an aimless life~~~

PaperGoat said...

Hey actually Im having the 'feng2 lai2' rice in my house now. I find it very hard to handle/cook lo..haha