Friday, December 31, 2010

Wow, it is New Year 2011 ~~

Well, to be exact, it is New Year 2011 Eve. I am still in the midst of doing my revision for my finals. So sad! Anyway, life keeps running! In a blink of an eye, it is another year! I grew older vaguely as if losing bits and bits of me as time went by. Frightening, but, it is a new start of 2011. The pictures above is the symbol for my hope of 2011 - A break of Dawn that Shines through the Darkness, Giving Life to The Future. 

2011 Resolution - Nothing special, but to redefine myself! Who I hope to become ! That's all. Wow, I sound horribly serious! Maybe because of falling for 2 weeks already, the near-death experience really wakens me....Hahahaa, sorry for being that exaggerating! 

Btw, guys can u share this video ? Thanks^^

Happy 2011 and A Great Year is Here!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

KL Tower Jump!!! 2010!!!

I feel like jumping KL Tower not for suicide! (Note: Suicide is irresponsible and reckless! Say NO to Suicidal action). Due to my out-of-the-sudden emo-attack, I was rather down this time. Plus, suffering from 4-in-1 symptoms (sore throat, running nose, neck pain and fever), this was one of the darkest moment in my life.

Anyway, less than 10 days, another year is going to take over! Yes, a fresh new start! I need some huge modifications in life! I don't want to be always that weak! So, let's jump and toss everything into the air!!!!!!!!!!!Hahaha, so, this time, I was surprised to be one of the winners for KL Tower International Jump! Super duper cool! I was hoping to jump, oh well, it was just as an invitation for spectators. 

Along with my friend, we took the train and walked to KL tower. Oh my, going to KL tower via public transportation really troublesome, we were lost and walked like there was no tomorrow!

kl TOWER JUMP 2010

As always, poised at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, KL tower still remained its beauty. But, the lack of utilisation was really sad to see. Anyway, at least now got a jumping event over there!

kl TOWER JUMP 2010

Anyway, after registering at the counter, we were escorted to take the elevator. Omg, it took don't know how long for the elevator to arrive, this really means that KL Tower is tall, I guess. While waiting, my itchy hand was taking photos of the participants or jumpers! Most of the jumpers were foreigners and male! Yup, only a few ladies there!

kl TOWER JUMP 2010
After waiting for quite some time, we reached the open area of KL Tower. Wow, it was a bit crazy seeing people just jump like that. I got the chance to sit at the edge of the tower! It was rather cool! I might have jump if I got the parachute(^^)! It would be great to experience free fall....hahahaha~~~

Trust me! It was blood-pumping to see people just jump like that! After getting my insurance, maybe one day, I will try (^^)!!!~~

kl TOWER JUMP 2010
Finally, a very leng zai jumper decided to jump at my area! But, I got only 5 minutes left. So sad! Seeing him preparing his safety gears and attires, it was really an eye-opening experience! But, too bad, I was blocked by another jumper because he wanted to see that leng zai jump woh(white shirt guy with the hand)! Omg, blocking my view only. Sad becoz sooner or later, he was going to join the lengzai mah~~~!Note: a very pretty foreign lady was also in the picture, really like a model!!!~~

kl TOWER JUMP 2010
Before we leave, we got some little gift begs! Oh well, at least got a free T-shirt^^ Oh yes, before ending my post, share you guys a video(^^)


Monday, December 20, 2010

Exhaustion, An Excruciating Torment of Uncertain Life

This semester just passed by like nothing! Yes, I had chosen to do 4 Years of MEng (Master of Engineering) if you still remembered my dilemma a few  months ago. I regretted almost every moment~ Oh well, a bit too late. Anyway, this semester wasn't busy, but super duper busy! Because of some external commitments, everything seems to be piling up so fast that I can;t really stand it!

Anyhow, currently, I am having my study weeks. Next year, it is time to face yet another challenging final examination. Time really flew, just like that I am already in my 3rd year! So fast, I don't feel like graduating, but at the same time, I also feel like leaving my uni(><)

Exhaustion, an excruciating torment of uncertain life. Anyway, I realised that less and less people are reading my bloggie. What a sad scene to see(><) It is just a matter of time that it is being completely abandoned by people)><


Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Return of Perak Cave Temple@Ipoh - 霹靂洞的回歸!

