Saturday, May 31, 2008

Paper Chicken(纸包鸡)(Serdang)-muz try..XD.

This blog is to continue with the story of my journey home. Well, going back home was not an easy task. As you can see from my previous blog, it involved a lot of packing. But, it also involved of a lot of eating.

Before my family and I went back, we needed energy to pack my enormous amount of stuffs. I am not joking. That was why we went to Serdang - A land of food heaven.I must say that compared to any places in Selangor like Semenyih..., Serdang has a lot of must-try delicacies. This time, I am recommending paper chicken. Without writing too much , let the pictures do the talking.

This is the shop in Serdang famous for paper chicken. If you can't see clearly, the name of the shop is LIANG YA (梁雅). Nice name-I tell you that this shop is really famous. If you go there, must try paper chicken(纸包鸡)
Serdang Famous----Liang Ya

That day, other than paper chicken, we also tried other delicacies. The food there actually gives me the feeling of home, like a cooking of a mother. It was not too luxurious, yet, it made me feel like eating at home. Really like home-cooked food. I loved them.

yup. standard-sum song yi tong

Now, comes the main character-paper chicken(纸包鸡)
When you look at it, you will think what is inside that little packet. Well, it is pocketful of amazing food.

paper chicken...

When you opened it, you can smell the scent. Very inviting one.....

You can see that it was very smooth and the texture was just right. The taste was just ngam ngam..haha a.k.a just right.
Famous delicacy-paper chicken

So, if you pass by Serdang, don't just go to the fancy restaurants in The Mines. Or, when you vacation in The Gorden Horse Palace, you must find a chance to try paper chicken...

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