Friday, January 3, 2014

A Happy 2014 - Smile like Mickey Mouse (^^)

Oh my, 2014 is here in a blink of an eye! Regardless of how positive I was/ am, I can't stop myself wonder and worry how my this year will be! If you have read my previous post on the ever-increasing conditions in Malaysia, I guess it will never be an easy year. 

Anyhow, I think perhaps because of aging, I feel that I can easily emo/ depressed. Mid-life crisis comes earlier this year?! This year, my resolution is simple - be happy! (^^) Smile like Mickey Mouse (^^)!!!!! I finally dug up some photos years ago! I remembered it was taken in Midvalley, when they had an art gallery on Mickey Mouse (^^)! It was even FOC to view the art pieces ! Yup, it was that simple, be happy!

When I was a little younger, I really wanted a lot. As I grew older, perspective starts to "evolve", I feel that less is more. Spending days with your love ones, be more appreciative of what I have, accomplish self-set goals, etc.... are more like my direction of lives. 

Then, there are some people who I thought I know, just change completely opposite. They used to enjoy life, love life, appreciate life.... But, after working, I can see that some of them became cocky/ arrogant and blindly chasing things that they thought they want  - money, fame, promotion, etc.. Well, I ain't Saint, I do have desire to chase those stuffs, but not neglecting my lives!

Keep your virtue! Smile like Mickey Mouse (^^)