It is time to give my readers some real blogging posts! OH YES! After slacking for so long, off with the movie posts. This time, I am gonna promote Perak Caves@ Ipoh. It is also known as 霹雳洞。Actually, this famous cave was closed down for about a year due to this incident (here).Therefore, it only reopened this year 2010!  (WARNING: REALLY A LOT PHOTOS - LOADING WILL TAKE SOME TIME, PLZ BE PATIENT BECOZ A LOT NICE PHOTOS(^^))

As Ipoh-rian, I had been there a few times. Actually, I went there when I was really small. I still remembered that time I was really timid and afraid to climb the stairs. As for my cousins and siblings, they were fearlessly running up and down. So, I was like a little prince back then as my aunts and parents took turn to carry me up the mountain(^^)~!~~~Anyway, those were the good old days. 

Coming to the future, this time, I went along with my besties  - Kokleong and Kaheng. Yes, since Mr. KL stayed at home during his summer break, it was ashamed to not go out and explore Ipoh. Therefore, I picked this particular cave because it was ngam ngam reopened. 

Perak Cave

The entrance and the surrounding of Perak Cave Temple. It really incorporated the true essence of Chinese-style architecture in its premises. I really fell in love with this temple again and again. 

Perak Cave

Walking inside towards the cave temple, there were a lot of wall-paintings, mostly on the Gods and Goddesses of Chinese Odyssey. Of course, the statues of Buddha was also stunning, poising in the temple. 

Perak Cave

What is so unique about Perak Caves is that there are a lot of small little passages that lead you to the same place. Oh yeah, it is really like a little labyrinth there. So, as explorers, we ventured to the behind part of the temple which has the staircase up to the top of the mountain. After walking for roughly 10 - 20 minutes, we reached the upper part of the mountain. 


At the upper part, it was like another realm with a small temple there. Yes, really special. On our way, the little visitors - monkeys were following us. Our lovely friend, Kaheng was really afraid of the monkey. Hmmm, anyway, only me and KL continued to the top even tough little raindrops started to pour down!

peak of perak cave

Omg, the panoramic view up there was superb! It was really breathtaking . However, may I warn you all there, the track up there was really steep! Therefore, you all might be extra careful. If raining, not advisable to climb the stairs and also around 4 or 4.30pm, visitors are prohibited to climb the stairs. Therefore, be early a bit^^.

  Small gallery

My favourite site: The “佛” is my Zen(^^)

The industrial Area - Tasek.

Our Footprint @ Perak Cave Temple


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks Nuffnang for The Social Network!

Wow, 4 movies in a row! Yes, my luck is back?! Previously, I got tickets for  Sammy's Adventures, Adele: Rise of Mummy, and Megamind! This time, thanks for Nuffnang for selecting me to be one of 75 lucky winners for The Social Network special screening @ Midvalley on 22 Nov!~ I really never thought that my slogan would win woh! So surprised!

Anyway, on that day, I went to Midvalley all by myself. It was really scary leh! When I reached there, I went shopping in Jusco. Therefore, I was a bit late when collecting the tickets. It was really tiring! I actually saw a lot of familiar faces there like Robb, Timothy?, Kenwooi and etc. Because of my shyness and tiredness, I didn't really greet or whatsoever since I only knew them via blogging(^^)! I just went in and enjoyed the 2-hour movie!

Adapted from Nuffnang blogging kit:
Genre : Drama, Comedy                                                              
On a fall night in 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea.  In a fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his dorm room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. A mere six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history... but for this entrepreneur, success leads to both personal and legal complications.  From director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin comes The Social Network, a film that proves you don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.  The film is produced by Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca, and Ceán Chaffin and based on the book "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich.
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake
Directed by: David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club)

Afterthoughts of The Social Network (Facebook)

To be honest, this is really one of the movies of the year! At 19, Mark Zuckerberg, a student in Harvard U (Omg, my favourite U) created TheFacebook. Just like that, he become one of the youngest billionaire in the world. Isn't that a bit easy ?! Not really, in this movie, it revealed some ugly truths. It examines the the nature of human in such a way that impacts its viewers deeply.  

Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) in the movie was really annoying, sarcastic, childish and defensive (the ingredients for a genius , I guess). In truth, he basically built facebook all by himself but, with some help his friends. Yet, when he started to gain success, he faced all the accusations. Even his best friend, Eduardo (Andrew Garfield) was suing him along with the Winklevoss Twins (Armie Hammer) in 2 different cases.

After watching the movie, I didn't really sympatised his situation. He really deserved it (hahahaha). For Eduardo, he did invest in the beginning. The way Mark treated him was rather cruel. For the twins, he agreed to help them in the beginning. He should reject after the 2nd week?! Oh well, he is loaded, just paid them to settle the cases. ( Note: all thoughts were from the movies itself, I don't really know the case that thoroughly, don't sue me~~~) 

The supporting casts all were really handsome woh!!!! All are tall and look like model (Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer). But, they were not overshadowed by their looks. Andrew was super emotional-strained in the movie, he really touched me^^. Armie was great in acting the twins, they look alike, but act differently(^^)! 

