Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Leaving Home(Desperate College Students)

It is time again for me to leave my hometown to return to my University. Even though there is still time before I start my final examination, I think it is better I go back earlier. Of course, before that , I must catch up some of the shows that I missed. And, right now, I am watching "Desperate Housewives". Well, right now, it is in its fourth season.

I love this current episode. This episode is about Carlos leaving Edie. Bree's daughter, Danielle , giving birth to her grandchild. Susan visiting her criminal father-in-law, and Gabriellee about to leave Victor and so on. It is all about excitement this episode, well, practically every episode is exciting. This episode lesson is " What does not kill us, make us stronger". I will remember this line........... So, you all must not miss it.

And lastly, I found a promo clip for Desperate Housewives Season 4.Wow, it is amazing...enjoy..

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