Thursday, September 10, 2009

Awakening Month of Life Is Too Short [The True Meaning of Life Series 5]

It will soon to be the end of my very long holiday! Yes, this month should be the month that I start to plan my course of life. Yet, slacking is the main priority of my life right now. Sad, but, it is going to end soon.

These days, life is so boring. I don't like to study[who does?!] But, after months of holiday, there is a huge change in me physically and mentally. Physically = fat; Mentally = urge to learn. Yes, holidays are the best days to gain weight effortlessly. To my own surprise, I suddenly have the urge to increase my capacity of knowledge. Plus, I am so dying for assignments to come into my way. Yes, for the past 2 years, assignments were hellish to me. Yet, this holiday changes me for now?! Maybe, when my uni starts, I would be my old-self again?! It all seem so mysterious to me!!!

Recently, I was watching quite a number of shows and dramas. Inspirations are surfacing "profusely". Life really terribly short!!! E.g: Currently, I am 20-year-old. If I can up to 80-year-old, this would mean that I have already use 1/4 or a quarter of my life. Gosh!!! During these 3 months, I really wasted a lot of time. But, what is so nice about wasting time is that I figure it out that life is really short[it took me long enough><] - like Shakespeare's Life Brief Candle, a poem that I have learn during my secondary school days. That's why me must treasure the time we have.

Yes, I have an awakening moment month. It is time to go back to my uni!!! It is time to work hard. Life is too short to waste!!! So, before my life ends, I want to do something meaningful, something memorable, something forever and something that I would regret if I don't do it!!!
  1. Yasmin Ahmad - a talented director who dedicated her ability to promote unity through her films.
  2. Michael Jackson - a legendary dancer and singer who changed the world with his music.
  3. Xjion89 - a partime blogger who lived a simple life with no regrets!
[Yup, as you can see, there is an odd one out from the list above]..Haha, it depends on how you want to live you life. Every person would have their own way to blossom in life. Maybe, I choose the simple way to blossom.


The Chinese Proverb above really tells us about life. Life would not be as smooth just like flower would not blossom whole year long.[Direct translation applied]. We would have our ups and downs. But, there would a time or 2 times or 3 times that we could peak ourselves in life. Remember[ Mariah Carey who has set a record of 18 No.1 Singles. ]She was a waitress[down]. She was a singer[up]. Her movie career was disastrous[down]. She is a hip-hop queen now[up]. There's why people would have their moments of ups and downs.

Omg, why am I sounding like a fake philosopher?! Maybe I watch too many TV shows.

Yet, the truth is life is short! Just try to reduce the regrets in life(^^)


fufu said...

4. FuFu a fulltime traveller who enjoying life every second =p

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, this 1 is nice(^^)

enjoy every second!!!!!!!
i am sure u hv seen the world without regrets!

Borneo Falcon said...

Life is just too short

Superbearman89 said...

yup, life is short, so stop watching TVs. Study is so good, so nice, so WOW~~~

Anonymous said...

totally agree with old are you anyway?? 20 years old only??haha

Xjion89 said...

[borneo falcon]
it is~~~ then, when you know it, you feel old. oredy~~~~><

i can't wait to study!!!! and Life is like drama. . . watching tv is better than internet~~~tv dramas teach u about life^^

yup, i am juz old~~~~~ if we don't live happily, life is just too short~~~