Again, thanks Nuffnang for the great movie 
Rating: 8.9/10


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Xjion89 wishes to have MEGAMIND(><) to beat the rude couple!

With all the reading and typing around, I really need a Megamind to do that! Oh yeah, no kidding! Apart from my year long research project, I have another semester long project, and not to mention, I din touched my notes at alllll!!! Anyway, with my world falling apart, I still find time to watch yet another movie - MEGAMIND !

Before the screening, there was a little disruption which the show supposed to start at 9pm , but postponed to 9.30pm. Me and my bro was unaware of the delay. Therefore, we confidently flashed the tickets to the usher, but we were blocked. We stepped back in front of the lane (which I thought was just a crowd). Then, the 2 person behind us were mumbling! Then, a couple I guessed, start to talk (mumble) like this behind us:

  • Girl: Yerr, the guy in front me smells (refer to me). [I was already not syiok, i bathed ok]
  • Guy: [Cantonese] We queued here 1st and for so long. Only we have to queue. Why act so *****(Cantonese foul language) 
  • Me: If you want to express your thought, please talk to my face not my back. Or, just ask us to leave. 
  • Bro: Sorry ar, we din know. 

Then, I walked away. So rude lah, those people! We didn't know, if we are blocking your queue, ask us nicely to leave. Don't have to stab us from behind and use foul language, no class at all! Somemore, we were in Mivalley ! Please act politely in public!Anyway, because of the delay and rude couple, I was already in bad mood liao! The screening was rather unorganised because after running for 10 mins, it suddenly stopped!@@ !!!! However, the thing that bright up my day (night) was MEGAMIND! It was hilarious!!!!^^


The whole plot was quite creative by twisting the stories. Megamind who was supposed to be the bad guy (or destined to be) finally killed the Metro Man (good guy). But, as the story went by, it was really funny from beginning to the end! Not to forget the other supporting casts like Minion, Roxanne, they gave me the feel of superman and Lois Lane. I don;t want to reveal much! But, watching so many movies (Adele, Sammy), Megamind is my fav!!!!!~~~

Rating: 8/10 for the humour!!!!^^


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Xjion89 (Adele): The Rise of The Mummy

At this time, at this hour, I am feeling stress now! Tomorrow is gonna be a long day - whole day laboratory(><)!!! Facing those emotionless equipment and hazardous material, it is depressing! This, of course, definitely will rise some mummies in my uni! Hahaha, I am absolutely one of them! Dried up, energy-less, and always feeling tired - typical mummy in uni(><)~
Anyway, after my luck on Xjion89's Adventure:The Secret Passage, I continued my luck again to get a special screening for Adele: The Rise of The Mummy on 27 Oct 2010. After my classes, I rushed to Midvalley. Well, it was so surprising that I reached MV so early. Then, I walked around and bought me some discounted goods( Feeling so aunty leh^^). 

Talking about the movie~ The title was a bit off! The Rise of the Mummy? Neh, the mummy only appeared for a few scenes. It would be best to stick with the original title: The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec. With all the crazy elements there, the movie was rather unorganised - no sense of main story. From pterodactyl (@@) to mummy (@@), it was really extraordinary However, I gave thumb up for the actings!!! Those were French actors, not much info on them online also. I was also hoping that they keep the original French version, it would have sound a lot better. Anyway, it was still very entertaining! (^^)~~~

My favourite character - Inspector Caponi by Gilles Lellouche

Oh yes, this guy really hebat ! In person, he is really yeng leh! But, in the movie, he was a uncle-ish and fat inspector...hahahahaha!

p.s: I really love blogging, really stress-releasing! Sorry guys, still busying>< keep supporting my bloggie~~~~I will visit you all later and my blog is having more followers too!!! Thanks!!!!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Xjion89's Adventures: The Secret Passage~

Oh my, it had been weeks since my last post! Life is just so hectic! Because of research work, it really took hell a lot of time~~(><) Anyway, I still find time to watch some nice movies for free~~

Xjion89's Adventures: The Secret Passage starts when I won a pair of free tickets for Sammy's Adventures:The Secret Passage! Together with my housemate, we went to The Mines@TGV. Now, the Mines is getting better, always renovating.

