Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mariah Carey's *18 U.S NUMBER 1* + "E=MC2"

E=MC2, when most people see this equation , they would have thought of Einstein. Well, in this new era, E=MC2 can mean much more different than the older days. Yup, E=MC2 is actually representing (Emancipation of Mimi = (MARIAH CAREY )^2). Isn't this album name very creative? Mariah Carey (MC) is making her name into a brand.

Recently, I think that most people might have heard that she has 18 number 1 singles in the U.S chart. She broke Elvis Presley's record. She is absolutely an amazing singer. With her voice , she practically can sing any songs from high-pitched to low-toned.

MC has always been a diva since her debut in the music industry. But, sometimes, life is not what you hope, just like Britney Spears.(You know what I mean) Even in her glorious moment, she had a moment of "unhappiness". She rested for a while. Then , there comes" Through the Rain" , the diva returns. In this song, she sings her soul out. It is still very inspiring to me and to many people until now. This song was her coming back. Hopefully, Britney also returned to her old-self.(Go!!! Britney!!!)

Since then, she is just unstopped when she debuted her new album, "Emancipation of Mimi". It was a wonderful album which 2 of her songs - "We belong together" and "Don't Forget about Us" were able to reach number 1 in U.S chart.

Here is the list of the 18 number :

U.S. Number-one singles

(adapted from Wikipedia)

As you can see, I particularly love 7 songs from the list. Haha, some of her songs are considered classical. I guess you know what I mean. My favourite from the 7 songs is actually.....

This is her 18th Number 1 single:-"Touch My Body"

Even though, her 18th single is a record-breaking single. Her latest songs receive a lot of critics. Some people said that she is not the diva she used to be anymore and she can't hit high note a.k.a she don't know how to sing. Well, this, I have to say something. Before, people try to criticise, they should try to sing her new song "bye bye". I bet that not many people can't sing like her. First, R&B need rhythm-accuracy, well , she has it. Then, in R&B songs, emotion is also important, well, again, she has it . Then, in R&B, it is not easy to hit a high note. Clearly, she can sing higher-pitch than almost anyone on the earth. That's is why she is a diva. Well, I do miss the ballad diva, when she sings with emotions, it really inspires people. But, we have to face the fact that people change, so does MC. Now, she is a R&B diva, so just accept. if she wants to, she can go back to her old-styles.

Another new song of hers, hopefully, her 19th number 1 single-"Bye Bye"

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