Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leaving My Uni( Comic Version)

Sometimes, I love my Uni and sometimes, I hate my Uni. But, when I was leaving my Uni, I was certainly missing it. Well, I missed my room a bit because I have been staying there for an academic year. I miss the surrounding of my Uni. Of course, I missed the people there, lecturers, friends, room mate, house mates and course mates .

But, we have to face the fact that not everything will last forever, sometimes, something might end so fast without realising it. So, I have to say bye bye to my uni for a moment, approximately 3 and a half months. Well, now, I will show the chaotic packing moment in comic version.

like being robbed

It was my lovely closet. Well, it looked like it was being robbed. I was like almost have to move the whole closet back home.

clothes hangers

Aren't they nice? They supported my clothes for almost a year. This photo is to salute the hangers. Thank you!!!!

Packing empty

Finally, my closet was empty. Well, it took me quite some time to pack. But, I was enjoying it.


At last, all my stuffs were ready to go. YAYAYAYA, I can't wait to go home(already back home. hahaha!!!)

Leaving my Uni was difficult at a certain moment. Well, I am human after all. But, then, I felt a sense of freedom and release after leaving. Maybe, I was under too much pressure. But, now, I am definitely enjoying my holiday.

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GeminiLeong said...

I suggest U to gain weight. U looks like a "cai gan" now.