Sammy's Adventures was not bad! Even though focused on his 50 lifespan, it seemed that the movie was a bit too climaxless? The interaction with humans were actually minimal! The storyline was a bit weak as the important events were not really highlighted. But, I gotta say that the underworld animated was amazing! It made me really want to live undersea. 

Some of my favourite scenes:
  •  Sammy hatched from his shell with his big round eye!
  • Piranhas in town when they reached the amazon river, I guess. 
  • When he was almost killed by the plastic begs. 
Actually, Sammy's Adventures mainly wants to educate us to protect our environment. Because of our doings, other beings are suffering. If we don't stop harmful others, one day, they will be extincted! Let's go green and be protective our flora and fauna. This is the true massage from the movie.

Super duper tired! It is time to rest. Tata, I wonder if there are still people reading my blog(><) Sorry, no time for formal blog visit tooooooooooo><

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Rather Political Post - Budget Malaysia 2010/11

Haiz, what a busy me! I have been gone for quite some time! It is time to resurface back to my blog! Anyway, there is this urge or a spur of a moment for me to write this post~ Reason? Well, even though I rarely touch about politics in my blog (afraid of kena banned and etc), this time, I feel that I must express my thoughts as Malaysia is the place where I was growing up. 

Anyhow, just cut to the chase. The Budget 2010/11 Malaysia got some good ideas, and a lot of bad ideas. Let's me analysis a bit. 

Good Ideas:
  • Promoting Green Tech (Obviously good for environment and business)
  • Toll price will not increase woh (Good for us, bad for debt)
  • Tax free for branded accessories( Wow, all moms will be so happy)
Bad Ideas
  • Approximately 1600 million for government administration budget while development budget is about 450 million ( Not sure about the exact values, but this is definitely not logical at all) Supposed we wan to save admin fee mah, how come budget give one more zero for this case? Haiz, development is so cheap in Malaysia? 
  • Build another Mega-Tower towering KL Tower and Twin Towers (Yes, this sentence has a lot of "Tower" , so is Malaysia! So, save the money and build other stuffs lah, enough Royal Palaces too)~~
 Here are some of points I notice. Well, can't read all of them, really no time because my research project is here(><)! If you have any interesting points, feel free to add in the comment section. and I have a great suggestion. Since Budget Malaysia is like our own budget, isn't it best that we can vote for some policies and deny some? Budget is like a constructive way to control the usage of money. But, planning poor budget definitely would only waste a lot of money~~ Think before you spend!

Suggestion: Let the People of Malaysia to vote how to use our country money? Is building a taller tower, really makes Malaysia look tall?

tata for now! Time to go to sleep and write my essay(><)~~`


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Crow and The Uncle

You know, I love taking pics. Reason? Because we can't always remember everything that happens in our lives, but, through photography, bits and pieces of our lives could be recorded down! If one day, I accidentally lost all my memories; these photos would be the best memory ever being recorded down and words are the best storytellers to remind me of my life.

I know that this post is a bit boring and crappy. But, it would really make my day to show everybody what interesting "stories" I saw in my daily life. This time, my story title is "The Crow and The Uncle". (Bear with my crapping imagination). The lonely crow who is looking for a friend. Yet, nobody wants to be his friend!

Anyway, I am rather busy these days mainly due to my own inefficiency. Always facebook and lazying around (><) And, of course, 3 projects in hand(><) A lot of literature research to do(><)~~~~~


Friday, October 8, 2010

The Beginning and The End of Internship

I am working at the top of the mountain(^^). The little safety that i wore for 3 months(^^). The cute smiley face(^^).  The mountain that is almost can be reached by my hands(^^). A lot of monkeys here, trust me(^^) My lovely pc with Windows ME(^^)

The last day of my internship was on 30 August 2010, the day before Merdeka Celebration of Malaysia. Yes, after about 5 weeks "losing" my job, I finally have something to say! It is a final closure of my internship after doing the logbooks, 2 presentations, and the tedious industrial training report!

It was the first time I am exposed to the real working environment in a plant.  Not to reveal too much of my company, what I can say it that it is a company that produces or refines some of the everyday products we use or eat~ Yup, that's all!~

The Beginning
I was rather clueless of what my job scope was. But, as time goes by, I was assigned to several projects like initiation of waste-water treatment plant. Therefore, my job was to read and propose. But, it was still a bit "misty" for me! My head was spinning and full of questions! Then, just like that, everything just went on and I gained a lot!

