Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday Tasks Lists

It is holiday already. The duration of my holiday is about 3 and a half months. Oh my gosh! 3 months, what will I do? I don't want to just stay at home doing nothing. So, I am planning to write out a holiday task list:

1) Get rid of my ulcers(they are killing me-total 3 of them)
-it is my fault, I shouldn't eat that much of unhealthy food.

2) Change my appearance
- I want to change everything about me from the outside.
-gain weight or lose weight?

3) Work for money
-studying in my Uni is not cheap, if I don't earn extra money, I think I am going to starve to death when I go back.

4) Practise amazingly hard for my Grade 8 Piano test.
-after this, I will be able to relax a bit.(haha!!!)

5) Travel
-domestic travel,where else can I go? No money ,no talk.

6) Learn something new.

7) Make new list with more things to do
- well , that is life. I need more things to do.

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