Friday, August 27, 2010

Inception More Salt & Salt More Inception

Before I start, I wan to scream it out!!!!! - 2moro, Monday! Then, it is official the end of my internship!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! These few days I was doing a lot of report-ing! My hands are super sore because of typing non-stop! But, all my sufferings finally almost come to an end! Moving on~~

Inception More Salt & Salt More Inception
Yes, I know it is a bit outdated for both of those movies. Yet, they are still the highlight of the summer movies blockbuster. So, I had run out of free tickets. Now, have to pay for them(><)..hahahaha, anyway, let's review these movies together! I have heard so much good reviews about them. Therefore, I expected them to be superb. Yet, in actual, both movies were good, but they lack of something!
 Inception, a movie of entering a person's mind to intercept with one's thinking or to steal important info! The story itself is already very interesting; yet, there is something missing; it needs more salt! What do I mean? It needs more actions like Salt - Yes, the actors have to salty-sweat some nice actions~!

  • It was too lengthy and too much of emotional scenes that clutter the storyline.
  • Leonardo wasn't that great! He was a bit fake when he tried to convince his preys.
  • Ellen Page was okay only as she didn't have much to show in the movie.
  • ***Joseph, on the other hand, was quite outstanding!***
  • ***Marion Cotillard (Mal) was also very great! Her acting skills were really emotional-attached! ***
  • ***The setting of the places were also quite creative!*** 
***- represents the good!

 Salt, an intelligence movie which uses quite an old idea of 007. But, it brings a new breath of air that women can also have the license to kill! This movie is action-packed from beginning to the end! Guns, explosions, blood, and sweats are all the main elements there. However, on the contrary to Inception, it focused too much on action until it lacks of an emotional side of the movie! Yes, in short, it is too salty (too much sweats and actions)

  • Jolie did a good job even though at sometimes, she was a bit fake too~ Her best performance was Tomb Raider 1 and Wanted (Where she got the aura !)
  • Main antagonist also did a good job, but it was a bit obvious! 
  • ***Breathtaking actions that really blow the audiences away!***
  • ***Certain shocking moments - eg, like when her husband was shot dead in front of her***(Best Scene ever)
  • However, the storyline was rather weak and illogic!
  • The husband and wife's love story was too little!~~ More emotions plz!!!!
Personally, I think a good movie should be action-packed, at the same time, it also does not neglect emotions! Both of these elements must be balance! Above are my personally view! How about yours?



fufu said...

i want inception!

Xjion89 said...

@@u can watch on9~~~or u mean tat u wan to be incepted@@~~~hahahaha~

uLi.佑莉 said...

SALT is better la...:D

Xjion89 said...

both need each other to fill the flaws~~overall, Salt is more intriguing to attract the audiences~

Superbearman89 said...

Argh, SALT is so boring. I did not watch it till the end. May be the bad quality of my download affect my mood loh ~~~

Xjion89 said...

the behind part was a bit not logical and not nice~~~

of coz lah, if u watch better quality, sure the explosions and gunfires will wake u up!~~

Justin Lim Yee Jin said...

Walau...never thought of it from this angle before...
good eye~ ^^
didin know the Salt idea was from an old bond movie either

Xjion89 said...

hahaha~~~ it is like a Bond movie^^~~