Lesson Learned:
  • A lot of interesting technical processing knowledge
  • People skills?
  • How to spend time wisely(^^)~~

The End
After spending 3 months there, it woke me up! It showed me how tiny I was in the industry! What I am learning from Uni is actually lacking! I was actually not helping there! For the 1st time, I think of myself being a bit useless there. But, thanks to the people there, my supervisor, engineers and also other personnel, they show me how to work, how to speak, how to think! I admitted that I am rather weak in my technical skills. Haiz, yet, I was gaining a lot of exposure in processing and waste-water related theories.

Lesson Learned:
  • It actually show me in which aspect I am more prone to ~~
  • It directs my path to the future!
Of course, working ain;t easy! But, I really saw a lot(^^)~~Thanks every1 for helping out during my internship!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black and White Water!

Oh gosh! Sorry guys, I just started my Year 3, 1st Semester this Monday! It was as crazy as ever with the packed timetable and my own stupidity commitment to join a poster designing contest! Just finished the poster today and with the help of my unimates, we were able to pass up our artworks (Yeah, what a relief!). 

But, more to come, because I joined another contest (><)~ Taking too much commitment really makes me super duper busy(><)~~~Anyway, as chaotic as it seems, I still keep holding on! So, I won't be able to visit your blogs as often as I did during my holidays! I really need to focus more this year because my results dropped like crazy!

I think I should blame it on the water quality in KL. Well, do I need to say more? From the picture above, you all definitely have a clear view on the conditions of the water here. Oh yes, it took a couple of days to dirty my filter core. And replacing it, it took about 20 mins to dirty it again(><)~~~

No time to rant! I still have another task to attend to! Haiz, guys just wish me luck and keep supporting my blog!~(^^)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weirdest, Trendiest Mamak in Serdang - District 8 (@@)

Oh my, I have been away for quite some time again! These few weeks were actually the busiest weeks ever! Well, thanks to my stupidity commitment to join a contest in designing an advertising campaign in promoting sustainability! Anyway, it was truly a frantic moment for me and my group members because we were having communication crisis! But, now, everything seems to be falling in the right place! 

Off with my boring daily life! Today, I am going to share with you all a Mamak stall that I came across! Oh yes, this particular Mamak is really edgy, trendy and up-to-date! Firstly, the name of the shop is District 8 (quite obvious is related to District 9) and they really do sell all sort of weirdest roti canai!


Let's have a look at the stall. It is like any Mamak stall which is just opposite 33 Restaurant.You think it is nothing special! Wait until you see the menu!

district 8

This is one of the coolest menu I have ever seen! Just click to have a larger view, you will understand what I mean! The names of the roti canai are super creative! For example, they have Roti 2010 (@@), Roti Tiga Rasa, Roti Titanic, Roti 1Malaysia~~~~ Oh yes, they are truly trendy~~

district 8

At the end, Roti 3 Rasa, Roti Sardin, and Roti Diana were ordered! To be honest, it was quite okay! The taste was a bit new to me! But, I can accept them! Haha, it was actually fun to try out roti canai with such unique names!

Taste: 7.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Appearance: 5.5/10


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clouds Lost Their Imaginations!

 It had been so long since I lazed around and gazed into the sky above! Once upon a time, I was just another child who had amazing imagination. Whenever I looked into the clouds moving slowly in the sky, I could see so many interesting things. To be honest, I usually would see faces in the sky! Yes, I know it sounded a bit freaky, but, I actually could see people from England or from Europe with their curly wigs! Yes, I feel that I might be an Englishman in my previous life...hahahaha~~It seems my imagination is still running well in another way!

But, today, when I looked into the clouds, I couldn't see anything but clouds! I wonder when did I lose my imagination! Or, the clouds lost their imaginations? Maybe this is the price for growing up! We give in our imagination as time goes by! Ultimately, we start to forget Once Upon a Time, clouds can actually imagine us just as we imagine about them!

These few days, I am feeling a bit sad and down because of watching a movie! It was so well-filmed that each moment I saw back that particular scene, it actually hurts like hell! It had been another long period since I was touched like this again! 

Let's say that this post is a reminder for everyone not to forget some moments in life even though growing up erases some memories!

So, have you look into the clouds today? What do you see?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flowery Farewell for Her @Floria Putrajaya

These 2 days, I had been busy farewell-ing a friend of mine! It seems that I am busier during holiday! I have a lot of unfinished chores, works, and even some extra projects to do. Haiz, all of these are most probably my own fault to make myself busy! Anyway, today, this post is specially dedicated for a girl! Yes, not just any girl in town! She is my big sister lah!!!!Hahaha, apparently, she is going to Australia to live with my bro-in-law. So, it is almost 2 months already since she left. Nothing will ever be the same! But, we can't always expect life to be the same, right?

I know that Floria Putrajaya, this event ended a long time already. But, the scent, the colour are still vividly printed in my senses! Yes, this post is for you, my sis! If you read this, aren't you glad that we went for Floria instead of sleeping at home..Hahaha! 

Warning: This post will be filled with photographs! So, please be patient while waiting for the photos to be loaded!~~~Btw, I used one of the photos for Merdeka Celebration Post(^^)@ here~

floria 2010

It was quite far away! Yes, it was within within Putrajaya! But, luckily we managed to find it! After parking the car, we marched into the exhibitions. The admission was free! and, one thing I must complain!!!! It was baking-hot outside; therefore, they should at least prepare for more roofings!

floria 2010

Now, here was the outside area! I bet it would be more beautiful if we come at night. However, due to time constraint, we could only see so much! Those white lanterns should be stunning at night!!~~

floria 2010

Of course, because of the high temperature outside, we quickly went inside the tentsthere! Inside the tent, it was a whole new exhibition of flower arts. I was snapping non-stop on the unique flower arrangement. Haiz, at this moment, I again hope for my DSLR to come into my arms. But, no, I don't have a DSLR, just have to live with my amazing Lumix FS6! Yeah!!!!~~~

floria 2010

This was one of the most amazing items in the tent! Everything was made out of plants, flowers~~~It was very chic!!!~~ It was definitely not easy to make this at all!!!~~

After the flowery visits, we went back home and rested for a while before driving to LCCT! It was quite a ride! Located so far away~~~(><) and We also had our dinner over there @ Old Town! It was by far the worst Old Town in Malaysia!!!! Service bad! Food bad!! Everything bad!!!

floria 2010

There she was! Standing there, worrying that her luggage would exceed the limits! Dear sister, hope that you will have a great start and a great life in Australia! Like the Chinese proverb - The beginning is the hardest (万事起头难)As long as you have the determination, no matter how much time you use, you will definitely find your path there! Enjoy your new life there!

 All the best to you! May you find a fruitful path in Australia!!!!(^^) 


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ikea Foodie Crossing Our Minds 宜家@Mutiara Damansara

My family and I have been an Ikea fan for a long time before Ikea moved from Damansara to Mutiara Damansara! Before moving to Kuala Lumpur for my studies, we made a few trips to Kuala Lumpur occasionally as a getaway and Ikea would always be on our list. Now, staying in Kuala Lumpur, whenever my parents visit me, we still would go to Ikea.Yes, there is something magical about this place!

Of course, our main purpose to Ikea usually would be shopping! Seeing beautiful interior decoration really makes our day brighter apart from inspiring us to D.I.Y our homes as well. Some things are cheap; some are affordable; and some are super expensive. Therefore, Ikea is really a place that caters the needs of all walks of life! But, today, we are not going to look into decoration because Ikea foodie also offers amazing dishes that must not be missed! Of all the times we visited Ikea, it finally came across my mind that I have yet to blog about it! So, let's have a look at the restaurant!

 As you can see, Ikea is really a shopping heaven. At the same time, it is also a food heaven for some of us. Pardon me, these photos were taken during Chinese New Year (Yes, I totally forgot about Ikea foodie even their food is delicious!) Maybe it is already a fact that is known by everybody perhaps?! That's why I always forget to introduce it because it is already so famous! Hahaha~~~

Here are those normal dishes we love to order! The salmons were quite fresh and the sauce made it taste better too! Oh ya! Those huge sausages really could fill up our tummies! Of course, we must never forget the dessert - Cheese cake! It was well-baked! Even though the prices were above average, I must say that it is still worth it! If you are not a big eater, both of you even can share a set!

 What I also like about Ikea Foodie is that they sometimes have offers! For example, during CNY, a promotion dish was introduced - Whole Roasted Chicken with Fries & Mineral Water. Overall, it is worth to try Ikea Foodie. 

Ikea foodie is also halal, I guess because seeing so many Malays friends are having lunch there~I also think that they are having a Buka Puasa Buffet @ Ikea Mutiara Damansara. So, for more info, check Ikea official website.

Taste: 8.5/10 (Swedish Cuisine with Malaysian touch!)
Price: 5.5/10 (Mutiara Damansara is a classy place!)
Appearance: 7.5/10 (Sometimes doesn't match the advertisement, hahaha)


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Malaysia, Happy 53th Merdeka Day!

floria 2010

31 August 1957 was the day of freedom and independent! It was Merdeka day! From my Sejarah knowledge which I still remember, it was everybody's fight to gain independence. During the fight, all races united for freedom! Today, Malaysia is famous for multiracial citizens who live in harmony. Prior to Merdeka Day, there were a lot of sad news! I just hope that we should be in peace dealing with more important matter instead of arguing those nonsenses in the news! Plan for the future! Make Malaysia a safer place! Stop the argument and be a better country!

Happy Merdeka Day, Everybody!

p.s: Yes, I am also free from my internship! Time to laze around(^^)


Friday, August 27, 2010

Inception More Salt & Salt More Inception

Before I start, I wan to scream it out!!!!! - 2moro, Monday! Then, it is official the end of my internship!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! These few days I was doing a lot of report-ing! My hands are super sore because of typing non-stop! But, all my sufferings finally almost come to an end! Moving on~~

Inception More Salt & Salt More Inception
Yes, I know it is a bit outdated for both of those movies. Yet, they are still the highlight of the summer movies blockbuster. So, I had run out of free tickets. Now, have to pay for them(><)..hahahaha, anyway, let's review these movies together! I have heard so much good reviews about them. Therefore, I expected them to be superb. Yet, in actual, both movies were good, but they lack of something!
 Inception, a movie of entering a person's mind to intercept with one's thinking or to steal important info! The story itself is already very interesting; yet, there is something missing; it needs more salt! What do I mean? It needs more actions like Salt - Yes, the actors have to salty-sweat some nice actions~!

  • It was too lengthy and too much of emotional scenes that clutter the storyline.
  • Leonardo wasn't that great! He was a bit fake when he tried to convince his preys.
  • Ellen Page was okay only as she didn't have much to show in the movie.
  • ***Joseph, on the other hand, was quite outstanding!***
  • ***Marion Cotillard (Mal) was also very great! Her acting skills were really emotional-attached! ***
  • ***The setting of the places were also quite creative!*** 
***- represents the good!

 Salt, an intelligence movie which uses quite an old idea of 007. But, it brings a new breath of air that women can also have the license to kill! This movie is action-packed from beginning to the end! Guns, explosions, blood, and sweats are all the main elements there. However, on the contrary to Inception, it focused too much on action until it lacks of an emotional side of the movie! Yes, in short, it is too salty (too much sweats and actions)

  • Jolie did a good job even though at sometimes, she was a bit fake too~ Her best performance was Tomb Raider 1 and Wanted (Where she got the aura !)
  • Main antagonist also did a good job, but it was a bit obvious! 
  • ***Breathtaking actions that really blow the audiences away!***
  • ***Certain shocking moments - eg, like when her husband was shot dead in front of her***(Best Scene ever)
  • However, the storyline was rather weak and illogic!
  • The husband and wife's love story was too little!~~ More emotions plz!!!!
Personally, I think a good movie should be action-packed, at the same time, it also does not neglect emotions! Both of these elements must be balance! Above are my personally view! How about yours?


Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Frying Hot and Spicy LekLek 亚烈家乡 @Serdang

With so much crazy stuffs happening in my life right now, I need to stay away for a while to have a zen moment. And, Finally, next week would be my last week in my company! Omg, I thought I would not be able to stay that long, it is some sort of a miracle! Hahaha, now, it is time for me to focus on my final presentation for my company. So, wish me luck!

Moving on, it is another foodie bloggie for you all! Don't you all feel that food post is the best filler post ever?! Hahaha, it relaxes your busy and hectic life! Then, it will make you focus on something that is quite attractive - Delicious food! This time, my family and I visited a restaurant in Serdang, it is called the Lek Lek Restaurant or 亚烈家乡.


After so many sad posts, it is time for My Little World to make a sexy comeback ! Yes, it is a frying hot and spicy 1. Lek Lek Restaurant main dishes are fried dishes or spicy 1! (expect for the steamed egg). One of my fav dishes would be the "Zhao Pai Taufu". Not only they were crunchy and tasty, it was quite fresh. However, the egg plants and long beans were too spicy for me(><). The steamed egg was quite nice also. That day, the Restaurant even compliments us with a bowl of free soup! To be honest, the soup was quite nice also to reduce the heat!!!!!

As you can see, Lek Lek is quite famous as it was featured in the newspaper. Yet, before you try yourself, try not to trust newspaper or tv too much. The MUST ORDER dish by the restaurant was THE FAKE FISH! It seemed like a real fish! But, it was totally made out of other mixture of fishes and others. It was quite an interesting dish to eat!(^^)

Overall rating:
Food: 7.5/10 (Too spicy for me)
Price:7.5/10 (Not too pricey, summore, got free soup)

No 12 Jalan PSK 4,
Pusat Perdagangan SK
43300 Seri Kembangan.
Tel : 89413404 / 012 3173098


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big News! (China, Babies-Dumping, Porntip Coolest Quote, 988 Jamal)

China News: Haiz, seeing the world is falling apart, it is so horrible! China suffers the most, I guess. Even though currently replaces Japan as the strong economy country No.2 in the world,  China is plagued with the most atrocious natural disasters and the most saddening human error-results accidents(factory and mining incident). Let's pray for the best for them!Hopefully, China Authorities will also start on a strict regulation on the production factories on safety and environment issues.

Malaysia + US News: Okay, today, I am going to focus own my own countries instead of my own bad luckness! What are the big news in Malaysia that really attract you attention?I focus more on social matters more than politic issues. Yet, in actual, politic, economy, and social issues are all strongly related! For politics, I have no comment because as a University student, it is illegal to involve in politics even though I AM OLD ENOUGH (21) to vote. As for economy issues, I opt for green industry to blossom. But, who will listen to an undergraduate who knows nothing~~ Social, omg, this issue will always be the hardest to solve.

Aren't babies the gift from God? Yet, people would never appreciate them and they return the favour by dumping them into the dustbins like rubbish. So sad to see that Malaysia is having this kind of problem! According to thestar online (2010), "total of 472 babies discarded since 2005 with more than half of them (258) were found dead". This statistics is so horrifying! So, what went wrong in Malaysia? is it because of our weak legitimate authority? weak education system? I think that both play important roles! Currently, government is pushing capital punishment for baby dumping! Hmmm, do you agree with that?In fact, i am torn between yes or no. If yes, because of their cruelty towards their own flesh and blood. If no, because of feeling sorry for their ignorance youth that brings horrible consequences to them. They deserve another chance~

I think young girls and guys must think before they act![三思而后行] Or,youngsters don't read news anymore to know the severity of dumping a baby. Curiosity kills the cat! At the same time, education in Malaysia has to be re-evaluated for approaching this problems as youngsters are becoming more mature as young as 11!~@@ (I was still watching cartoon back then). So, instead of having sex education(Msian not open-minded mah) , Education Ministry should have social education and show them what are the consequences of their actions!
In US drama, it is usually the Social Department who would handle this kind of cases. Malaysia should have 1 tooo~~~~If anyone so happen to accidentally carry a child that you don't want, pass it to the Social Department and they will try to find a good foster family for them. Isn't like this better than dumping babies like rubbish!~ Just read a news that: 29-year-old mother killed 2 of her sons aged 1 and 2 because she thought that she was a bad mother! What a selfish act! If you are a bad mother, give them away! Don't kill them as this would make you the worst mother in the world!

Malaysia News: Another breaking news in Malaysia - Porntip (Thai) Versus Datuk Abdul Razak Musa (As quoted from thestar online, 2010)
Abdul Razak claimed: " the MACC expert witness Prof Dr Peter Vanezis was far more qualified than Dr Pornthip as he had graduated from Bristol University." and "Mahidol University, from where she graduated, was not recognised in Malaysia"

Porntip answered: "But, it's the top five in Asia."

Omg@@ This is by far the best quote I read from thestar online...Hahahahahaha~~~~~yes, have to do research before questioning other people's qualification~~From (2010), in the Asian University Rankings, Mahidol University's ranking is placed 28 whereas University Malaya is places 42. Anyway, Ranking is not the main point in this case; but, the truth and the experience that really count!

Malaysia News: This morning, when I was hearing the 988 morning show, I was shocked to hear the female host crying! I thought something was amiss until just now, the news said that Jamal 988 was banned because of his show causing inharmonious in Malaysia.

What a shock! Firstly, I am not a fan of Jamal. His accent in Chinese was truly from China. Secondly, I don't think that he really causes chaos in our country. Yet, he was just like the reporter reporting the news; at the same time, giving his own opinions. If he was using racist slur, then, yes, he should be banned like the female principle and her little racist speech~ But, from the beginning to the end, he merely stated his own opinions. At the same time, this show was also giving chances for politicians to clarify the misunderstandings and their actions. One of the best example would be the KOMTAR case. 

I still remember a bit of my Moral Studies from Form 5: Kebebasan Bersuara Di Sisi Undang-undang? Was it something like this? Yes, freedom of speech is very important. Hopefully, the authorities will look super into it before judge a person for causing disturbance in the country.